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New Orleans Thursday the 19th early dinner with Family

dear hound-dogs,

my wife and 2 kids (7 and 4) will be arriving in New Orleans on thursday the 19th. we'll be staying in the French Q.

my dad and stepmom will be meeting us there and instead of a babysitter on thursday nite, we'd like to take the kids to an early dinner (all 6 of us).

hoping that you can suggest an A+ classic New Orleans restaurant that is kid friendly in terms of not being too formal or stuffy. need to capture the flavor of the city in a bit more of a relaxed environment.

we have a baby sitter on Friday nite and are going to eat at Cochon.

thanks much y'all..


Jul 12, 2007
fukhed in New Orleans

Wild Salmon

Pedestrian - maybe worse....

This is a not ready for prime time restaurant. Tepid decor, ill-informed service, bland food, and the worst soundtrack i've heard in a restaurant in years (some kind of vile smooth jazz featuring vocals that would make a billy goat puke).

I lunched there today - and I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Food is stunningly bland - i went for the Wild King Salmon on a plank ($28), and there was nothing distinctive about the taste or presentation. My dining partner had the halibut fish and chips and the dish had zero taste.

Our waitress was well meaning but incompetent.

Not sure what Jeff Chodorow is thinking with this one but i would be shocked if this place makes it past the summer.

This is what happens when you get caught up in gimmick restaurants vs. classic restaurants.

Stay away - there is no compelling reason to eat here....

- F'Hed

Jun 08, 2007
fukhed in Manhattan

Benjamin Steak House or Wolfgangs?

Tho Wolfgang's is a high quality enterprise - i am steadfast in my belief that Benjamin's is serving the best porterhouse on the Island. There Bacon is also tops.

I strongly suggest checking out Blair-Perrone on 2nd ave and about 47th st - they are another luger's offshoot. Very, very fine Porterhouse.

- the head

Jun 08, 2007
fukhed in Manhattan

mamoun's - downhill alert?

Wow - what can i say about Mamoun. Without a doubt the best falafelry and beyond in NYC for the past 20 + years. I grew up on their falafel, shawarma, chicken kabab, lentil soup, sweet hot tea, spinach pie, hummus, and more.

BUT - i took my family there for lunch this past Sunday and can report w no hesitation that this place has gone to hell. Although Mamouns has always been a cramped, no light, dump, it was a great cramped, no light dump. This visit took the dumpiness to new extremes - the place seemed dirty. The register man who took my order was some type of hip hop dope w a sideways hat. He was obnoxious. More importantly, the food flat out sucked.

The falafel was nowhere near the quality that it was in its heyday when it could arguably be crowned the king of US falafel. It was loaded down with tahini and lettuce and the falafel balls did not have that grand crispness that they had.

The Shawarma used to be head and shoulders above whatever else you could find in the city, but that too has changed. They went to that big, oversized meat on the rotating spit - different than what they served for so many years. It was of poor quality - no 2 ways about that.

The lentil soup - tho still good, did not transcend. It was warm, not piping hot. In the past it was the perfect anecdote (2nd ave deli matzo ball soup the other) for a cold - it would literally heal the eater in one dose.

I ordered sweet tea from the bozo behind the register and he told me that the tea was unsweetened. I've been drinking this sweet tea since i was in shortpants, but this fool didn't know that.

Dreams get crushed in this boulevard of dreams known as NYC. Here is another faded star in our firmament.


Mar 06, 2007
fukhed in Manhattan

Need interesting/delicious lunch rec--nr W26th St

Greek Corner on 28th and 7th. Great home-made soups and a rotating cast of daily specials.


Jan 28, 2007
fukhed in Manhattan

the Danny Meyer hype

i was thinking today of danny meyer. he opens a restaurant and the world beats a path to his door.

now i don't know who still frequents the union square cafe or gramercy tavern, but i do not that mr. meyer has an indian outpost called TABLA.

TABLA is an indian restaurant on madison square park that serves BEEF. Yes, hound heads, they serve beef in the land of shiva.

