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Great Cuban in Orlando

Did anyone try Havana's Cafe in Lake Buena Vista?

If you are visiting Orlando try Havana's Cafe. The food is quite tasty and authentic, big portions and reasonably priced. They are opened for lunch and dinner. Location: Vista Centre Shops-8544 Palm Parkway, Lake Buena Vista Phone (407) 238-5333

Very closely located to Downtown Disney and all of the Disney Parks.

Dec 28, 2007
claudia008 in Florida

Best Cuban in Orlando - Where is Bob Mervine

Has anyone tried Havana's Cafe located at the Vista Centre Shop in Lake Buena Vista?
I took my kids to Disney and ate there one night, the food was fantastic, authentic and reasonably priced. Address is 8544 Palm Parkway Lake Buena Vista. The restaurant is located 5 minutes from Downtown Disney. We ordered like five different meals everything was tasty.

Dec 28, 2007
claudia008 in Florida

New Cuban in Cary

Has anyone tried the new Cuban eatery called Havana Grill on Chatham? If so, please tell us your opinion.

Any Good Pizza Parlor in Cary?

Suzy Q, try Tony's in Raleigh off Glenwood Ave.We order a large pie, slices are super big, my kids are pretty picky when it comes to pizza, it's the only pizza they like around here. Most Saturdays we drive about 30 minutes and head over to Tony's. I haven't been disappointed yet.

Spanish Food Cookbook

Check out they have many cookbooks from Spain. All of the products are imported from Spain as well as Paella kits (paella pans and ingredients w/recipe to make your own) imported spanish chorizo, paprika and tapas gift baskets.

Jan 28, 2007
claudia008 in Home Cooking

Any Good Pizza Parlor in Cary?

no connection, is new, clean, slices are cheap... Next time I am in Raleigh I will try Pizza Italia,then I can compare the two.

Any good bakeries or delis in the triangle you can recommend?

Any Good Pizza Parlor in Cary?

Rockycat if you're in Raleigh off Glenwood Ave try Tony's Pizza. The slices are big just like in Brooklyn or Manhattan. This is the closest pizza I found around here that resembles NY style.

Tony's also makes really good spinach calzones

Any Good Pizza Parlor in Cary?

Tom try Tony's Pizza in Raleigh off Glenwood Ave, the slices are big and it's really NY Style pizza.

They also make really good spinach calzones. I live in Cary but I like this pizzeria the best.

Any Good Pizza Parlor in Cary?

Can anyone recommend any NY style pizzerias in the Cary area? Any decent pizza around?

Best Italian Gelato in Cary North Carolina

It's located in that same strip next to Panera and a hair salon called Gemelli.

They opened on Wednesday. The staff encourages free samples before ordering.

Hope you like it.

Best Italian Gelato in Cary North Carolina

For the ultimate Gelato experience try Henry's Gelato in Cary at the intersection of Cary Parkway and James Jackson Rd. in Preston Walk.
The gelato is fantastic, the lemon and chocolate are to die for. Some of the unique flavors they make are cantaloupe and pink grapefruit and some traditional flavors Bacio (chocolate/hazelnut), tiramisu and espreso.Try it the staff is extremely friendly and best of all they give free samples.

Any good Latino, Cuban or Spanish food in the Triangle?

Most spanish/Latino products can be purchased at the Super Compare Supermarket in Durham. The chain supermarket is from NY and they carry many Latino products as well as tropical fruits and vegetables, including yuca, plantains,mangoes etc. They carry many spanish spices to make delicious spanish food.

I have shopped there a few times. They run weekly specials and their prices are pretty decent.

What are some of the best Italian Restaurants in the Triangle area?

In Cary, there is a very good italian buffet (weekdays/lunchtime). It's called Mama Mia. The owner is from Italy. One can sample many pasta dishes and salads at once.

The food is very tasty and reasonably priced.The staff is quite friendly.

What are some of the best Italian Restaurants in the Triangle area?

Looking for authentic Italian in the triangle, any restaurants worth going to?

Has anyone ever been to Carmine's in Manhattan?
Family Style, good food ambience....

sure miss NY

Best NY Style Pizza in Raleigh

So far the best I tasted is Tony's Pizza off Glenwood Avenue, Route 70 in Raleigh.

The slices are pretty big, the place is large,new and clean.

The owners are from bklyn, ny and it is the closest to ny style pizza and prices. I should know, I lived and worked in the tri-state area for over 30 years.

spinach calzone is good too!!!

Try it it is fantastic!!!

Any good Latino, Cuban or Spanish food in the Triangle?

Where are all the latinos here?

Any good Latino, Cuban or Spanish food in the Triangle?

If you know of any good Spanish food let me know.

I am desperately missing my spanish food...

Durham: Gran Sabana

Desperately seeking spanish/Latino food in the Triangle. I am from NJ/NY?

Can anyone recommend good Cuban,Argentine or any other Latin American food here?

I am desperate, I'll try anything.

Pizza:Where to grab a slice in Greensboro

Hi, I just moved here from the Northeast. How far are you from Raleigh? Two weeks ago I discovered Tony's Pizza on Glennwood Avenue in Raleigh off Route 70.

They are from NY, NY authentic pizza Large slices. It's awesome, so far the best pizza I've tasted here. Prices are pretty decent too!!!

I sure miss NY.

Can you recommend any good Bakeries in the Triangle

We are originally from NJ/NY area and enjoyed many Italian style cakes and pastries back home. Since we moved here, we have been searching for a bakery in the Raleigh or Cary area. Any recommendations would help.

PS. Please recommend any good authentic Italian restaurants in the Triangle as well. Where can we find decent authentic Italian around here?