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How to convince wife to go to TJ

I used to go there and would still go just for the pastries.
But stopped going over 6 years ago after being stalked by a drug crazed doper on the American side of Border Gate parking lot waiting for a score. I could see the evil in his eyes, so I waited by the gate for others to come through and joined them in walking to me car, as he moved away very angry until I separated from the other group. So I was able to drive off before got he back closer to me. Of course there were no Police in sight to report him to!

With all the potential problems of driving over and/or STANDING IN CROWDED LINES to get back through Immigration and Customs, it isn't worth it.
Save the gasoline, and taking unknown surprise risks.

Jan 17, 2015
nutrition in San Diego

Mira Mesa Asian Food Update

Very Sorry to see them Quit!

I thought the name was a problem for TAN KY MI GIA to get get a larger diverse audience for their excellent PHO! I passed it by many times on the way to the Barber, and then Lucky for PHO.
Was forced to try Tan Ky MI GIA when Lucky refused to serve us shortly before 9 PM. TanKy was so much better, that I never went back to Lucky.
The Shrimp/Pork/Black Mushroom dumplings &Pho were my very favorite, as well as most other dishes.

I also miss Pho Hoa Hiep, that closed on Mira Mesa Blvd.
Another poor location out of the range of really heavy traffic for visibility.

Jan 02, 2015
nutrition in San Diego

Fun Waterfront Restaurants in La Jolla / Near Torrey Pines

Isn't there place in Japan where they grow also?

Oct 08, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

best coffeecake

Nothing out standing at Continental European Deli.
Only a block away.
More Russian, then anything to write home about.

Oct 01, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Restaurant Week!

Is it losing it's Punch for interest from Foodie's?

What are some of the better menus for the Week?
I like to try participating places to find new tasty places?

Sep 20, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Thai and Holy Basil

Organic sourced might make an improvement,
if grown in a rich soil!

Called CULANTRO in Spanish.
Has a 'sawedge' leave!

Sep 15, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Thai and Holy Basil

Best prices
Low Prices
Free shipping

Try finding CILANTRO in the stores. Impossible

Sep 14, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Donovan's or Rainwater's in San Diego - which is better?

I suspect things have changed since several posts remember the heyday at Donovans's
My first visit was in early 2010 early on a Monday night, which really amazed me with business men/attorneys 3 deep at the bar and every table filled. The food was incredible to go with the prices. Didn't want to believe what I saw.

This Monday Cocktail Hour at the bar had 1 or 2 lonely men at the bar! No waiting empty tables with little traffic. Immediately, I wondered what happened to the food at the hugh prices.

The Shrimp, Scallop, Clam (Seafood Chowder) was ALL potato cubes and mashed potato thickening without any flavor what so ever!
Surf & Turf had a very tough piece of beef, which I could not recognize as to the cut, that did not yield to a steak knife.
Definitely not a filet. All I could think of is the cattle, that are being taken to market due to the drought as they waste away on the ranches! The Lobster Tail was good as was the fresh bread. Incidentally, the 12oz Lobster quotes at $72.00 if you are interested.

Unfortunately, Flemings is also nearby and was suggested as a possibility. Am still kicking myself for making the wrong choice.

This reminded me of the Azul, when we had outstanding dinners several times before it was turned into a steak house. Then last year a friend from Houston remembered one of those great dinners with the ocean view, that are hard to forget and insisted on going back to Azul. I tried to explain, that it had become a steak house and was not the same memorial dining. I told him the usual La Jolla diners were not going there and even the Bar was now empty. I liked to have one of the great Kobi Burgers at the bar Happy Hour, when I was in the area. I also noticed the very good bar tender was gone, and a new one started the day before. SO after summing up all of this, I concluded Azul didn't have much life left.
Well, we ordered the Special Steak. Mine was cold, tough and tasteless. Another restaurant bites the dust and never came back.
This year, we have gone to Eddy V's and Georges Moderne for some good food.

I do remember reading that a Donovan's sale was hanging a couple of years ago. Again the Lease comes up and maybe trying to move. Triple nets are not paying off like they used to before the crash. My prediction with the quality at the present time will not save Donovan's in La Jolla by a move to the Azul space or any other location. The fat easy years before the 2008 crash are history.

