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Fresh Ginger Cake

Mar 25, 2015
tekkamaki in Recipes

Fushimi on Church St. Grand Opening

I know, another new restaurant opening in The Village blah, blah, blah -- but this one actually has great food and service!

Finally, fantastic sushi/Japanese food in The Village again (since the original Omi days)! We've been here twice since their opening for the AYCE option and the food and service have been excellent both times.
Well prepared sushi/sashimi dishes with impeccable fish and beautiful presentation. Cooked tempura and grilled items have been awesome too. Everything is served in a real stylish way. We have only tried a small portion of the dishes available and look forward to covering the whole menu.

We dined with friends who chose to dine a la carte rather than AYCE and their entrees were well-received and looked like very generous servings.

Fushimi is at 491 Church. This location has gone through a number of incarnations over the last 5-6 years, so I hope Fushimi can last.

100% quinoa at any GTA area Costcos?

Thanks for the replies... and especially the sku#!

100% quinoa at any GTA area Costcos?

For the last couple of years, we were able to get large packs of Quinoa at Costco. Today at the Ellesmere store, we could only find grain mixes with some quinoa content. Has anyone seen bags (2-lb or 3-lb size) of 100% quinoa lately in the GTA?

Where can you buy Bombay duck in GTA?

I've seen frozen 1-lb packs of Bombay Duck at both Lone Tai Supermarket (Lawrence East at Kennedy) and Top Food Supermarket (Lawrence East, just east of Midland/west of Brimley). It was labeled Product of India and they were headless. Maybe 6 or 7 fish per pack (they looked quite small.) What would they taste like?

ISO dried smoked salmon

This smoked salmon is very convenient since it doesn't require refrigeration -- but have you actually tasted the stuff? I would rate canned salmon quite highly compared to it!

House on Parliament temporarily closed while moving next door

They are migrating one door South. Took us by surprise -- we ended up at Buttter Chicken Factory up the street for lunch instead. See our review under the Timothy's Tikka House thread...

has timothy's tikka house closed down?

We've been in for lunch 3 times since the renovation. Lunchtime special has a choice of a meat thali or vegetarian thali. Meat thali usually has the "house" butter chicken (I find it a bit bland and a very strange textured breast meat - I think); usually a lamb curry of some kind; dal; raita; rice pilaf and a naan plus a ball of gulab jamun in syrup for dessert.
It is nicely served on a tray with more than adequate portions and service has been good. They are also good about substitutions -- I took a pass on the butter chicken (even if it is their namesake and I'm generally not a fan of butter chicken anywhere) and I've heard others ask for (and get) substitutions for one of the dishes. Oh, and the daily lunch special is $9.99. Not earth-shattering good, but not a bad choice in the neighbourhood for lunch.

ISO 5kg box of steel-cut oats @ Costco in GTA

While we were in Western Canada this summer, we dropped in a Costco in either Winnipeg or possibly Regina and found a huge 5kg box of steel-cut oats for around $6-ish. We were hoping to get more at home in the GTA, but it is not available at our local Costco (Warden/Ellesmere).

Has anyone spotted this at any of the other GTA Costcos?

looking for inexpensive rice cooker

What's happened to Sam?

May 02, 2010
tekkamaki in Cookware

Any experience with the PC Home products?

Has anyone tried the PC bread knife? It was only 3.99 (I think) and had a yellowish handle.

Apr 15, 2010
tekkamaki in Cookware

Sweet Chile–Chicken Rice Bowl

I agree with VikingKvinna. Overly complicated recipe -- the sauce contains 6 different forms of chili pepper! I'd bet you could leave out half the ingredients in the sauce and not notice a big difference (if any).

Apr 12, 2010
tekkamaki in Recipes

How much variation in size, specialties are in the 5 COSTCO locations in the GTA?

We've just joined (our membership was a gift from a friend) and have been only to the Scarborough location at Warden/Ellesmere. Are all locations about the same? The membership sign-up guy told us that they will be adding a gas bar at this location very soon.

Good pho in the scarborough or east end...

We must chime in and add our vote for Pho Dau Bo on Markham Rd too! We tried the pho earlier this week and found the broth deliciously beefy and aromatic -- not at all overly salty or MSG-y. The noodles were nice and firm. The generous amounts of beef was a shocker -- more than we have ever had anywhere. As scarberian and red dragon noted above, we were quite satiated after a bowl and we have healthy appetites!

