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Herndon area: Ceviche

Don churros, over in chantilly. They have a variety of ceviches. Honestly I have never had a bad meal there, and it is truly a hidden gem.

*Good* coffee from north OC to Rehoboth?

I'm looking for GOOD coffee somewhere near the beach. Starbucks need not apply. What I would love is cafe grumpy-esque (nyc) but I'm guessing that is way out of reach.

Anyone know of any good solid places that serve all sorts of coffee and related drinks using self or locally roasted fresh beans? I've found a few places claiming a lot and delivering poor quality or following the mantra "sell till its gone, and steam the milk over and over to keep it frothy". Both of which end up delivering something well below where it could be.

Heck a place that has a decent breakfast that actually uses the proper amount of coffee in the filter or uses french presses would be fantastic.

Jun 25, 2011
scot in Mid-Atlantic

Best restaurant in the Orlando area?

If you had to choose one place in the orlando area (within 30 minutes), where would it be? Cost not being an issue and no pre-conceived food preferences.

Jan 27, 2011
scot in Florida

Dog friendly in the DC area...

So here is a question I haven't seen before. Anyone know where hungry chowhounds may bring their 4 legged friends? Being that it is winter, answers might be more limited due to the lack of proper patios but it isn't completely a a dead deal now. Dogs (well behaved) are welcomed at Barrel Oak Winery, and while it isn't a food destination (snacks only really) the wine and company is decent.

Question is where else? Everything I have found talks about how fairfax corner and reston town center are dog friendly, but really they just put some bowls of water out in the warm months and the dogs have to stay outside. More like dog tolerant and not friendly, though some of the restaurants with patios let you have the dog with you (for the most part).

Are there any crazy good restaurants who's owner has over appreciation for the pooch and lets them dine in?

Are there any local potato chip makers?

Can you still get utz fresh and hot in baltimore? I remember that as a kid only 15, er 20, er 25.. er well some years ago...

alone and in SF (union square area)

So I am here in the union square area on business, and for today I'll be dining alone. Question is where? I see tons of potential places, but I know next to nothing about the food options here on a sunday night.

I love everything, so no style of food is out of bounds. I am not looking for a michelin star type place, saving the really nice dinner for later this week. Simple, easy, good, somewhat cheap and local. the only other requirement is that it is not a vegetarian place.

Any ideas?

Nov 08, 2009
scot in San Francisco Bay Area

Cheap Yogurt in Northern VA

try the many farmers markets. A number of vendors come out with organic yogurt. If you go through large amounts they might be able to cut you a deal.

Good Burgers Reston/Herndon/Sterling

I'm sorry but the cheeburgercheeburger is "meh" for the burger. Fries and milkshakes are awesome, but the burger is just better than charburger or whatever the name of that place is, and not as good as five guys. Hard times in herndon used to have the best burgers in the area bar none, but it was inconsistent and I don't know about the other locations.

For a made to order.. I dont know the best is stil RHB but if dogfishhead ever finishes the chantilly place that will probably be my go to burger.

Where are the unknown restaurants?

I've posted up two reviews of semi-hole in the wall good eats places, and a few others have as well, but no real responses to them. No one else out there saying thank you or that we are crazy for having tried it.

I thought thats what chowhound was about? Finding places like sweet basil cafe, that back in the day no one even knew existed. They struggled to make good food and we played the word of mouth game. Now this list is fading into a combination of mediocraty with a random super well known high dollar place taking everyone's fancy.

I like me some steak, and I like me some 2941 but we can talk about the joint down the street that just does good food as well, like picante in chantilly. There are a few more korean places in chantilly that just opened up, anyone been?

Don Churro cafe in herndon

Anyone else gone there?

We stopped by a few weeks ago and were pretty much blown away by something much higher quality than the name might imply at first. This isnt a gimicky mass eatery or a push you through the door in and out experience type establishment. I would rate them as being similar to "Taste for the world" in both quality and presentation, but focused on latin america. Really good food and the service was very good. Prices are decent.

If you want pure peruvian, el estribo is better (more focused), but if you want variety give 'em a shot.

New Korean Restaurant in Chantilly VA

We stopped by as well a few weeks ago. We bucked the trend and went with some other dishes vs soups. It was high quality meat, but a bit expensive for what we got. I'll try the cod soup next time, sounds good!

good chocolates, DC

Moonstruck was closed last time I was at T II.

Family dining in Ocean City, MD

Is it real bbq or family friendly "faux bbq"?

As for liquid assets, what kind of burgers are they doing? Rays, 5 guys, or something else?

Thai bakery? Is there one?

Anyone know of a thai bakery in northern va?

FYI: Greenfields - CLOSED (Meatlovers Mourn)

last time I went to malibu it was "ok". Fogo and Chima (tysons) are vastly superior, but the cost is commisurate. Greenfields was slightly better than malibu but it used to be much better, though never like the other two.

Sucks that it is gone, but my guess is that the competition was too compelling.

Elevation Burger. let's see how this one stacks up.

you have got to be kidding. HH used to be good say.. 15-17 years ago. Unless it has had a massive change in the past couple years, they are nothing compared to rays and many other places. Heck Dogfish head and hard times chilli have awesome burgers as well.

Medium rare at HH indicated "cook till the center is only slightly charred". Not just once mind you, every time I went there it was the same... Parents liked the place though so I kept going to be nice.