Sep 13, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Donovan's or Rainwater's in San Diego - which is better?

I live across the street and it is definitely San Diego 92122. Several blocks East of Regents Road.

Sep 13, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Donovan's or Rainwater's in San Diego - which is better?

What are the CURRENT reviews for Donovan's, Flemings, etc. steak & seafood places?
This string is old and the last time I was there in early 2010 with 3 deep at the bar, impeccable service and the best foods at the HIGHEST prices!

Would appreciate any new comments?

Sep 11, 2014
nutrition in San Diego


Took me back to Chicago, 55 years ago!

Sep 06, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Deep dish pizza

Whole Foods has a extra thick sliced deep dish pizza ready to heat & eat on the spot.

A meal in itself!

Aug 23, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Your Favorite Place to Get a Grass-fed Burger and/or Steak in the San Diego Environs

Remember that on Feed Lots, cows stand in muddy manure from the thousands of cows being fed a diet of grains, that is UNnatural for them. Mad cow disease, as well as, many other toxins to their nervous system make for a very weakened immune system. When they become 'down cows' they are shipped off to the slaughter house with the other cows and end up on somebodies dinner plates!

Aug 04, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Vietnamese in San Diego

Tan Ky Mi Gia (in the corner of a shopping center at the North East corner of Black Mountain Road).
9330 Mira Mesa Blvd Ste A, San Diego, CA 92126

Same owners for over 7 years.
My favorite place for the best tasting PHO/broth in town.
Their other dishes are equally outstanding.

My other best choice is Pho Hoa Hiep in Linda Vista.
Consistently outstanding!

Jul 21, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

what does San Diego need in its dining scene?

More authentic ethnic foods other then just Mexican & some Asian flavors.
But the days of those have gone, and fast food is the sign of the times, unless the food trucks are replacing the holes in the wall..

Jun 14, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Mr Taster got whited at SOOT BULL JEEP!

They should have charged for the 3rd dinner dish & Utinsils, as well!

Jun 14, 2014
nutrition in Los Angeles Area

Out of towner looking for great dinner spot downtown area or North county

Eddie V next to Georges Modern with a better view and the best most kowledgeable wait staff!

Hexagon 6th & Laurel
A Good meal does not have to cost a fortune!

Feb 24, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Best website to buy tea?

I had used up my supply from Special Teas, Tea Depot, and took a Tea shopping trip to China in October to stock up my Tea Cellar. Prefer Organic teas to avoid any heavy metal contamination.
Much to my surprise, the prices in China are on the high side and often more then those in the USA. It must be the unfair exchange rate, which is less the then half of what it should be for everything.

Tea Galleries has nice teas at prices on the high end and simpler to Teavana! Location of shop is with their Warehouse in a LOW traffic Industrial area of San Diego. I was looking for some tasty White Teas to round out my Tea Cellar with a low caffeine, high anti-oxidant evening treat. When I arrived, there were two customers waiting at the counter for some time as I look over their extensive inventory. One peron left without making any purchase, and I don't know what happened to the young man, when I got waited on.

I just found a website that I like with more reasonable pricing and a complete inventory of traditional and flavored teas. Second looks very interesting for Internet ordering. That will be my next stop for ordering.

Feb 12, 2014
nutrition in General Topics


I had outstanding Sweetbreads (2) at the Hexagon on Monday Restaurant Week's menu for the Appetizer choice. Almost an Entre on their own.
Prepared better, then I ever remember anywhere in the past 40 years!
I also think of the French Market Place and Hexagon for
Calves Liver prepared correctly.

We don't see many glandular meats on menus because of the increased demands and costs over the years as our demographics have changed.
Americans are less likely to enjoy these choices of protein. Hamburgers seem to have the market at this time.

Jan 25, 2014
nutrition in San Diego

Greetings San Diego chowhound!

