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Need to buy some live lobsters. Where?

If you can wait until this Sunday, you can get live local lobster at the Hollywood farmers market. Go early though as they do sell out. Enjoy!

Feb 04, 2010
ligorner in Los Angeles Area

Roast Suckling Pig Recipe

I'm looking to Roast a suckling pig this upcoming weekend. Since it will be my first, I'm hoping to get some recipe suggestions. I'm open to anything and can organize the rest of the meal around the style/flavors of the Pig. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.


Feb 25, 2007
ligorner in Home Cooking

Fresh scallops still in the shell?

International Marine Products has them when in season, which I believe is now.

Feb 06, 2007
ligorner in Los Angeles Area

A New (?) Tip for No-Knead Bread

One suggestion for preventing the dough from sticking to the towel would be using semolina flour instead of white or wheat flour, to coat the towel with. It has a denser structure closer to cornmeal, but wont ruin the crust by stickng to the top of the dough like white flour can.

Good luck.

Dec 16, 2006
ligorner in Home Cooking

Dungeness Crab!! Recommendations on where to buy??

There is a great supermarket on Western, 1/2 block south of Beverly Blvd which wells Live Dungenous Crab. Becareful when you you get them home. They are very aggressive and will draw blood if you don't have long sturdy tongs...

Dec 16, 2006
ligorner in Los Angeles Area

MOZZA - Top Restaurant in LA??

Mozza is really good, but not the best restaurant in L.A. Being from NY, it nice to be able to have a decent pizza here, but there are still some kinks which need to be worked out. A bit more tomato sauce with a tangier taste would help with the margarita. Perhaps a bit more time for fine tuning and then it should be considered...

Dec 16, 2006
ligorner in Los Angeles Area