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Perfect Chili Dogs

I truly love a good hotdog. Chili dogs, even more. I won’t begin to discuss which is the best chili (I like mine with a bit of masa) – because that’d be like talking about which is the best religion … we all have opinions on the subject, but polite folk don’t go there … However, regarding the dog itself, the best comment I’ve heard that I agree with is the dog should bite back … i.e. it must have a an intact natural casing that bursts when you bite into it. (Easy when steamed - difficult if grilled.) Re mustard, I prefer deli-style. IMHO, we lost a great doghouse last year, which was The Weiner Factory, in Van Nuys. Snicker at the name if you will, but it was a noble pup.

Aug 22, 2008
pgarey in General Topics

Attention LA old-timers... Is it Paul's Kitchen I'm thinking of? (divey Chinese)

Like you, I have memories of great, though probably non-authentic Chinese food at several questionable-looking places off of 9th and San Pedro. Chief among them was Man Fook Low - the first place I experiences Chinese mustard ... sometime in the 1950's. They also server leychee nut duck and fresh tomato beef. It happens that Paul was the chef at Man Fook Low who decided it was time to go out on his own ... and he did. Hence: Paul's Kitchen. I hope that helps.

Jul 21, 2008
pgarey in Los Angeles Area

Uncle Andre's BBQ review & photo

I like SW very much. And - as for Andre's ... that's a big "Faux Q !" OK, terrible pun ... but, Andre's is not BBQ ... it's better 'n average grilled meat.

Jan 25, 2008
pgarey in Los Angeles Area

Casual restaurants in Woodland Hills vicinity

I live in WH, too. I second vote for Baker and Grandpa Fred's. Both are family-run businesses with good quality food. Also recently opened is California Chicken Cafe, at the corner of Shoup and Ventura Bl. They do excellent rotisserie chicken; and their sides are good - especially the roasted potatoes and their asian slaw. Very good value and quality. A very utilitarian place ... don't expect cloth napkins. (Closed Sun).

Jan 25, 2008
pgarey in Los Angeles Area

Mijares in Pasadena

I would choose El Cholo over Mijares ... much better margaritas and very good carnitas.

Dec 18, 2006
pgarey in Los Angeles Area

Trying to find - Warm Apple Crisp - or similar dessert - around Arcadia

For peach cobbler, I recommend "Big Mama’s Rib Shack" on north Lake, in Pasadena. It's just a bit further than you'd asked for, but it's the best peach cobbler I can recall having ever eaten. Rich fruit / flakey crust / generous portion / modest price.

Dec 15, 2006
pgarey in Los Angeles Area