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Birthday Dinner in Rehoboth

I would steer clear of Hobos. We ate there a few weeks back and it was horrible. I barely have words to describe how bad it was. Too bad you don't want to go back to Salt Air or CHO, those are our favorites.

Apr 08, 2013
foodiejourno in Mid-Atlantic

Birthday cake in DC?

I am looking for a bakery where I can get a really delicious birthday cake that's not super pricey. Preferably would like a place in DC.


Grass-Fed Burgers in DC?

I think that the 1/2 priced burgers at Commonwealth are now their grassfed ones, fyi. Also, can anyone confirm that the burgers at St. Ex are grassfed?

Organic cocktails?

I'm trying to find DC-area hotel bars that offer organic/natural cocktails. I know that POV at the W offers some tasty ones, but wanted to see what other Chowhounds would recommend as well.


DC area dining clubs?

Are there any dining clubs that meet regularly in the DC/MD/VA area? Ideally, I'm looking for one that would suit a sophisticated foodie in his late 60s.


Best bread pudding in DC?

I've had insanely good bread pudding at Bardeo in Cleveland Park. I think that DC Coast also has a very good one--or at least used to.

DC Coast Restaurant
1401 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

Trendy/Good Ambience Dinner for Group of 5 in DC

These are some of my favorite places--great ambience, good food. If you can afford Blue Duck Tavern, then these are in line with your budget or less:
--Proof (awesome wine selection, food is masterful, deserts are glorious, and the wait staff is top notch)
--Rasika (although can be a bit noisy--fantastic haute Indian fare)
--Brasserie Beck (Belgian fare and fancy beer)
--Masa 14 (just opened on 14th street, Asian/Latin fusion)
--Againn (upscale gastropub--I haven't been but have heard very good things)
--Central (Michel Richard's more casual restaurant--still very swanky)
--Black Salt (again, I can't personally vouch but have heard it's fantastic)

If you want to venture out of DC, there's Restaurant Eve in Old Town that always gets raves reviews.

Bon appetit!

Blue Duck Tavern
1201 24th Street NW, Washington, DC 20037

Advice needed along DC red line

By the Dupont Metro (north), I would suggest Sette (pizza and pasta)
Cleveland Park: Bardeo, Ardeo, Nam Viet, and Dino are all excellent


Cocktails in DC!

Jake at Marvin
Kris at Proof
All the bartenders at Cafe St. Ex and the Heights

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

Pho14 on Park Road in Columbia Heights (grilled shrimp on vermicelli)
The Heights (incredible happy hour everyday 4-7--ginger calamari, burgers)
Nam Viet in Cleveland Park
Cafe Deluxe (fab steak frites)
Commonwealth (grassfed burgers to die for)
Marvin (their ribs and chicken with waffles will change your life)
Sticky Fingers (ok, not a "restaurant" per se, but I go there at least a couple times a month for their Little Devils)
Bardeo/Ardeo (excellent fish, small plates)

Cafe Deluxe
3228 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

Which one should we choose? Lauriol Plaza, Grillfish, Clydes Gallery Place or Meiwah?

If your friends are willing to try something new, you may want to give Cafe Deluxe on Wisconsin Ave in Cleveland Park a try. It's similar fare to Clydes, but I'd say better atmosphere, very consistent service/food, good bang for the buck, and they have butcher paper and crayons so the kids can draw on the tables.

Good spot for birthday cocktails/light fare

This is a tall order:
--great atmosphere (think The Gibson or Marvin, without wait/crowds)
--can accommodate 10-15 people for drinks and light fare on a Saturday night
--in NW DC
--good for 30& newly 40-something :)


Four days in LA--your top picks?

Wow, I'm overwhelmed by all the great suggestions! Thanks so very much. And again, if I can ever return the favor for DC, ping me.

Apr 03, 2009
foodiejourno in Los Angeles Area

Four days in LA--your top picks?

Yes, that's a good point. However, I've read such great reviews about Bazaar and it's in our hotel, so we will definitely check it out.

Mar 24, 2009
foodiejourno in Los Angeles Area

Four days in LA--your top picks?

wow--fantastic suggestions! Thanks so much.

Mar 24, 2009
foodiejourno in Los Angeles Area

Four days in LA--your top picks?

I'm going to be visiting LA over Memorial Day weekend with two friends (we're all in our 30s) and we're staying at the SLS. While our diggs are swanky, our dining picks don't need to be. We'd like to try a mix of glam LA (think The Ivy, Chateau Marmont) as well as hidden gems (something by the beach where they serve killer fish tacos). Recommendations for restaurants and bars (cozy, great atmosphere, the occasional star-spotting but not too too trendy) are greatly appreciated!

Btw--we're coming from DC, so if you ever need suggestions for a trip here, let me know!

Mar 22, 2009
foodiejourno in Los Angeles Area

Tart Frozen Yogurt Wars Have Begun in DC

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Sweetgreen is the best of the bunch. I've tried SG a bunch of times, Mr. Yogato twice, and Tangysweet once.

