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Best Indian in Toronto - where is it?

I have to second, third, fourth and fifth Lahore Tikka House. I am an avid Indian food eater and my one time eating at Lahore is up there with the best ever!

Mar 22, 2008
GilTO in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Cottage cheese

I eat Dairyland cottage cheese out of the tub. It is, in my opinion, fantastic, but as others have noted, the curds-in-liquid style.

I can't even stomach Nordica or any other goo brand, but make a weekly trip to Shopper's for my Dairyland 2%. Love it!

May 06, 2007
GilTO in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pacific Mall- what do you eat there?

I have never been to the restaurant, but whenever in the area I always stop at Pacific Mall to grab a meal at the food court. My usual is the spicy peanut wonton in the stall in the far right corner and another random dish. The food is always tasty and extremely cheap!

I will try the BBQ Pork and would love to hear some other standout dishes to try...

May 06, 2007
GilTO in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Battle of the Bagels - Taste-Off in Montreal Gazette

I may have to visit Montreal now just to discover these bagels.

I have only recently discovered Bagel House after years of St. Urbain. I cannot get enough of Bagel House. Their choice of cream cheeses and sandwich options combined with the taste and choice in bagels (onion is my favourite) is just spectacular each time!

Dec 15, 2006
GilTO in Ontario (inc. Toronto)