Now correct me if i'm wrong, but have you been served BEEF in an indian restaurant?

from what i know, HINDU's do not eat beef, yet danny meyer chooses to interpret indian food w beef creations.

this is akin to eating jewish or muslim food and eating PORK - you simply do not do that.

so if meyer wants to do indian - how about serving the best damn lamb dish that ever was made if you must go red meat?

i for one will NOT eat at any danny meyer hyped establishment in lieu of this


Jan 23, 2007
fukhed in Manhattan

Shawarma & Falafel Question

MAMOUN's on MacDougal is in a class by itself. Falafel, Shawarma, Lentil Soup, Chicken Kabab - classic.

Jan 18, 2007
fukhed in Manhattan

Top Steak in NYC

Dear Hounds,

* - weak
**- average
*** - fine quality, recommended
**** - Luger's

I decided not to review Sparks as i have not eaten there in 3 odd years. Last i was there, my sense was that they increased the size of the room so much that quality suffered. I will make it my business to get back over there for a re-evaluation.

Keens is classic old school. I strongly recommend their roast beef hash and apple pandowdy in the pub. The Steak is good for sure, but i would caution against getting too attached. i had a one month run where i ate there at least 10 times and have not been back since. I'll give them (**) stars for the food and another * for the pipes on the ceiling and the pandowdy.

Regarding my beef with Gallaghers - i have no beef but don't think that their beef stacks up with the best in the city. You gaze in awe at that wonderful steak locker up front and the
care and effort they put into their dry aging -but the steak comes up short. as i posted earlier - their burger is perhaps the best in the city. To all the slavish mutts that can utter nothing but "Shake Shack, Shake Shack, Shake Shack" - go to W52nd, get the burger, and write me. By the way, if by chance you go to see a show at roseland, i stongly suggest drinking at G's beforehand. They'll give you a bowl of the finest housemade potato chips you'll find on this island. One final note, they've opened a Gallagher's in the American Airlines terminal at Newark Int. Airport (EWR) - what's that all about? How the flip can i cut into a sirloin with a plastic fork?

Old Homestead - a young fukhed was burned with a subpar meal here 15 or so years ago and he never forgot it. Their longevity is clearly a plus and they deserve another crack - i'll give 'em one soon, tho not in the AC (Borgata) location.... (rating suspended for now)

Frankie & Jonhnie's -how can 2 restaurants located a mere mile from one another offer such a different experience? The broadway location is an all-time classic that i do not frequent enough. Fine steak in perhaps the best steakhouse atmosphere in the city - upstairs, cramped, smokey (steak not cigs) - man i need to get back here in a hurry. On the other side of the ledger is their W37th st location - a dismal room both upstairs and down with food to match. Simply a losing affair that i'll tell you to avoid at all costs.
W45th/Broadway - (***)
W37th st - (*)
Rye & Hoboken - no opinion

keep eatin the red meat y'all.


Jan 04, 2007
fukhed in Manhattan

Benjamin Steak House or Wolfgangs?

Try Benjamin's - they are serving the best porterhouse in the city. The place is flying a bit under the radar now so the crowds are light and the service is excellent.

For a full run down on the best of NYC steak houses, see my post in the Steak House section of the NYC chowhound boards.


Jan 03, 2007
fukhed in Manhattan

Top Steak in NYC

Herewith is Fukhed's definitive NYC Steakhouse Guide:

* - weak
**- average
*** - fine quality, recommended
**** - Luger's

Benjamin's - another in a long line of Luger's off-shoots they're currently serving the best Porterhouse in Manhattan. Very tasty creamed spinach & well=done hash brown potato all Luger's quality. Located on E41st (park/mad). (***1/2)

Blair-Perrone on 2nd ave and about 47th-48th served a fine porterhouse and excellent bacon a few weeks ago. Impressive debut - will keep close tabs on this one. Another Luger's offshoot (***)

Morton's - do not go to this chain garbage while in NY - go next time you're in a mall in Minnesota. (*)

BLT Steak on E57th - one of the best steaks (Strip) i've had. fine atmosophere and very good tuna tartare. great hen of the woods mushrooms and potato sides are quality. (***)

BLT Prime on E22nd was a dissapointment, but perhaps it was just that i went on a busy saturday nite. (**)

