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Da Bears in Orange County

Chronic Cantina in Costa Mesa (Triangle Square)

Fox Sports in Irvine (Irvine Spectrum)

Rudy's in Newport Beach (pennisula)

Corner Office in Costa Mesa (projection screens, which aren't fabulous, but there are a million of them and the place is pretty big)

Classic Q's in Newport Beach (close to John Wayne Airport)

60th Birthday Luncheon for 25 peeps.. in OC

Il Fornaio in Irvine

The Cannery in Newport Beach

Marco Polo in Newport Beach

Duke's in Huntington Beach

Muldoon's in Newport Beach (it is a bar, but they have a nice Atrium and good food)

Orange County Restaurant With Live Music

Blue Beet in Newport Beach (on the pennisula) has live jazz.

Also, La Cave in Newport.

Marco Polo in Newport Beach

Any CHer's tried this place? After attending a party catered by them, stopped in for dinner. Very impressed. Great lasagna and pizza. My DC had rack of lamb and loved it. Fabulous prices on wine also.

Your Favorite Chain Burger

Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carls Jr.

Jan 14, 2007
bahamafoodfiend in Chains

Chains you're tired of making excuses for?

1. El Torito Grill
2. Round Table Pizza
3. Yardhouse
4. Finbar's
5. Carl's Jr. (Western Bacon Cheeseburger)

Jan 14, 2007
bahamafoodfiend in Chains

Seville Oranges (or substitute)??

I was in Seville yesterday!! Kept making jokes about leaving Orange County and coming to Orange World.

Wish I could have brought some back for you!

Good Eats for College Students in Irvine?

On the corner of MacArthur and Bison (right off the 73) at the Bluffs shopping center, you have a couple good choices.

Pei Wei - opened by PF Changs son, basically the same food but cheaper and a more casual environment

Panera - good sandwiches and salads, a little pricey for what you get, but overall it's ok

Wasa Sushi - Haven't been, but heard it's good

Baja Fresh - good, cheap, healthy Cal-Mex fast food

There is also and Islands, Carls Jr., Pasta Bravo, Daphne's and Quiznos

Just beware going during the lunch rush, practically impossible to get a parking spot.

Also my favorite pizza, Round Table, is right there on Jamboree.

If you go south on MacArthur, turn left (south) onto PCH and right on the corner (facing the gas station) is Bamboo Terrace, very good!!!

del taco - is it any good?

I moved from SoCal this past year and I miss my Tacos del Carbon from Del. Sooo good, cheap and pretty healthy as far as fast food tacos go. It will be one of my first stops when I'm home next week for Christmas (I live on a tiny island with no fast food to speak of, funny the things you end up missing).

I love the burgers too, definitely worth a try!

Dec 16, 2006
bahamafoodfiend in Chains

Ultimate OC Restaurants 2006

1. The Bungalow
2. Javier's
3. The Melting Pot
4. Chat Noir
5. Felix's Cafe (Cuban)

Jar-like dining in OC?

You might enjoy The Melting Pot in Irvine. The atmosphere is great, the booths are very high so you have privacy and the food is excellent.