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Dining on 6th street in Austin?

Sorry I should have been more speific!! really no budget. I think my husband would prefer on the less expensive side!:) We like southwestern, mexican, steaks, and seafood. I have heard a ton about the driskill grill, but I am thinking we are going to just have drinks there.

Jan 01, 2007
2doghouse in Austin

Dining on 6th street in Austin?

Are there any good restaurants on or within walking distance of the driskill hotel? We are staying there next week and would like to enjoy some wine with dinner so we don't want to worry about driving. We are willing to take a cheap/short cab ride as well.

Dec 30, 2006
2doghouse in Austin

New Years in KC

Where to eat for New Years in KC? Actually it would be even better if I could think of a great place on the Southside of the city! PV,OP, Brookside, even the plaza, but nothing north of there. Tell me what you think!