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HK style cafe with kick*** milk tea?

I've been to Furama in Chinatown and Golden Phoenix just off the Steeles exit of the 404. Let's just say I'd rather drink Tim Horton than Furama. While Phoenix is good, it's not very consistent IMHO, and the food is not spectacular.

Surely there must be one good HK style cafe out there?

oven-fresh famous amos cookies?

I fell in love with the freshly baked Famous Amos cookies when I was in Singapore. The boxes sold in supermarkets (when I could fin them) here are just not the same. Are there any outlets in Toronto?

Chinese desserts in Mississauga?

On Saturday evening, I will be having dinner at Grand Chinese Cuisine, the restaurant in the Doubletree Hotel. Is there anywhere around there we could have chinese-style desserts afterwards? Something like the Double Ming at Finch/Midland?

Grand Chinese Cuisine
655 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON M9W1J3, CA

Lardon for a coq au vin?

Thanks everyone for your replies!

Lardon for a coq au vin?

Long time reader, very very infrequent poster (hello everyone).

Is there a butcher downtown that sells lardon? I'd like to try to making coq au vin for my very first time, but I'm not sure where to get it. My recipe says to substitute with bacon, if it's not available, but I'd rather not do that if I really didn't have to.

Eglinton Patisserie tour?

Thanks for the comments, and do keep them coming! *grin* it better to go on Saturday or Sunday? Or is there a difference? What time do things sell out and how early should I go to avoid a morning crowd?

Eglinton Patisserie tour?

I remember reading about this Toronto Patisserie tour at Dessert by Candy (, and I thought it'd be rather cool to do something like that before the new school term begins.

La Bamboche, Le Comptoir de Celestin, and Rahier were mentioned on the tour, and I know that Fleur de Lys, at least, is no more. I am not at all familar with the area, have any new shops opened in the area since 2005 that I should definitely go?

Merry Christmas and Happy 2009 to CH!

Arancini, Supli, or Italian Rice Balls - Best?

I know Magiacake (McCaul and Elm) sells arancini. I also like the panini, but I don't really know how authentic everything is.

Montreal style bagels, anyone?

Wow, I've managed to stir up quite a discussion. That's why I love CH: I learn so much here!

My exposure to Montreal-style bagels came from what a friend once brought back on a visit. It was from St Viateur. I've never been fortunate enough to taste a fresh-outta-the-oven bagel; they have always been either a few hours old and/or frozen-retoasted. And they still beat all the Toronto ones I've tried, before and since then. I can't tell you how glad I am to know that it's not just me being fastidious! I'd really like to try a Fairmount bagel someday.

The offer to split a St Viateur order still stands.meclone2(at) I'd have liked to try Fairmount too, but shipping charges are far too expensive. One person has replied to me so far, but I'm trying to find as many people as possible, so I can always have someone to split an order with. Come to think of it: is there any Montrealer out there who's willing to let me piggy-back on your supply of bagels? ;)

P.S: Montrealer70, I go by "meclone2", not "meclone". It has to do with having a twin sister whose nickname is well, metwin1. *grin*

Montreal style bagels, anyone?

Some day I should give the Bathurst/Steeles St Urbain a try, ditto for Bagel House (if/when I gain access to a car). I'm not sure if it's the baking or what, but I find the bagels from SLM St Urbain, while not bad, just wasn't St Viator.

Montreal style bagels, anyone?

I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I don't know any other place quite like Chowhound.

A few weeks ago, I read from one of the threads here that it is possible to buy St-Viateur (in Montreal) bagels online, but that you'd have to buy *at least* 6 dozen at a go. Is there is anyone (or two, or three) out there who's wild enough about Montreal-style bagels to be willing to split the order with me? I did the math; with Xpresspost, each bagel will cost 78 cents (including taxes).

I live downtown, within walking distance of UofT. Email me at meclone2(at) Thanks!

Restos near Toronto Centre for Arts?

Mezza Notte Trattoria was suggested to me on these boards. Good Italian food and nice ambience.

ISO Maple Syrup - It's a Gift from Canada

UofT Hart House Farm maple syrup. You can buy it from the Porter's Desk at Hart House. Gallery Grill uses it in their desserts.

