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Regional Indian cuisine in Mississauga/Brampton (near airport)?

Would like to take an out-of-town guest for some regional Indian cuisine of the sort we're blessed with in the GTA suburbs: Andhra, Tamil, Keralite, Chettinad, Gujarati, Rajasthani, etc. (Would prefer to pass on the butter-chicken-and-mango-lassi menus you can find anywhere in North America)

We already have a Punjabi favourite (Punjabi Dhaba on Derry and Airport Rd) as a backup plan but would like to try something new. We're vegetarian but obviously that's not an issue at this type of place!

Will have a car so transit accessibility isn't an issue, but proximity to the airport is a bonus. Decor no issue either -- holes-in-the-wall welcome!

Thanks in advance!

???The Red Lion

Just received an email that the soft opening for the Blake House will be June 15 with a grand opening party June 23. Looking forward to see what it's like! They seem to have a great outdoor patio out front.

Best pizza in Toronto?

Another vote for Danforth Pizza House. Thanks for the recommendation. Best pizza I've had in the city, conveniently served up without any pretension.

Danforth Pizza
920 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L9, CA

Restaurants near Golden Groceries

Our usual hit in the area is Punjabi Dhaba at 2903 Derry Rd E (NW corner at Airport Rd). Decor is minimal and quality can vary from amazing to ok but they make some
home-style dishes I haven't seen on menus in Toronto. We typically get a stack of their muli and aloo paranthas to take home and freeze.

Did you try Sawgruhas? Would be interested to hear a report as we're planning to go this weekend.

A good Andhra style indian restaurant in Toronto and abouts

It's not quite Andhra, but Karaikudi Chettinad in Scarborough (1225 Kennedy, between Lawrence and Ellesmere does great spicy Chettinad cuisine and they serve non-veg, so it might satisfy at least some of your cravings for Andhra cuisine.

veg poutine in toronto

A little different from the usual but Duggan's Brewery (75 Victoria Street, between King and Queen, one block east of Yonge) has a curry poutine that is vegetarian. I've never had 'real' poutine to compare it to but it tasted good to me.


I love pupusas.

Tacos El Asador (690 Bloor Street West) near Christie is Salvadorian-run and has pretty good pupusas. I also like Pupusa Loka at 887 Wilson between Keele and Dufferin (menu online at --incidentally a great place to watch soccer, as it has a bit of a sports theme)

Guu is Guu(d) – review + pics

FYI for Vegetarians: our very diligent waitress last night confirmed that some menu items that might look vegetarian actually aren't:
* Tofu salad (mushrooms are prepared in fish sauce, but you can order it without them)
* Agedashi tofu (prepared in fish broth)
* Oden (uses fish broth)
* Kinoko cheese bibimbop (includes mushrooms prepared in fish sauce).

However, these are vegetarian:
* gomaae (delicious!)
* oshinko
* edamame
* most of the desserts

Bottom line for vegetarians: Guu has great atmosphere and a few interesting snack/dessert options to go with drinks but not really enough veg options to cobble together a meal.

Japanese-style rice burgers in GTA?

Notorious, thanks for the suggestion. Alas, Manpuku just confirmed by phone that they don't do rice burgers. Also tried Tokyo Grill on Yonge, no dice.

That pic looks like a rice burger from the Japanese chain MOS Burger, which has the best rice burgers I've ever tasted (as a vegetarian, my fave was the kinpira rice burger, made with rice patties, a layer of nori, and some kind of fried root vegetable: ). I think I heard that the proprietor of J-Grill had once run a MOS franchise somewhere in Japan. I believe it -- I miss those burgers.

Guess I'll keep looking.

Japanese-style rice burgers in GTA?

Anyone know where to find them?

J-Grill in Richmond Hill had them (mmmmmm) but since they closed I haven't found rice burgers anywhere. Thanks!

Makki di roti with saag (Punjabi) -- anywhere in GTA?

In case anyone is wondering, I finally found it: at Punjabi Dhaba, a terrific little authentic no-frills dhaba at 2903 Derry Rd E. in Mississauga (NW corner of intersection Airport Rd). Telephone 905-956-3442 / 647-400-329. Makki di roti and saag was perfect, ditto the pakoras.

Fave Ontario Beer

My #1 is definitely Denison's Weissbier, tragically unavailable at the Beer Store or LCBO (AFAIK -- would love to hear otherwise) but on tap at a lot of pubs in the city.

I've also been really impressed with the new Creemore Traditional Pilsner.

For Belgian-style (Quebec) beers, I don't think I'm alone in ranking Unibroue's lot on par with ones from the old country -- in fact their brewmasters trained and worked many years in Belgium before setting up Unibroue.

Any good vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Scarborough?

After reading this post, went to Lotus Pond for the first time this past weekend for dim sum -- ordered most of the items recommended below (plus the sesame balls dessert)this place is stellar. Even better than Graceful.

