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Ice Cream shop making own Ice Cream Base?

Delicieuse French Ice Cream Artisanale...makes their own base.

Jan 09, 2012
moniqueyd in Los Angeles Area

Need help with a good vegan Restaurant on the westside

Euphoria Loves Rawvolution on Main St. in Santa Monica is usually referred to as Euphoria.

Seed Kitchen in Venice

Golden Mean Vegan Cafe in Santa Monica

Planet Raw is vegan/raw

Euphoria Loves Rawvolution
2301 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Golden Mean Vegan Cafe
1028 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Main St Cafe
450 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245

Planet Raw
609 Broadway Ste 101, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Jun 08, 2011
moniqueyd in Los Angeles Area


Second RAHEL. The food is delicious and the staff are really friendly. Plus the place is large enough to accommodate your group.

Jun 08, 2011
moniqueyd in Los Angeles Area

I tried the Farmer's Cart organic delivery service

Community Services Unlimited
This is an organization that operates out of South Central. Is local and organic. They don't deliver but have a farm stand open once a week close by USC. They will pack up a bag for you to pick up for a very cost efficient price. Super cool organization.

Mar 11, 2009
moniqueyd in Los Angeles Area

Best pumpkin pie - westside???

how about pumpkin gelato....from Rainbow Acres...So delicious, creamy and not too spicy

Nov 08, 2007
moniqueyd in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant recommendations in Cancun?

Just got back from Cancun and wanted to add that yes, Captain's Cove is very good. We ordered the Lobster Enchiladas and we were impressed. The employees were very accommodating and the drinks were strong.
We did not get a chance to visit Playa del Carmen, but had heard from everyone we spoke with that the beaches are nice. Enjoy!!!

Nov 05, 2007
moniqueyd in Mexico

gardena farmers' market

i just read this post and was wondering if you ever went to the market? i work very close by and had heard about the farmers market but have never checked it out???

Mar 06, 2007
moniqueyd in Los Angeles Area

LUCQUES REVIEW - Semi-Awesome!

i just read your MOZZA post and now have to read all of funny (funny good) plus i love some of comments these hounders post in response to you....good times!

Mar 06, 2007
moniqueyd in Los Angeles Area

newlywed would love some of your tried and trues

Yes, yes, yes....I agree, lean grilled/roasted meats/seafood, lots of fresh vegetables...add some quality olive oil, a little salt.....mmmmmm, perfect. Stay with basics and flavors that you and your significant other enjoy. I also agree with Cooks Illustrated Mag. If you enjoy preparing food and are patient everything will come together. Good luck and have fun!

Feb 27, 2007
moniqueyd in Home Cooking

I want to eat Paella it's my b-day

Primitivo Tapas/Wine bar....everything is appetizer size but they do have delicious paella. Really cool vibe, lots of fun and lots of room. Plus....lots of great wines.
It's on Abbot Kinney in Venice.
Happy B-day.....have fun!!!

Feb 27, 2007
moniqueyd in Los Angeles Area