Chow in London, ON?

I'm moving to London, ON for two months for an internship. My friends told me to drive back every weekend for "decent food". I'm not expecting Toronto, but surely there must be recommendations for good chow in London? I mean, it's not Timbuktu. *grin*

Coffee Shop with Free WiFi (Downtown Toronto)

Urbano at Bay Street. Should be south of Charles, north of Wellesley.

recommendations for Toronto Centre for the Arts?

Mezza Notte was great. Thanks so much!

recommendations for Toronto Centre for the Arts?

I'll be in the vicinity for My Fair Lady, with 2 sisters and my mother. I'd like some recommendations for a restaurant nearby (walking distance) that is good and not too expensive. Thanks!

J-town and Corso Italia?

Actually, what I had in mind was a themed afternoon or sorts. A nice lunch of a particular cuisine followed by a walk along said neighbourhood. I'm Chinese, so I didn't want to do Chinese food and a trip to Chinatown/Pacific Mall. :D

Hmmm....what about a Japanese restaurant uptown followed by a side trip to J-town? Which restaurants would be a good bet then? A restaurant that's actually run by a Japanese chef be nice - the ones in downtown are mostly Chinese/Korean. While the food is not bad, there is not much variety/difference in the menu offerings.

We were thinking either Japan or Italy; that's why I also was asking about Corso Italia, the neighbourhood as well as recommended restaurants.

Or are there any other neighbourhoods I should consider? Bayview perhaps? More ideas would be great!

J-town and Corso Italia?

I live downtown and pretty much walk everywhere, so my chow world is usually confined to south of Bloor, north of Front, West of Yonge, and east of Bathurst, with the occasional TTC trip for more interesting fare.

My father's visiting, and he has a car, so I'd really like to explore J-Town and Corso Italia with him. Especially J-town; if I remember correctly, it has some excellent fishmongers (is that term still used today?) and butchers? Not to mention the "best-est" Jap restaurants in Toronto?

Some recommendations for stores and restaurants for both J-town and Corso Italia would be great. Nothing upscale, just good food at better prices. Thanks!

Best Creme Brulee in GTA

Dessert Trends (Harbord and Brunswick) gets my vote

Looking for kid-friendly near Bloor Intercontinental

I like the Coffee Mill (99 Yorkville Avenue, (416) 920-2108). Less than 5 mins walk from Hotel Intercontinental. Serves nice Hungarian food, and the waitresses adore children. But you might have to make reservations for weekends, which may turn you off.

Cake Recommendation?

What about DT Bistro? Harbord and Brunswick.

Korean Banquet Hall & Restaurant in GTA

Ever thought about hiring Korean chefs for the wedding dinner? Might be easier than finding a venue that matches your requirements.

Reliable, high quality, no-nonsense butchers

Max and Son's. The current butcher is Solly, the son.

Rappie Pie: is it available in Toronto?

I blame Chef at Large. *grin* The recent episode on the Acadian Reunion has got me curious about Rappie pie. Is it by any chance available in Toronto? The finished product or at the very least, the dehydrated shredded potatoes?

Or is calling D'Eons in Nova Scotia the *only* way to get it?

New Year's Eve Dinner ideas?

My relatives have opted to fly in on Christmas Day itself in order to save some money and they are arriving pretty late in the evening. So we've decided to postpone Christmas Dinner and have a New Year's Eve Dinner instead. On that day, they'll be staying at the downtown Hilton Hotel (Richmond and University) to usher in 2007.

Can anyone recommend a good place for classy, semi-formal New Year's Eve dinner that doesn't break the bank? There will be 10 of us in all, including 3 kids, 11-12 years of age.

Also, is it too late to make dinner reservations for 10 for New Year's Eve?

Good Restaurants around Radisson Hotel (Toronto East)?


I have relatives visiting this Christmas, and they will be staying at Radisson Hotel Toronto East. Which makes for an interesting situation: I live near UofT and my knowledge of the GTA is pretty much confined to the downtown core. Fortunately they are renting a car.

Can anyone please recommend good chow around the area of their hotel? I think it's Sheppard/Victoria Park? Preferably within 15 mins drive and family friendly. Their children are 11 and 12 years of age.