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Wegmans Wine, Beer & Liquor - Ocean, NJ [Now Open]

Hi JessKidden. I live in the heart of Wegmans-land, so I'm familiar with why the ID checking policy changed some time ago.

A few years back, an underage kid bought alcohol at Wegmans and then ended up in an accident resulting in his death. His family sued Wegmans for having sold alcohol to someone legally unfit. I seem to recall the cashier was young, so may not have been an expert at judging age of people near 21 years old.

A good lawyer could build a compelling legal case against Wegmans for negligence -- not taking appropriate and reasonable due care that a person would ordinarily be expected to do. In addition, such situations results in negative PR which can be damaging to a company that works hard at building up its reputation and brand. Not to mention risking issues with local liquor-licensing boards. Finally, if they carded everybody regardless of age, it takes a lot of the uncertainty off the shoulders of a younger cashier.

So long story made short, Wegmans now cards everybody and has done so for some time now. At least, they do at the store where I shop, just a few miles from the corporate HQ. I look (and am) much older than 21 but still am carded and have no issues with it, especially considering the very real human tragedy that led to this, no matter who was at fault in that incident.

And, no, I don't work for Wegmans. :-) I'm a transplant and not born/raised in the area, but am a long-time very satisfied customer of theirs for the last 18 years.

(P.S. For those not from the area: If you ever fly into Rochester, NY... when exiting the airport, take a left and drive a couple hundred feet. Wegmans corporate HQ is literally right past a railroad bridge that you pass underneath.)

Dec 04, 2010
fewdDilettante in New Jersey

Great Khan Mongolian Grill questions

Follow-up: my sister, her Canadian husband of Chinese descent and a great guy, and I went there (the Steeles Ave location) yesterday for lunch. We loved it! Brother in law noticed they used bamboo sticks for 'grill management' unlike the metal sticks he had seen in the U.S. He thought this was a very nice touch.

I didn't have a chance to sample a lot because there were simply so many, but quite a few dishes looked good. Definitely returning for a third time in the future. They also agreed it merited future visits. The shaved ice was a big hit, too!

Heh... the very full lunch helped tide me over while waiting two hours to cross the border back into the U.S. :-) (It's usually a 15 min crossing at most, for the Queenston/Lewiston crossing. Must be the holiday traffic or something, this time.)

Great Khan Mongolian Grill questions

Great information, all; thank you very much!

Great Khan Mongolian Grill questions

I've eaten at this place in Markham, adjacent to Pacific Mall, a few years ago. Much enjoyed it! The only other mongolian grill place I thought was comparable was the BD's Mongolian Grill franchise in the U.S. BD's great but not as a strong focus on Chinese or Asian food as GK's is.

Anyway... I'm thinking about stopping by next week with family this time. I can't remember if the buffet is a separate charge from the mongolian grill?

How's the rice there? I don't remember the last visit real well.

I just found out that GK has a sister franchisee not too far from Eglington, Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill. How does that place compare to Great Khan?

When we're finished eating and ready for the cheque, should we wait for them to proffer it or should we ask for it? I don't recall the cultural nuances involved here.

(I've been to various places in Europe and elsewhere where it was the norm to explicitly ask for it. In the U.S., it's usually offered without asking. Less sure about Asian cultural dining norms.)


Gastronomically yours,

-fewdDilettante :-)