Our usual pho place in the neighbourhood had been Pho Saigon which was Ok, a convenient, clean spot but their pho is nowhere as good as Pho Dau Bo. This will become our "Go To" spot -- thanks for the recommendations!

Pho Dau Bo Restaurant
665 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1H2A4, CA

Seeing 'Green' at Diana's Seafood!!

Thanks for the info, Charles. These are true abalone? -- not the abalone-like Chilean Locos?

Seeing 'Green' at Diana's Seafood!!

Has anyone seen live abalone at Diana's again. Something we can work into a CNY dinner!

Panettone brands available in Toronto... recommendations?

So many boxes to choose from! Also plain-wrapped in bags.


We tried the frozen version from Loblaws a couple years ago. It did have a Cajun-seasoned dressing. Agree with Duh Car's experience, it was dry and not something we plan on repeating.

What to have at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar?

We made it there last Monday around 7:30pm and the place was packed. Food was mainly well-prepared tapas-y-ish: 2 of us shared: The fries (with just white vinegar rather than the touted "artisanal cider vinegar"; Charcuterie plate with a terrine, headcheese, pork rillettes and a chicken liver pate that had some strong seasoning that we didn't find pleasant -- these were accompanied with a thick, dark brown and very hard cracker-bread (and I mean very hard - not at all crunchy); Crab cake with a nice crust and unadulterated with filler (served hot and not at all greasy although the centre was strangely cold); Merguez sausage (probably our fave dish of the night); Grilled short rib (ok tasting, but I get 3 times as much in a T&T $3.99 lunch plate with another entree choice to boot); Caramel-Apple-Pecan cake (quite tasty and not overly sweet).

The return of Kenzo Ramen

Good to see that they are working through the grand opening jitters. Hope they will get their website proofread and edited. It is pretty painful!

What to have at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar?

What are your "Must Have" dish recommendations at JKWB?

Where to buy a veal breast downtown?

Preferably bone-in.

Excellent brunch at School Bakery & Cafe

4 of us were over for Sunday brunch a couple of weeks ago. Unbearably stylish and full of vacant ideas (let's serve entrees in lukewarm cast-iron casseroles that add nothing to its contents -- at least it looks good). N.B.: Their home fries are a combo of deep-fried chunks of white potatoes and scorched burnt chunks of deep-fried sweet potato.

A question about shawarma and Toronto..

We have crossed Farhat off our go-to list. Price has gone up again and they haven't had lamb the last 4 times we went. The beef and spicey beef (a ground beef amalgam -- really awful) don't make it for us.

Canned Smoked Chinese Herring in Black Bean - Missing in Action?

Do you mean the Deep Fried Dace w/Black Beans in that odd oval-shaped can?

Has anyone tried the new Mexican resto: Cocina Lucero?

@Yonge & Maitland. Just watched the Restaurant Makeover episode.

Hand hammered woks

Asianawest seems to have outrageous pricing -- cooking chopsticks for 10.95 (a dollar store item!) and porcelain soup spoon for 4.95 (way under a dollar at any asian store store I've ever been in). If you're buying a wok here, make sure you price compare what you're getting!


Jun 05, 2008
tekkamaki in Cookware

Montreal Foodie reporting back: Thanks TO!

Fantastic write-up moh! We're Torontonians and we'll have to give these places a try too.

Worst in Toronto

I know it's been covered in this thread and others but I must reinterate Red Tomato AGAIN! We've actually had some OK meals there before, usually a quick pre-theatre dinner because it was handy and not half-bad.
While we were there this week our clueless server took 20 minutes to bring our wine. Appetizers as well as entrees for our table of 4 came out 10 minutes apart so some diners could dine (while the food was hot) and some could watch.

Noteworthy: the Calypso Chicken Pasta was a gloopy and bitter mess with way too much sage.

My Kobe Beef Burger was actually quite good but it was accompanied by a unique combination of thick-cut mushy and limp sweet potato fries and broken-up near-shoestring fries about 1" long. Sort of those crumbs you'd find at the bottom of the freezer bag.

I e-mailed them with my comments on a very disappointing meal, but have not received a reply as of yet.

Help -- how to pick out a good avocado?

My last few purchases have been abysmal -- bruised or dark veins running throughout with a distinct bitterness.

Feb 19, 2008
tekkamaki in General Topics