I don't understand NOT TOO expensive and staying at one of the most expensive isolated hotels and wanting to eat OUT! Every meal will be a field trip around San Diego, when the Amaya restaurant would be as consistently good food as it gets. The Baked goods are freshly made and just out of the oven before serving, especially for Breakfast.

Stayed there for a Conference and can not forget the excellent food & beverage services and snack breaks.

La Jolla & Del Mar has enough choices for enjoyable good foods without having too fill up the gas tank, as well.

2 La Jolla musts next to each other!
Georges Calif Modern would be an out standing dinner to remember longer then any other place. One of a kind presentation with one of a kind sauces. Hard to beat!
Eddy V's for a slightly lower priced menu and substantial very well prepared dishes with a better view. The wait staff at both were the most informed and explained every Menu Item in detail.

Jimbo's is the closest whole foods grocery to the Grand!
San Diego's answer to real foods before Whole Foods.

Dec 23, 2013
nutrition in San Diego

San Diego Best/Worst Neighborhoods for Restaurants

Three throwbacks to more ancient San Diego days, that need to be rescued by Restaurants Impossible for makeovers are:
Old Trieste, Baci and The Godfather!
Was taken to them against my better judgment, since Italian food/starches are no longer higj on my list of choice places.
But some seniors keep them open with weekend business.
So dark and under lit, that I could not read the extensive menus. Too many selections to review. I have learned no place can keep a kitchen up to date with that many fresh foods. Would really like to inspect their kitchens and freezers!

Aug 18, 2013
nutrition in San Diego

San Diego identified by TripAdvisor Community as "Best U.S. Destinations for Pizza" Really?!

I believe the correct name is Saffron Thai.
They do a great job and present a tasty dish of Thai food at reasonable prices

Aug 18, 2013
nutrition in San Diego

San Diego identified by TripAdvisor Community as "Best U.S. Destinations for Pizza" Really?!

Touring the Terminal 2B addition to the San Diego Airport, I checked out the new Sunset Cove Food Court for improved places to eat, while waiting for a flight instead of counting on anything on the planes.

I had a great BBQ Goat Cheese Thin Crust slice of Tommy V's Pizza.
It had to be one of the best, I had in many years!
Will have a whole pizza before the next foodless flight.

It is next to a SPICES THAI outlet, that is one of my favorite SD restaurants on India near Washington Blvd, that also has a choice of well prepared dishes with a Brown Unpolished Rice option. No need to stop on India on leaving the Airport on the Return flights now. Just a stop at the Sunset Cove will do it.

Aug 17, 2013
nutrition in San Diego

Pierogi Truck - two thumbs up with a little wart

Where is this truck to be found?

After trying some Polish restaurants over the years, I concluded most are not the best recipes compared to the home cooked foods back in Michigan by the authentic Polish family cooks.
My Mother taught my five nieces to make the real deal pierogi with various fillings. They have Pierogi making parties and make around two hundred or so at the time, so everyone gets to take enough home with them after dinner for the rest of the week! Or even freeze a few for when the cravings hit again.
I used to get large all meat stuffed cabbage or green peppers at Pavilions ($1.99/#) in Rancho Mirage and cook them up myself, which proved to have tastier tomato sauce. Took care of those cravings with Brown Unpolished Rice as a side dish.
I wonder if they can still be found in Pavilions' fresh meat counters?
The commercial store bought pierogi are generally a disappointment flavor wise . There is a Serbian Catholic church in San Diego that has them for sale on occasional Fridays. But I am not fond of just potato cheese fillings. Prefer meat cabbage dry cottage fillings for a tastier fillings with some protein.
A Polish women working Scripps Clinic Check in told me a secrete about making the sauce. She said to add a slice of crispy bacon. So I added apple smoked bacon and it made an improved flavor wonderful outstanding dish!

Aug 16, 2013
nutrition in San Diego

Addison, Market or 1540

If you are more interested in excellent food at reasonable prices, then I would highly recommend Bernardo's!
My top San Diego favorite!

Jul 13, 2013
nutrition in San Diego

good ethnic eats

Pho LaJolla is closer to your location, then most fo the recommendations farther out in the burbs.
It is the only Chicken Pho, that I have seen in San Diego and Ilike it for a change.

