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Best Sandwiches in Boston Area

I haven't been everywhere, but my top three places are:

Best Overall: All-Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square. The sandwiches are fantastic, the side dishes are tasty and affordable, and the new ownership is friendly and ambitious.

Best Deal: Harvest Co-Op Deli Counter in Central Square. It depends to some extent on who waits on you, but I don't know of another place where you can get a quality, good-sized sandwich for $5 ($6 for meats).

Cheap and Best: New Saigon Sandwich in Chinatown. Tasty but airy sandwiches for $3. Add an exotic shake for another $2.50.

Am I missing out on anything better?

Party Favor cupcakes

I tried a chocolate cupcake at Sweet two weeks ago and was not at all impressed. The cupcake itself was so dry that it adhered to the paper lining, and the frosting had very little flavor. For the price of a single Sweet cupcake, I could get a dozen of similar or better quality at a local supermarket.

Mediocre Meal at Pho Pasteur

I know that Pho Pasteur in Chinatown is generally held in high regard and I've had a number of good meals myself there in the past. I had a bad experience there last week, though, and am curious to know if it was just an aberration or is part of a larger pattern.

I hadn't been there since they remodeled and the first thing I noticed was that the prices went up. Pho Pasteur used to be one of the very few places in town where you could get a good quality meal at below market price, which I'm assuming was a big part of its appeal. Now that its prices are on par with other similarly situated restaurants, I'm curious to see it continue to pull in the crowds.

My friend and I ordered the same dish, tofu with tomatoes and pineapple. Both dishes arrived without the pineapple, leaving us with a steaming heap of tofu and unripe tomato chunks swimming in admittedly tasty sauce. After hastily dropping our dishes on the table, our waitress completely vanished and we felt we were left without recourse to complain about the lack of pineapple.

Lastly, when we were finally able to get the check and put down money, no one brought us back the change. Since we were only waiting on a relatively small amount, we left without pursuing it.

Based on this experience (average prices, mediocre food, inadequate service), I'm reluctant to return to Pho unless others are still singing its praises.

Best Indian

For my money Indian Pavilion in Central is the best place for value. It's one of the few restaurants that gives the "complete dinner" option where you can get soup, the entree, tea/coffee, and desert for an extra couple dollars.

Buying Ghee Around Brookline/Allston

You can find ghee at Shalimar, an Indian grocery store on Mass. Ave. in Central Square. I'm not sure about the Brookline/Allston area.

Best Affordable Restaurants in Central Square?

Thanks to all for the suggestions.

I had forgotten to mention River Gods as a good place, perhaps because the kitchen can be so slow (I was told they have only 1 cook).

I'll definitely check out Central Kitchen if I have any money left after buying presents.

Best Affordable Restaurants in Central Square?

I have only been out to eat a few times in Central Square and am looking for some "affordable" (under $20 for entree and beverage) restaurant recommendations.

The places that I know are good are Pepper Sky, Cafe Baraka, and Indian Pavilion.

What else am I missing?