ISO American Food: Reston, Herndon, or West

El Estribo, over in sterling, is FAR FAR better than pollo inka. I mean PI is good, but the meals lack that "somthing" that says special. The chicken is the only real reason to go, but there are a few more rotisserie places around now. One over off of sterling about 2 miles from 29. I dont know anything about it, just saw the sign. Eventually it will be tried...

Bulk spices in NoVA - Not Penzey's please

Sorry, the stuff you will get from any of the above will be sub-par at best. You are looking at ~6months age bare minimum on anything ground, and more on non-ground. The smell test is only going to be useful on the non-ground spices.

Stick with ethnic and or penzys. I know you don't want to spend a ton of money, but you will use VASTLY less of the stuff from penzys or some internet spice places as compared to the crap (and I don't use that lightly) from normal markets, target or walmart.

Charm City Cakes

american chopper = paul sr, jr and mikey (plus the supporting cast) in orange county ny (occ)

Jessie James = west coast choppers and had a series of shows and starred as a personality on monster garage.

Different shows, but I get the idea :)

I wonder how the CCCakes taste?

Notes on Leesburg

nido's is awesome, at least for what it is. Simple and good red sauce/pasta place. If you go expecting anything else, it will just be ok but for the baked ziti and a glass of cheap chianti it is perfect.

Of course hamburg doner is next door in the mighty midget kitchen as well. Beer + street food = good.

Neither place are fine dining, but then again isn't the humble but good food what chowhound is about?

BTW, how are the pies at that place right up the street?

Buying an Indirect Smoker in Maryland or VA

yet another recommendation for the BGE. Just made a pork shoulder and had a 4 year old who only eats fruit and hot dogs tell me it was the best thing he ever had.

That's gotta mean something.. I think? :) 22hrs on the grill/smoker.

Moving to Herndon, VA.. Any recs for authentic cuisine?

hmm I can believe that. English isn't their strong point but they do have drink menus now :) The list all of the beers, sakes and fru fru drinks so no worries there. It is (a bit) more expensive for pure sushi, but they have a ton of offerings not available at hama. Don't get me wrong though, I love hama as well, but japanese "tapas" are also really good.

Moving to Herndon, VA.. Any recs for authentic cuisine?

hmm I can believe that. English isn't their strong point but they do have drink menus now :) The list all of the beers, sakes and

Hamburg Doener

I can pronounce kolsch, therefor that is not what they had on tap :) They had a lager and a hefe tapped, and about 6-7 other german beers. All of good quality, some with flavors only a beer lover desires. (yeasty, thick and tasty. mmm)

Moving to Herndon, VA.. Any recs for authentic cuisine?

I love hama, but mikaku is better, over off of mclaren rd, the sushi is very good quality plus they have a bunch of japanese cooked food as well. Give them a shot.

El Estribo - Sterling, VA

Good peruvian and nice people. Definitely top of the charts IMO for the Dulles area.

I'll give a report later, but its time for tonight's dinner. If you have been thinking about going, but didn't know if you should try... GO. I'm not saying it is an experience of all ages or something like that but the food is solidly in the "worth the trip" scale. Nice people too.

If you have no idea where it is, go to the countryside shopping center, look for the big (bad) mexican place, go down and to the left, there you will see the ABC store, right of that PEVs, and then in possibly the worst possible location in the world, El Estribo.

Hamburg Doener

Quick mini-report on HD. If you were not aware, they took over the mighty midget kitchen building and have moved their old service to provide an out door sitdown "dining experience". If by dining experience you mean "drink beer and eat german street food." Which is something *I* definitely do.

Wienerschnitzel, doener, currywurst and something else... plus fries (very good, properly made double fried). Thats about it on the food menu, but it is all done well and makes your stomach say "hey, what about a beer." Which of course makes you say "I'll take a draught beer please" to the person behind the counter, which means you want one of a few semi unpronounceable german beers. No corona, bud or other "beer like" alcoholic beverages available and definitely not taking up tap room. The beer is served in a big glass designed for the type of beer you just ordered.

Fortunately I don't live in leesburg, otherwise I would be seriously working on a beer and french fry gut.

BTW: Dont go on monday, unless there is a soccer game on. Then only if you want beer cause they don't have food then.

Figs needed

I have a Violette and a turkey both here in herndon. Have to bring them in (potted) during the winter, but I have to agree with the posts above. They grow VERY well and are basically free from pests, deseases etc. Just about as foolproof as you can get if have an frost protected but cold garage over the winter, or don't mind the dieback.

My breba crop came and went (only about 5-6 figs total, repotted this winter so I lost a few). They were ok, but the flavor was nowhere near where it will be aug/sept/oct. I would assume the same will hold true for the figs you find in the stores.

hooked in sterling?

Well I went. We had the crab soup, muscles and ginger rubbed rockfish.

Crab soup was great, gotta love the goldfish as the "cracker" for it as well. Really good flavor and a good amount of crab though there were a bunch of shells as well.

The rockfish was good. Not great but pretty good.

The muscles.. were NOT good. The scampi sauce had almost no flavor, and the muscles were full of sand or something. One of the muscles was slammed shut, so probably dead.

Oh and the truffle chocolate cake was good, really rich.

hooked in sterling?

Anyone try hooked yet?