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Anyone trying Gruner preview dinner in PDX

I'm looking forward to trying it out, but I'm not crazy about the preview concept; it's sort of like paying full price to attend the rehearsal of of a play.

Dec 10, 2009
Kim D in Metro Portland

Best mussel dish in Portland?

The mussels on the bar menu at Carlyle are amazing. There is some sort of sausage in the dish that gives it a little heat, and the broth in the bowl is scrumptious. My default order there is mussels, side of fries with aioli, and a steady stream of Negronis.

Dec 10, 2009
Kim D in Metro Portland

Almost done--help finalize Portland/Winery food itinerary, please!

Sounds like a stressful itinerary. Sort of like viewing the Louvre in an hour, : )
Perhaps you could eat another meal in wine country, and tailor back on Portland a bit. Both Thistle and Jory are relatively new, and I've heard good things about them. Perhaps on Saturday evening you could skip an independent cocktail stop, and just have a drink and a snack at Andina, then move onto dinner at Tanuki. If your battery is still running after dinner you could always stop at one of the the aforementioned bars for a post- dinner night cap.
As far as Friday is concerned, I don't know about anyone else, But I'm exhausted after a day of wine tasting. My rec would be to either have dinner down there (after a nap), or head back to Portland, shower, chill for a bit then have a late dinner. Toro Bravo will be busy on Friday night, but while u wait for your table you can have a cocktail at Secret Society upstairs. I would skip Ten01 completely. Save your oyster craving for Tanuki on Saturday. She serves them with fresh wasabi. Awesomely good. Ok, now IM exhausted just commenting on your post. lol

Nov 24, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Portland New Years Eve - Dinner recommendations for group of 8-10?

Hi Dudley,
I doubt your group size will narrow the field that much, and "all foods and a passion for wine" covers quite a bit of territory. A price point would help, as would cuisine style. Many of the nicer (re: swankier) places in town do a prix fixe menu, often paired with wines. Is that the sort of thing you're thinking about?

Nov 19, 2009
Kim D in Metro Portland

PDX - slider buns?

Helen Bernharts bakery does what they call a "cocktail roll". It comes in three sizes, and can be ordered plain, poppy, or sesame seed- topped. It works perfectly for sliders. Order the medium size, which measures about 1.5" in diam.

Nov 17, 2009
Kim D in Metro Portland

PDX this weekend...the goods?

Carlyle would be a solid choice. Recent hits for me have included the Carpaccio, the foie (yum), and the Sablefish. I would also second the charcuterie there. Many are doing it, but I think Carlyle's version is exceptional.

Nov 05, 2009
Kim D in Metro Portland

Can't miss places in Portland, Oregon

That's a really nice write-up. Thank you for taking the time. Although some of your selections wouldn't have been mine, it was refreshing to hear about some places that aren't often mentioned on this board. Most interesting however were your (many) comments regarding service. Ironically, the most consistent complaint from pdx locals is service-related. : )

Oct 19, 2009
Kim D in Metro Portland

Best cocktail(s) in Portland

I'm partial to "The Obligatory Pink Vodka Drink" at Carlyle. It's kinda girly, and the name cracks me up. I also like the Moscow Mule at Gilt Club. Both use fresh grapefruit (which I love).

Sep 02, 2009
Kim D in Metro Portland

Who has the best cheese plate in Portland?

Carlyle does a nice cheese service. Not sure if it's available during happy though.

Aug 27, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

What Portland food item(s) should an out-of-towner not miss?


Perhaps it's worth mentioning the source of the overrating you refer to:

NY Times
Bon Appetit
Food and Wine
The Food Network
SF Chronicle

I'm sure there are a few other culprits in this mass deception, but these immediately come to mind.

Jul 19, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Please help decide: Special occasion dinner (Portland)

Our personal favorite is Carlyle, although I'm not sure it meets your criteria for being a uniquely Portland experience. Le Pigeon, I think, may be a better choice for that. The food is solid, and the counter is fun. I'd also tout Toro Bravo as a fun dining experience; it's all about sharing, nibbling, sampling, etc.

Jun 15, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Two Angelenos in PDX for One Night Only. What to Eat?

Carlyle. The owner (Bruce) is an ex-Angeleno, and the food rocks! Get the chef's tasting menu, and tell them "Missy Kim" says hi!

Jun 07, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest


I like Roux. There are only a small handful of places doing what they do, and I think the food is pretty consistent. I especially like the brunch they offer. I say stick with Roux, I doubt your daughter will be disappointed.

Jun 03, 2009
Kim D in Metro Portland

PDX graduation wknd - need multiple restaurants

Five of us had dinner last week in the garden at Carlyle. It was charming, and you get the whole thing to yourselves. We ordered off the menu (which was wonderful, as usual) but it is worth noting (as you have chefs in tow) that they do a 5 course tasting menu for $65.00.

Jun 03, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Little Red Bike Cafe, Portland

LRBC is great. nice lunch options as well. Make sure to try the ice creams.

May 06, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Best Caterer in Pacific Northest

Can't speak for Seattle, but in Portland (at least for big parties) I'd say Bruce Goldberg.

May 06, 2009
Kim D in Greater Seattle

Honeymoon dinner in PDX

I agree with Duck; both good choices, although for the romance factor, I'd think I'd give Carlyle the edge.

May 06, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

critique my Portland food itinerary for this weekend

I would also suggest Tanuki over Biwa. Although Biwa is great, I think Tanuki could offer a more unique experience. I might also suggest rethinking Olea. If this is your final dinner meal in PDX, I think you could do better. Perhaps Toro Bravo? I love the Japanese Garden, and I'd pick it over the Chinese garden only because of it's proximity to Washington Park, which is lovely. You might even consider picnicing there (weather permitting) prior to the garden visit. Elephant's Deli (which is close by) has all manner of picnic-lunch options. Have fun!

