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Seafood in Xalapa - Does Nick's ring a bell?

I'm going to Xalapa this year and would like to find a seafood resturant that I ate at 10 years ago and find out whether it is still good. The place was named "Nick's" and was well out of downtown, not flashy, but not cheap -- if memory serves it was mostly men getting drunk and eating the most wonderful cocktails that I had ever had in my entire life.

I can't say I remember too much about the place, but what I remember makes me want to refresh what I don't.

Does this ring a bell, or conjure a hangover for anyone?

Mar 18, 2008
nmleeds in Mexico

HELP: Where do I buy Squid ink in San Francisco?

This is a rush request. I am having people over for dinner in a couple of hours and I realized that I need to serve a black risotto. This is a CULINARY EMERGANCY. They drink only red wine; I want seafood--orthodoxy aside the only way I can see my way through this one is if I find squid ink, and fast.

If you know, please post.