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Help! Relatively Inexp. Pre- Roy Thomson Dinner

Oh and I'm open to any type of food, but we've got one finicky eater so we're happy to eat a place that at least has some non-exotic menu items.

Help! Relatively Inexp. Pre- Roy Thomson Dinner

Hi there. I need help.

I am trying to organise supper for 4 before seeing a performance at Roy Thomson next Friday. Although the other 3 people actually live in TO, I (the New Brunswicker) have to pick the restaurant...

Please help. It has to be relatively inexpensive because the theatre tickets were a little pricey, but it has to be a good meal because I'm trying to leave a good impression on the night here.

I read in some posts that Canyon Creek was good, but then in many other posts that it was awful. Joe Badali's had the same problem...

It doesn't have to be within walking difference because we'll have a car, but it should be close.