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Paula Deen's restaurant

I fell in love with The Lady and Sons when it was a hole in the wall and they served mint water from a birdbath... and the wait was minimal so I am very biased, but her vegetables on her buffet are incredible to me.....I agree that Mrs Wilkes Boarding House is better though....

Jan 08, 2007
captainzero5 in Southeast

Friday in Savannah

The Pink House is a cool place to have drinks and eat...some civil war general meetings were held downstairs.....The Bayou Cafe is a great place to hear live music and drink beer----must go to The Lady and Sons...go to the bar to avoid the hour long wait....I love Savannah

Elkin, North Carolina

Childhood memories for anyone around Elkin---I haven't been there in 20 or so years and wonder what is still there...

Speedy Chef-----same ownership?/ same old menu
Royal Drug------still in the same location---hot dogs and cherry cokes
Village BBQ----still the sweetest BBQ in america---i am biased i am sure
John Boys BBQ----still good breakfast?

One night in Savannah...

downstairs pink house ----many historic decisions made down there i am sure

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

trolley stop----carolina beach, wrightsville beach and southport---North Carolina

pauls place---rocky point, north carolina----love the relish

Dec 31, 2006
captainzero5 in Southeast

Question for all DC people...

Is it Nathans- hot dogs?...maybe a dumb question?

Question for all DC people...

thanks for the replies...what is good at nathans and Yenching?

Question for all DC people...

If you guys went on a DC work trip for 3 days and wanted cool, historic places and cool "hole in the walls" that had an interestin story....What eating places have the coolest stories and what should we order???

jonesville/elkin sc

I used to live on Royals hot dogs and hang out at the Speedy Chef. There used to be a "john boys" near the high school and I stopped there for breakfast every morning. They had good BBQ sandwiches too. Is the Pizza Inn still open---when I was there it had a good pizza lunch buffet...

Chowhounds in Wilmington NC!!


BBQ- Jacksons on kerr
Amazing country buffet-Caseys on oleander
Burgers- PT's
Romantic Dining- Roys - downtown
Pizza-Elizabeths on Market St.
Breakfast Bagels: Ken's Bagels on Oleander
Mexican: LA Costa
Burritos: Flamin' Amys
Baja Style Mexican: K-38 on Oleander
On the Waterway: Dockside or The Fish House
On the Ocean: Oceanic
On the River: Elijahs'(crab dip)
Steaks & Chops: Port City Chop House

Dec 19, 2006
captainzero5 in Southeast