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Lunch near Paramus

We're looking for a place to take a group of family and friends (up to 20) for lunch or brunch at about noon on a Sunday. Moderately priced, decent food, of course. Need a place where we can have a semi-private or private area, we don't want to be at one long table in a busy dining room. Figure near Paramus Park Mall or 5 mile radius. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

College kid friendly in Baton Rouge

My nephew is starting at LSU in a few weeks and I'd like to give him a gift card for eating out in Baton Rouge. Looking for casual, good food near LSU campus. Anything from a burger joint to great regional food. Any ideas?

Jul 18, 2009
Raokay in Central South

Fish for making gefilte

Anyone know of a great fishmonger that carries the proper fresh white fish (pike, carp, etc) for making gefilte fish? Thanks...

Smoke free Recs Needed - Baltimore

RUB on Light Street (corner of Wells St.) in Federal Hill.

Crabcakes to take on plane?

G and M Restaurant in Linthicum packs crabcakes for shipping. My frined recently had some packed and took them with her to San Francisco. They kept perfectly safe and fresh for the trip.

New Mexican in Federal Hill

I passed by the Light Street location of the former Beef Bowl She Made and found that the rumored Mexican place had just opened Monday afternoon. It's called Elvis', which is the same name and same owner of the roast beef place at the same location about a year ago.
Elvis' gets a big thumbs up for service, flavor and value. I had the pork papusa ($1.50) which was delicious, but a bit greasy, and the Bean and Rice Burrito ($5.50) which was huge and really hit the spot.
This is a nice addition to the neighborhood and one that deserves to succeed.

Current Favorite Dish/Item for Less Than $10

Great post... great suggestions. I'm heading for a few weeks of great cheap eats.
My vote goes to any burrito from Burrito Brothers (my fave is the Super Bean and Rice with extra hot sauce!)

Been to Wine Market or Corks Lately?

I've been to Wine Market many times and enjoy the food, wine, service, atmosphre and convenience. It's a wonderful neighborhood resource. Only once, on my most recent visit, did I leave disappointed and hungry. I ordered a Seafood Chopped Salad for lunch. The salad was bland, the seafood was almost non-existant and the portion was relatively small. If it were my first visit to Wine Market it would have left me with a poor first impression and I'd be unlikely to return. As it is, I will be very careful about ordering a salad at the Wine Market in the future.

Wings in Federal Hill / Locust Point

I haven't found great wings at a great price (especially not all-you-can-eat) in the neighborhod, but there are lots of good places, some with daily specials such as 25 cent wing night. It's trial and error, according to your taste. The above poster is probably referring to Bruno's, which regularly advertised 30 wings for $9.99, but they closed about a year ago. Two of my recent favorites are from Hilltop Carryont on Fort and Jackson, and Key Pit Stop on Lawrence just off Key Highway and Fort Ave. Beware of several of the bars which will charge extra for celery and bleu cheese. That's a deal-breaker for me.

Schwarma in Balto?

Alladin's is now called Key Pit Stop. They still serve a limited Middle Eastern menu, but it is no longer the focus. I haven't been there since the change several months ago... thay now also feature pit beef, cheesesteaks, etc. I don't know whether the ownership has changed or not.

Breakfast between BWI & Baltimore

Burke's has good, huge, homemade onion rings. Perfect with a beer.

Baltimore, trapped in Inner Harbor, HELP!?

The Bicycle on LIght St.
The IH is a great place to be "stuck" for a couple of days... don't be afraid to seek out some of the great food at non-expense account prices, too. Federal Hill, Fells Point and Little Italy are all walkable.

sharing/seating charges in a restaurant

I agree with Jfood on all accounts: goodwill will create more business than any other business plan. Having been in the resto business for a long time, I've always been happy to know that very close to 100% of the customers who walk in the door will make a purchase. What other retailer can say that? Think of the occasions where a customer will shop in a store and take up a salespersons time, sample the product (try on clothes, test drive a car, etc) and never make a purchase at all. These are different business models, I know, but it makes me appreciate restaurant customers ever more.

Feb 28, 2007
Raokay in Not About Food

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers -- Eh

I haven't been to Urban Burger yet, but would be willing to try it when in the area. I would expect them to be review-ready after six weeks. This is, as you say, "a step above fast food" and a "neighborhood burger joint", how much time do they need to get their act together? Although I agree that a restaurant should be given some time to work out the kinks, I feel that as long as they are charging regular prices, they deserve a regular review.

Federal Hill/SoBo breakfast?

Rallo's on Fort Ave, Metropolitan Coffee and Wine Bar on Charles, Sam's Bagels on LIght and Spoons Coffee on Cross Street.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Fennel in Baltimore?