May 11, 2013
nutrition in San Diego

Suggestions for Chinese. Shanghai or Szechuan

The Del Rey Rendevouz really impressed me for lunch recently.
The Waiter gave a COMPLETE descreiption of the dishes, that I was interested in. This was the best knowledge of the MenuDishes, that I ever received any where in my lifetime.

The order of Fried Borwn Rice with Chichen was one of the very best in any chinese restaurant. The rice was perfectly cooked and SEASONED!. Much finer preparation, then I expect in a Chinese place.

Would not hesitate ordering most things on the menu and enjoying.. Will be back soon.

They know their stuff

May 10, 2013
nutrition in San Diego

Amaya--La Jolla

A couple of years ago, I really enjoyed Lunch at the Hotel Amaya.
But this location sounds as ostentatious as the hote! in spite of the GQQD foodl

Apr 11, 2013
nutrition in San Diego

Tea leaves

I finally found excellent Green and Oolong Loose Leave teas to replace my great loss when Special Teas quite the internet business a year ago and my Tea Celler epty!

Currently THE TEA SPOT on the internet in Cerritos near Long Beach has Clean fresh teas, organic and reguilar at reasonalble prices, fast free shipping.

Oct 22, 2012
nutrition in San Diego

Favorite dumplings

Vietnam Dumplings in the Best Pho in San Diego.
Made with shriimp, and and black mushrooms.
Consistent as large, fresh, firm, hearty dumplings.
Enough to split between two people.
Very reasonable.
This is the only place that I enjoy Pho at every time.
Very clean and comfortable.


I don't know how to pronounce it or what kind of food it is,, but I know what it means!
It means GQQD FQQD and now a local favorite, which is hard to resist, when thinking of where to go.

Have been seeing it for about a year or more, when I go to the barber, and even looked in on one occasion. When Lucky Seafood closed early last Saturday, it was necessary to find another place for a bite. So this is where I and another group headed for before they closed also. Hours 9 AM-9 PM Sun-F, 9-9:30 PM Sat. It is at the opposite end of the same mall as Lucky.

As I looked over the menu looking for my favorite Pho with sliced ribeye steak, the waitress asked me, if this was my first time, and suggested that they recommend the Dumpling Soup for first timers. So I complied and had the Dumpling Soup with Rice noodles, which was a wonderful SURPRISE with great broth and dumplings. A hearty dish of dumplings with wide floppy edges filled with pork, shrimp, and mushrooms. Mushrooms are a favorite, and the combination was Dynamite! They are large and about 3-4 bites, and there are enough to make a generous meal. The broth (and even the dumplings) make it different from the other shops on Mira Mesa Blvd, so I was curious, where this culinary art came from. Wonton should have given me a clue.

The next visit I tried the Dumplings & Wonton Soup with the thin rice noodles, but the noodles proved too filling. The Wonton contain pork and shrimp, but no mushrooms. You have a choice of rice or egg noodles, if you desire them. I will skip the noodles from now on.

The last visit I chose the Dumpling Soup without any noodles. It was just right and not over filling. Learned that the kitchen had Chinese overtones along with Vietnamese, which is a nice variation of what I had become so used to.

There are 22 Noodle or Egg Noodle Dishes ($5.10) to choose from, as well as, 8 Chow Fun or Chow Mien dishes ($7.20), and 11 Fried Rice or Over Rice dishes ($7.20) to choose from. Most of the dishes come with a variety of combinations of meat, seafood and chicken. It is your choice. WIll have to try the Chow Fun and Mien dishes, if I can get past the Dumpling Soup!

TAN KY MI GIA 9330 Mira Mesa Bl. #A, San Diego, CA. (858) 271-8899 is a delightful change from all the Pho places, and now TOP of my list. It is bright, clean, and very hard to beat. Breakfast Lunch Dinner, Food to Go!

If you want to know, it means SUNRISE RESTAURANT, I was told.

Try it, you will like it! And be sure to tell them, that Nutrition sent you or at least suggested it. :)

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Oct 21, 2012
nutrition in San Diego