Ben & Jacks on E44th - another luger off-shoot - good porterhouse - fatty bacon. interesting room. (**1/2)

Capital Grille E42nd - against my grain to give a chain a good ranking, but despite NOT serving prime beef, this place delivers a quality steak (try the kona rub strip), fresh fish, and across the board goodness. the steak sandy at lunch is a good gouging. Best service in NYC for those that give a spit. (**1/2)

Wolfgangs Park Ave - this german does it right. Luger's quality porterhouse and sides + gustivino tile ceiling, a nice touch. Lines are long at dinner. Strong player. Have not tried downtown yet. (***1/2)

Smith & Wollensky - since this is the original, i'll give them a pass on their ongoing expansion. still a fine NY steakhouse with a grand wine list. Ribeye is the best cut - served cajun style. The grill is a good option - but no cheaper. (***)

Gallagher's W52nd - if only the steak was as good as the vibe, decor, and general being of this NY institution. But why quibble - still a great time and a quality, if not stellar strip. I implore you to get the hamburger - perhaps the best in the city. (**1/2)

Strip House- Excellent. High marks from top to bottom. Steak (porterhouse or Strip), fish, salads, drinks, decor, goose fat potato, etc. A consistent player that has not lost the eye of the tiger. (***1/2)

Michael Jordan's Grand Central - this is not a sports bar, but a highly competent steak house owned by the same folks that own Strip House. Damn fine strip steak and sides - quality across the board in the most beautiful building in NYC. (***)

Pietros E43rd - a bit down on its heels and showing its age. apparently the next generation has not taken over. its a shame because this is old skool NYC. I have given up on the steak and now order Italian here. (*1/2 for the Steak - ** for the Italian).

Ruth's Chris - if this chain is still in NYC - avoid it like the plague - steak and everything else sucks. (ZERO Stars)

Del Frisco's - OK, so this Texas transplant can serve up quality, but for some reason, i always feel like i'm being hustled here. Super pricey and just too Texas for my liking. (**1/2)

Dylan Prime Tribeca - one of the best all-around steakhouses in the city - top notch food across the board - above average steak (***)

Palm West 50th - good for a business lunch if your directly in the neighborhood, do not go out of your way. (**)

Bobby Van's Park Ave 46th location - at one point, i believed that this was the best steahouse on the island - but over time, i've taken a more pessimistic view. They keep expanding - last count there were at least 3 of these in NYC, also - they are priced even beyond the most expensive of all steak houses - they've pushed the envelope on price -and i for one say NO.
Overall quality and consistency remains high. (***)

Craftsteak behind chelsea market - one of the biggest fraud's perpetrated on the NY steak fiend. they are ripping people off with this grass fed, corn fed, waygu several ways, etc nonesense. big money backers are gonna lose their dough. is this dump still open? none of that grand gritty taste that the best properly charred prime steak delivers. do not go and do not waste your hard earned money. you do not slow cook properly aged prime beef. (*)

i'll go deeper on the above and add more in the future.

- F'Hed

Dec 30, 2006
fukhed in Manhattan

Best Chicken Wings

Scruffy Duffy's on 8th ave in 40's are the best BUFFALO Wings in the city.

Blondies w79th are thin and not great.

Firehouse on Columbus Ave in the 80's are quality.

Dinosaur are real good - but not traditional buffalo style.

Virgil's are high quality grilled wings.



Dec 20, 2006
fukhed in Manhattan

El Quijote

El Q is a classic. The food could be good and at times, it could be mediocre, but a classic is a classic.

My beautiful wife loves the Chicken Villaroy. The Veal La Plancha is fine and the Lobster Daily Double is fantastic.

Go, drink the red sangria and enjoy the vibe.

Weekday lunch is a great call - the place is empty and they have some killing lunch specials - the potato omlete is fantastic.....

- love Fukhed

Dec 20, 2006
fukhed in Manhattan

Canton on Division St. in Chinatown closed

Does anyone know what happenned? Without doubt the single best chinese restaurant in America when it was opened.

Dec 17, 2006
fukhed in Manhattan

Top 5 Burgers

Gallaghers on w 52nd st serves the finest burger in Manhattan.

Dec 17, 2006
fukhed in Manhattan