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Bubby's Jewish Deli in Gloucester County

I grew up in Essex County and for Jewish deli we went to Eppes Essen in Livingston and Town Hall Deli in South Orange. I moved to California years ago, but I visit members of my family back in Jersey regularly. Some of them now live in Gloucester County. Outside of the 4th St. Deli in Philly, the only good pastrami on rye to be found around here was in Cherry Hill, Camden least up until about four months ago; and that brings me to Bubby's Jewish Deli in Gloucester County. They are located at 475 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd in Sewell, New Jersey (856-589-4400) in a nondescript strip mall and are worth seeking out. The pastrami is the type that's coated with black pepper and they steam it to perfection with minimal fat and maximum juiciness -- you don't need teeth.
It's a family establishment with dad as CFO, mom's recipes and son Gaetano as general manager/head chef. First impressions are so important and this place is a gem. A warm, inviting and clean interior, friendly service and above all, delicious food makes this a stand-out destination. You can get it to go, but this is the kind of food you'll want to eat right away. There are two dining areas; one with regular tables and chairs and a second in back with counter height tables and bar stools.
They have it all: corned beef, brisket, pastrami, chopped liver, tongue, potato knishes, matzo ball soup and Dr. Browns sodas. The sandwiches come with freshly fried potato chips which were awesome. There's a pickle bar with a variety of pickled cucumbers and tomatoes which were cold and crisp. But the cheese's specialty. That is a must. Heaven on a fork. Oy!

Jul 12, 2011
Poppy Chulo in New Jersey

Burger in Eagle Rock?

I'm only answering this old post because of all the mentions of the Bucket. First - it had it's last best days when Darryl Allatore owned it (yes, the son of the former councilman) and second - and more importantly - if you're looking for a great burger and fries in Eagle Rock, there are none better than those at the Oinkster. PERIOD.

Otherwise, you'll have to drive to Pasadena, the Valley (S.Fernando) or L.A. This site lists many great joints, so I won't repeat them here.

Oct 12, 2007
Poppy Chulo in Los Angeles Area

Another thumbs down on Oinkster and why...

SueBee - you are one the very few posters I have read that "gets" what the Oinkster is all about. Regardless of the kinks that need to worked out, the concept is unique, the quality of the ingredients is top shelf and the skill of the chef is undeniable.
Expecting a staff of new recruits to perform immediately at Andre's level is unrealistic, yet given time and experience, I think it is fair to say that the Oinkster is destined to become recognized as a great place to get a quality meal; in Eagle Rock and hopefully...beyond.

Dec 16, 2006
Poppy Chulo in Los Angeles Area