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Eliminating plastic

Thanks for all the feedback. If anyone else is interested, I decided to order the "Bravetti 400W Quad Blade Maxi-Blend Food Processor" Model # FP105B. The "Bravetti Swivel-Head Food Processor" Model #FP110H looks perfect, but I decided to go with the cheaper model for now (yes I'm afraid the Robot Coupe products are a bit out of my price range).

Jan 29, 2007
pijamab in Cookware

Eliminating plastic

Recently, I've become somewhat wary of microwaving food in plastic and of putting hot food in plastic containers. I've replaced all my leftover containers with pyrex (and other borosilicates). This link sumarises my concerns:

It's not that I'm convinced that all plastics release toxins. It's more that no one seems to know for sure. Plus glass is just classier!

Anyways, in my slightly obsessive-compulsive plastic purge, I've hit a roadblock. Every single food processor in existence has a plastic work bowl. Does anyone know of a food processor with a glass or steel bowl? Plenty of blenders have glass pitchers. Why not food processors? Any manufacturers out there willing to capitalize on my paranoia?

Jan 13, 2007
pijamab in Cookware

Spanish eating

I went to Haro for tapas last night and I highly recommend it. I was in Madrid for two weeks this summer and Haro seems pretty authentic and very delicious. The morcilla at Haro was similar to chorizo--very different than what I had in Madrid. This might have been because of the Basque bent of this restaurant.

I ordered:

Espárragos de Navarra (White asparagus on bread)
Boquerones del país Vasco (anchovies and red pepper on bread)
Patatas Bravas (potatoes in a tangy tomato sauce)
Morcilla (blood sausage)
Vieiras con Jamón Serrano (scallops wrapped in serrano ham)

My favorite was the anchovies.

2436 S. Oakley St.

Dec 14, 2006
pijamab in Chicago Area