Apr 21, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Looking for one outstanding Portland dinner suggestion

I like ten01, but I do take issue with some of the hyperbole. There is a comment on another current chow thread that exclaims the new chef is "on fire!!" WTF?? I mean c'mon, the dude just started...what, three weeks ago?? We all have our favorite places, I just think a little editing goes a long way. Support the places you like, but keep it real.

Apr 09, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Help me with my Portland choices

Breakfast: Screen Door or Simpatica (Brunch on Sunday?)
Lunch: (Power lunch) at Ten01
Casual Dinner: Toro Bravo
Nicer Dinner: Carlyle
Brunch: Simpatica or Screen Door
Drinks: Check out Departure (where you're staying) Very cool space and view
Coffee: Coffeehouse NW
Chocolate: Sahagun
Pastry: Have yet to find anything I really like, sadly.

RE: Bunk - The sandwiches are very good, but as a destination it leaves much to be desired. Get a couple to go.

RE: Sel Gris - The food can be good, if a bit rich, but for a nicer dinner I find it too loud and cramped.

On a side note, you should really check out the food carts. (perhaps for one of your lunches) There is nothing comparable in OC.

Enjoy your visit!

Mar 26, 2009
Kim D in Metro Portland

Best places from Portland to San Francisco

If your driving via Highway 1, plan to spend one night in Big Sur. One of my all-time favorite places for both lodging and food is Deetjen's Big Sur Inn. The breakfasts are fantastic. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Mar 13, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Apizza Scholls (PDX) -- get it to go, I guess

I think ultimately this is a discussion about eating versus dining. I'm willing to forego the trappings of a nicer dining experience if I get a craving for a particular food, say, eating a well-made taco, standing up outside a cart or juggling an in-and-out burger while driving home. Apizza, for me, falls into that column. I'll endure the wait and the din for a decent slice -o-pie, but I go with the mind set that it's all about the pie, and nothing else.

Mar 10, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Dinner in Portland - ONE night only

Everything in Portland is a short cab ride away, and well worth it to get beyond the immediate downtown area. I'm a big Carlyle fan. Ironically the items your husband enjoys are my defaults when I dine there. The Day Boat scallops and the pappardelle with braised pork cheeks are both wonderful, although my singular weakness is their lobster risotto.

Feb 25, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Valentines Day visiting Portland


Just for argument sake, who do you think WON'T be offering a "special" menu on Valentine's Day? Given the simple (but sad) truth that VD may be one of the few financial bright spots for most restaurants, I find it difficult to believe there will be many that won't take full advantage of the occasion in one form or another.

My advice for VD would be to select from the best the city has to offer and avoid the 14th altogether. It falls on a Saturday this year, which means that anything decent is going to be busy (re: crowded) anyway.

Jan 12, 2009
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

New Year's Eve in PDX

You're not early at all; in fact, if you want a decent time slot, now is the time to book. Hawthorne area I would suggest Castagna or Sel Gris. Pearl area I would suggest Carlyle or Ten01. I assume all will be offering a prix fixe menu, and $100.00 sounds about right.

Nov 30, 2008
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Aaron's Kosher Turkey in Portland?

If you're willing to pay the fedx charges, you can order one from Kosher Kaddy. I think a 20 lb bird goes for about $60.00 plus shipping.

Nov 12, 2008
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Fried Chicken, Portland

I haven't had it but I understand K&Z's has, and/or will be adding it to their menu. Country Cat is supposed to be good. I've had the fried chicken at Screen Door and didn't care for it, but I love breakfast there. Some people like the chicken at Bernie's, although it's a boneless breast, which to me is not the real McCoy. Doris' off MLK (RIP) was also pretty good, and in a pinch there is always Popeye's. (just kidding). MY favorite fried chicken of all time in Portland was a place called Nendels on Canyon Road. Nobody but long-time PDXers would remember it, but it was something to behold. So..hmm. K&Z or Country Cat would be my suggestions.

Nov 03, 2008
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Quiet, romantic after dinner drink (PDX)?

Good list. Carlyle IMO is the most romantic/cozy of the three, and Neil (if he's working tomorrow) is one of the best bartenders in town.

23 Hoyt had live music at some point. Not sure if they still do. Not exactly quiet however.

The Heathman also has music (not sure when) in the lobby area by the staircase. It's been some time since I've been there, but I seem to recall they do it in and around the holidays.

Oct 24, 2008
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Help me narrow down this Portland list

I would second Carlyle.

Sep 22, 2008
Kim D in Pacific Northwest

Bday dinner in PDX -

I would agree with most of the above suggestions. For whatever reasons, the same handful of restaurants are consistently hawked as the go-to's for a "splurge" evening. Lucier would certainly lead the pack in terms of $$$. After that, it's all the usual suspects:

Sel Gris

Of the five, I feel Carlyle has the most deft hand with seafood, although the carpaccio at Lucier is pretty tasty. I agree that the food at Alba is very good, however the setting doesn't really smack of a special evening out. I haven't been to Alberta Street Oyster Bar since the previous chef left for Seattle. The jury seems to be out on the new chef, but it might be worth considering. Wildwood also comes to mind; again, I haven't been in some time, but I've been hearing some really good things about it lately. My recent meal at Lucier worked out to be around $300.00 for two of us. If money is not an issue, it definately has all the bells and whistles you may be seeking, and would be my first choice for "splurge".

Sep 19, 2008
Kim D in Pacific Northwest