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Miami Markets: produce, fish, bakery?

Updated query, due to last minute changes (the house we rented is now suddenly unavailable) we've moved north to Lauderdale by the Sea. Same questions? Best seafood, fruit and meat markets? Thank you!

Miami Markets: produce, fish, bakery?

Thank you all! Unfortunately we arrive Saturday afternoon so I'll miss the farm markets but the Fruiteria looks perfect. My husband, the meat eater, is thrilled with the Proper Sausage recommendation. He read that it can be challenging to find local seafood, do you think we'd have that problem at Captain Jim's? Any thoughts on CasaBlanca or Garcia's?

While I didn't originally ask for pasta suggestions, I am thrilled to have them, thank you. Any other places you think we must try? Thank you!

Miami Markets: produce, fish, bakery?

We're traveling to Miami in a few weeks, staying near North Beach, and renting a house with friends. I am really looking forward to cooking but am having trouble identifying the best places to shop. I'm happy to drive a bit for good ingredients. I'd love to find a great farmer's market, produce market, fishmonger, butcher and bakery. Thanks for any suggestions!

Staying in Omaha , Day trip to Kansas City

If you're going to be on the Plaza you are going to be inundated with chain restaurants. One wonderful exception, the Plaza III, a truly great example of an old KC steakhouse. I'd stop in for a drink and a bite before heading back.

May 22, 2013
langburns in Great Plains

Best Seafood/Crab for an East Coaster

If you haven't yet made your decison, you might want to look at Glenn's Diner on Montrose. As I understand, Glenn used to run (or manage or something) Davis Street in Evanston. It's a wonderful neighborhood restaurant, excellent seafood, choices are from chalkboards so things change but they seem to always have crab legs (I think they might do a crab special, you might check). It used to be BYO but they now serve liquor, with a small wine list, I'm sure you can bring your own if you'd like. Prices are very good and the food is wonderful, very fresh. I actually think Glenn's has an east coast seafood feel to it, it's very cozy. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Feb 13, 2007
langburns in Chicago Area

Casual Mexican on the Northside?

Riques is wonderful but if you feel like a very easy take out meal, try Mr. Salsa on Montrose, just west of Broadway. Amazingly inexpensive and very good. I think they also deliver which, as I look out my window, might be the way to go. El Mariachi on Broadway delivers, also quite good.

Feb 13, 2007
langburns in Chicago Area

Mexican near Park Central?

We are visiting Dallas this weekend, to see my grandmother, and are staying at the Westin Park Central. I'd like to find a good Mexican (or Tex Mex) in the area, something close as she is getting older (95!) and doesn't like to go too far. I'm also interested in suggestions en route to the hotel from the airport (DFW) as we get in Friday night and must feed the family. We've got two year old twins, not to limit the choices, they are wonderful eaters, but we can't stray too far off the path as they do need sleep! Thanks so much!

Feb 13, 2007
langburns in Texas


Thanks, we are very flexible but like to try local places, we have all the variety in the world in Chicago, we'd like to find places that are unique to the area, and no, not Cracker Barrell. That seems to be all we see as we drive along I80. The girls eat anything so they are not a restriction at all. Thanks for your help!

Kansas City

BBQ-Bryant no question
pizza-Da Bronx but i like Waldo too
fried chicken-Stroud's is classic (sad they lost the Troost location) but Peachtree is really good
Italian-Carmen's but Il Centro is probably my favorite resturant in town
Burger-try the Lew burger at Lew's in Waldo
Shakes-Otto's was the best but it is no longer there...Winsted's for burgers, fries, rings, and shakes
Chinese-Princess Garden on Wornall
Thai-Thai Place...they have a few location's now
Greek-Tasso's and it is fun

anything on 39th

Dec 15, 2006
langburns in Great Plains


My husband and I, along with our twin two year olds, are driving from Chicago to Kansas City for Christmas, staying overnight in Iowa City. Can anyone reccomend places to eat along the way, we cannot eat at another Cracker Barrell, please help!!!