The whole Mr. Yogato concept is cute and the staff is super nice, but unfortunately that doesn't make up for two major issues: too sweet "tangy" and skimpy servings (especially at nearly $4 a pop for a small!). Also, the yogurt isn't as creamy as Sweetgreen--another strike.

Sweetgreen's small is a generous serving (although that may depend on who is wielding the yogurt machine), the flavor truly is tangy, and you get 3 toppings for the price of the small. Plus, the place is eco-friendly and clean.

As for Tangysweet, it's just ok. Again, the time I was there, the portion was definitely on the puny side and the flavor (original) was too sweet. The atmosphere was fine--but I'm not going there for that.

Disappointed in The Heights

I actually like Rumberos better than the Heights--with the caveat that there are really only a few things on the menu there that I would order. Stick to tapas or a steak. Definitely skip the paella!

Proof or Bistro Bis

Definitely Proof. The food is fantastic and they have a wonderful Champagne cart that's really fun for a celebration!

Disappointed in The Heights

I’ve been reticent about posting something critical concerning The Heights restaurant in Columbia Heights. But after eating there numerous times, I feel that I’ve given them a fair shake and want to share my experience with the other members of this board. I moved into Columbia Heights two years ago when there were barely any restaurants nearby. When The Heights opened, I was thrilled. The menu seemed promising with a selection of comfort food, fish, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and pasta entrees.

I went several times this past summer for dinner and the food was so-so. Not fantastic by any stretch, but not abysmal either. Over the past year, I’ve tried their burgers, tilapia, an omelet (for brunch), and a few salads. Again, nothing to write home about but edible.

Then last night, I went with a friend and ordered the crab cakes. For $17, I got two crab cakes and some grey-colored mashed potatoes. The crab cakes were mostly filler with a tiny amount of mushy crab meat that was definitely not of the highest quality. I managed about two bites of the crab cakes before pushing the plate away in disgust. I guess my thought is this: The Heights isn’t serving haute cuisine or anything even close. The dishes, for the most part, are simple and shouldn’t give any kitchen worth its salt (pun intended) any difficulties. But for some reason, they don’t seem to be able to turn out even the most rudimentary dishes.

Why is it that some casual dining restaurants get it right time and time again (Café Deluxe, for instance, comes to mind)? The folks behind The Heights aren’t beginners—they own a slew of other restaurants around town and seem to have a formula. Each restaurant is pleasant enough inside with friendly wait staff, yet for some reason, they're missing the mark on consistently good, tasty food. I’m wondering if anyone else has had similar dining experiences at TH. I don’t want to bash the place—rather, I would love to see them improve so that I can continue supporting them.

D'Vines opening soon? How about Julia's?

From the look of things, Julia's is moving along (as of last week, they had added new lighting fixtures and flooring). I'm guessing they are timing their opening with the Target across the street. D'Vines seems to be stalled. My guess is a hold up with liquor license.

100% Whole Wheat Bread

My favorite is the whole wheat bread from Uptown Bakers, available at Yes! Organic Market in Cleveland Park and Brookville Supermarket, also in CP. The bread has a nice, hearty consistency and stands up well under hefty toppings.

Seeking quiet, centrally-located bar in DC for Friday Happy Hour for 20+

I would recommend Urbana inside the Palomar Hotel on P St. It's a 5 minute walk from Dupont South, and they have good happy hour specials from 5-7, including discounts on wine, beer, and food. They recently expanded so there is more lounge space where your group could convene.

Monday night wine specials in DC?

A couple of places offer half-priced or discounted bottles of wine early in the week including Tonic in Mount Pleasant, Vegetate in Shaw, and Left Bank in Adams Morgan.

Mid-week, vegetarian-friendly dinner near Sofitel, White House?

You may want to also check out Olives and DC Coast. Both are about a 5-10 min. cab ride from the Sofitel. As someone else pointed out, Bombay and Oval room are close by and are very good too.

Rasika vs. Brasserie Beck for Birthday Dinner

I'm a big fan of all three restaurants mentioned, but for a birthday dinner, especially given your friend's food requirements, Rasika is probably the best option. The menu at Marvin is a little bit limited (and IMHO, the best dishes are the rib apps, onion soup, and shrimp and grits). Maybe you could go there for a post-dinner drink? And while I also love Beck's, again, the menu focuses a lot on mussels and non-chicken/vegetarian dishes.

local organic chocolatiers?

I'm looking for dc/md/va chocolate makers who specialize in organic, free trade chocolate. Please email me at


What are the most overrated DC restaurants?

I've been to Jaleo many times over the years and in the past couple years, most of the meals I've had have been mediocre at best.

Healthy food delivery/restaurants in DC

I'm looking for food delivery services and restaurants that cater to people with high blood pressure (so the food would need to be very low in salt) and diabetes. Any suggestions?

Chef's tables?

Thanks much!