Try the fresh produce guys at Cross Street Market. Great selection... though you may have to ask for it because not everything is on display.

Penzey's in Rockville

Penzey's website notes two new stores opening in the D.C. area in the spring, one in Rockville, MD at 1048 Rockville Pike and one in Falls Church, VA at 513 Broad.

Lunch in Old Town?

I just had lunch at Eamonn's A Dublin Chippery in my quest to find great fish 'n chips in DC/Baltimore areas. Try it... you'll like it. 728 King St.

Baked Stuffed Peppers

Looking for classic recipes and new variations. I know the possibilities are endless, so please help me satisfy my comfort cravings.

Feb 17, 2007
Raokay in Home Cooking

What to do with unwanted restaurant gift certificates?

Not a direct reply to the OP, but I once had purchased a $100 gift cert. to a local restaurant at a charity silent auction (I think I spent $80). Time flew by and suddenly I realized that I couldn't use the gc before the expiration date due to previous commitments. On the last night that the gc was still valid, I drove by the restaurant and called out to a group of students(?)/young adults, explained the situation and gave it to them. I didn't stick around long enough for them to react but I hope they had a great time. I felt great for having performed a random act of kindness and feel my money was spent well twice. The mentor idea would have been great if I had the time.

A friend also had a gc she was unable to use before it expired. She simply called the restaurant and they were happy to extend the gc for another six months. It pays to ask.

Feb 16, 2007
Raokay in Not About Food

Fish 'n Chips in Baltimore ?

Went to Mick's today on Rawdog's suggestion and was very pleased (wish I could make it there on a Saturday when it is on special for $6!). Thanks.
I'm working my way through all your suggestions, so please keep them coming...


Squirt is a brand of Cadbury Schweppes and is said to be available in the US, but I don't know where. The CS website lists contact information out of their beverage HQ in Plano, TX. Perhaps they can steer you in the right direction.
You may want to try TING as an alternative. TING is a grapefruit soda made in Jamaica and it is available in many US beverage outlets and Jamaican restaurants. It's pretty good.

Fish 'n Chips in Baltimore ?

A current thread about "downscale" seafood in DC brings to mind my search for great fish and chips in Baltimore. Along with your suggestions, could you include your thoughts on what it takes to be good (type of fish, batter, oil, potatoes, even presentation). There are a lot of great Bmore joints that serve this (and probably do a great job) but I don't have the time to test them all! TIA, Hounds...

Student Film Needs CHEAP Catering

Inquire at ... they may be able to help.

Where do you do your grocery shopping in Baltimore??

Where/what is Springfield Farms?
As far as supermarkets go, I like SFW best for it's convenience and prices... and you don't have to use a "club card". Otherwise I try to get to the farmer's markets, Cross St. Market, Trinacria, H Mart. Trader Joe's is a special trip every six weeks or so. I'd go to TJ's and Wegman's more often if they were closer to Fed Hill.


I'm ready to make my own... but where to start? Have been using the boxed stuff (Wolf's), which is good, but I'll bet some hounds out there can help me kick it up a notch. So, what grain(s) do I use? Preparation? Technique? Accompaniments? Thanks for your ideas...

Feb 08, 2007
Raokay in Home Cooking

Favorite Grocery Shopping in Baltimore?

Following up on the similar post about DC grocery shopping... Where do you do your grocery shopping in Baltimore? I'm lucky enough to live near Cross Street Market (best market in the city, isn't it?) and I'm always willing to travel to search out a special product or bargain. I go to Han Au Rhem in Catonsville about once a month, Trinacria frequently. Would love a TJ's closer to my side of town! How about you?

Best Chicken Box in Baltimore? (yeah, classic baltimore eats)

It seems that people eat chicken in a box almost everywhere, but only in Baltimore is it called a "chicken box".

Another popular Baltimore food item is the "chicken box". A chicken box is an inexpensive meal consisting of 4 or 5 fried chicken pieces served in a fast food carry out box with some kind of starch as a side (e.g. mashed potatoes, fries, rice, but usually biscuits). The item is chiefly sold at independent fried chicken shops and delis in the city. Chicken boxes are usually enjoyed with "Half and Half", a drink combining iced tea and lemonade — referred to elsewhere in the U.S. as an "Arnold Palmer".

Real Butchers in Baltimore

JW Treuth & Sons
328 Oella Avenue
Catonsville, MD 21228

Food delivery in B-More?

I'll second that rec... Dinner at Your Door may be just the right thing for you. If you prefer traditional Jewish deli, try Attman's For good bbq (great brisket!) try RUB And for good traditional Italian breads, pastries, cakes and cookies try Piedigrotta Not sure is Piedigrotta would deliver but they're located next to Dinner at your Door in the Cross Steet Market.