My only complaint is that while everything we ate was delicious almost all the items on the menu contained faux-meat gluten -- even more than at Graceful. Worth noting for the many vegetarians who are understandably turned off by food that "tastes like meat".

Chipotle in Toronto

Just talked to an employee the other day. Official opening will be August 15. August 14 from 11am on will be "free burrito day".

Jul 31, 2008
themself in Chains

J-Grill in Richmond Hill: closed? (no more rice burgers??)

Their phone number is out of service. Google gets me nothing. I haven't been out to their location to confirm since I don't live anywhere near it (Major Mac / Bayview) . Can anyone confirm if they've still around or if they've moved?

Failing that, does anyone else know anywhere I can find Japanese-style rice burgers (bun made of compressed rice, "patty" is fried veggies or meat)

Thanks in advance!

Makki di roti with saag (Punjabi) -- anywhere in GTA?

I'm looking for a Punjabi restaurant that serves makki di roti (roti made from corn flour) and its perfect companion saag (mustard greens -- not spinach).

Willing to travel anywhere in the GTA for a restaurant that gets it right. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

help! Toronto vs. Montreal

Having just moved from Montreal to Toronto a few months ago, there are some areas where I think Toronto clearly outshines Montreal:

1. South Indian -- either Saravan Bhavan in the suburbs or Udupi Palace on Gerrard? The closest Montreal comes to South Indian is a couple of boring lunch buffet places with a masala dosa on the menu. (North Indian is better here too for that matter)

2. Creative vegetarian/vegan -- either Fressen or Fresh. What does Montreal have to compare to that? Yuan? Commensal? ...there's nothing.

3. Japanese -- I love J-Grill in Richmond Hill. And I guarantee that no restaurant in Montreal does Japanese-style rice burgers (though I would be delighted to be proven wrong).

And do go to Kensington. It's completely diff scene from Jean-Talon: with all the little farmers and spceialty stands, J-T is more like St Lawrence, but way better (incidentally, can someone explain why the St Lawrence Market is closed on Sunday?! Or did I somehow get transported back to 1925 that time I wanted to buy cheese on a Sunday?)

Do-it-yourself coffee roasting

The difference you taste in Auckland coffee may owe as much to roasting as to the (indisputable) superiority of the NZ dairy industry: a flat white is 2/3 milk.

I wasn't bowled over by the quality of the coffee I had in NZ (I drink mine black.) But the milk and dairy in NZ was amazing. The milk had a natural slight sweety nuttiness to it that we don't seem to get here. Someone there told me it was because NZ cows are universally grass-fed, as apparently Canadian cows aren't.

Taiwanese restaurant serving cold sesame noodles (liang mien)?

After spending time in Taiwan I have a craving for cold sesame noodles (liang mien). I don't know that they're exclusively Taiwanese but they certainly were common and delicious there.

Any recommendations for a Taiwanese or Chinese restaurant in the GTA that serves them?

Thanks in advance.

Coffee roasters in Toronto?

New to the city, with a quality-caffeine addiction from years of JJBean in Vancouver and Toi,Moi&Café in Montreal (both thoroughly recommended, by the way: JJB for some of the best coffee and people-watching in Van and TMC for the best coffee and desserts in Mtl).

A search of the archives here turned up a 2005 thread that recommended Ideal Coffee, Balzac's in the Distillery district, and a couple stalls in the St Lawrence(?) market. Any comments on the roasted coffee beans from those shops, or any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

Luciano's -Review (long)

Luciano's has a nice cozy atmosphere, and it's BYOB. The father/waiter... is a character. I didn't think anything of him but my companion found him creepy. A B&B owner in the area I know stopped recommending Luciano to guests because so many of them were put off by him.

I liked the atmosphere but was unimpressed by the food. The garlic bread was fine. The pasta was definitely overcooked and the sauce pretty unexceptional. They also messed up our order. Prices were on par with Eduardo's in the Plateau, but the quality of the food definitely was not. On the other hand, it's nicely decorated and it has a very cozy atmosphere.

visiting montreal, byob?

I think the small Italian place you mean is Eduardo's. It's good.

Best Coffee in Montreal?

Frankly, if Vancouver is your point of reference, Montreal will be a disappointment. Art Java's solid, Olimpico's ok (a bit like Calabria on Commercial Drive in Van), but unfortunately nothing here is really on par with Artigano or JJ Bean.
Best beans I've found have been at Cafe Union on Jean-Talon. Toi, Moi et Cafe had ok beans, Aux quatre vents did not.

Indian food

For spices etc I like the Jean-Talon Bazar on Jean-Talon West about halfway between Parc and L'Acadie. If they don't have what you're looking for, there are a couple more shops on that strip.

Pushap is solid. The first two times I ate at Tabaq (Pakistani, also on Jean-Talon, across the street from Cafe Union), both weekend lunch times, it was excellent. But recently I went back on a weekend night and it was mediocre.