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fulton market butchers

i drive by them all the time, but wondering if people can recommend some of the better butchers over in the river west / fulton market area. obviously ones that are wholesale to the public.

Jun 17, 2009
jmeitus in Chicago Area

best burger within 2 miles of state & lake

mortons on wacker place has one of the best in the city...

Apr 23, 2009
jmeitus in Chicago Area


come one, come all... i am in search of some damn good margaritas in chicago...
not the gimmicky el jardin style made with 151, or the sickly sweet bottled mixer style...

great tequila (i'm a don julio guy), great housemade sour (fresh lime juice), etc, etc...

atmosphere doesn't matter to me, i will happily go anywhere

Mar 19, 2009
jmeitus in Chicago Area

What bars do people go to while they're waiting to get into the Violet Hour?

any irony in the fact that you are looking for a bar to go to, while you wait to get into a bar?

Mar 03, 2009
jmeitus in Chicago Area

Asian Market near Wicker Park

can anybody suggest an asian market on the near west side... river west / wicker park / ukranian village...

looking for produce, proteins, condiments, etc

Feb 16, 2009
jmeitus in Chicago Area

Buttermilk Biscuits

To be honest, haven't been to Wishbone in years, as i thought the quality dropped off a while back. But i appreciate the headsup... might be time for me to get my arse in there for some good home cookin'.

Nov 24, 2008
jmeitus in Chicago Area

Buttermilk Biscuits

Wondering if anyone out there has come across true southern style biscuits in Chicago.

I want to hear all your thoughts on the places serving the best biscuits, be it for a breakfast sandwich, used in biscuits + gravy, or simply served with a side of butter, jam + honey.

Show me the light (and flaky).

Nov 24, 2008
jmeitus in Chicago Area

this weekend in Chicago...Help?

if you're a fan of jose garces amada in philadelphia, i would strongly recommend mercat a la planxa. now don't get me wrong... i wouldn't consider this is the same vein as alinea, L20, trotters, etc, but it currently resides near the top of our list for great chicago restaurants. haven't had a bad dish there, let alone a bad meal.

welcome to chicago, we lived in old city for a number of years and made the pilgrimage back to the midwest. there is a ton to consider when i comes to neighborhoods, and all of them have their pros + cons. the closest neighborhood in terms of personality to rittenhouse, is probably the gold coast, but i would beseech you to come to town and take a look around other neighborhoods, be it west loop, ukranian, andersonville, logan square etc. personally, i feel these types of hoods are a better definition of what life in chicago is like, and what chicago people are. 2 cents.

Oct 31, 2008
jmeitus in Chicago Area

Ting Jamaican Soda

thanks for the updates, y'all...
found out that sultan's market in wicker park/bucktown carries it by the bottle, but was more than happy to sell me a case of it... jones fed

Jun 11, 2008
jmeitus in Chicago Area

Ting Jamaican Soda

anybody know where i might be able to pick up a few cases of TING? i heard a rumor that a market in rodgers park might carry it... help me feed my jones

May 29, 2008
jmeitus in Chicago Area


we will be travelling from chicago to st louis for the holidays. as we are the resident cooks in the family, we have been asked to prepare breakfast / brunch on christmas morning (for friends + family).

where would i find a great deli where i would be able to pick up QUALITY bagels, bialys, lox, sable, etc, etc, etc.

we will staying be in clayton, so the closer to there the better, but i am not adverse to driving for my bagel and schmear.

Reviews for La Brochette ?

Has anyone been yet? Thoughts? Reviews? Opinions? Would love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, should any or all apply.

Nov 29, 2007
jmeitus in Chicago Area

Brining Questions

Although for the past few Thanksgiving holidays we have successfully made the infamous 'Roast Turkey with Prosciutto-Hazelnut Crust' ( ) we are considering brining our turkey beforehand for an even moister bird.

Here are my questions.

As the brine imparts salt + water (aka, moisture) into the bird, would ultimately cooking the turkey with the prosciutto crust potentially make it TOO salty as the saltiness of the prosciutto would take it over the top.

Secondly, as the turkey recipe calls for the addition of thyme and garlic, i decided to make my brine with a handful of thyme and a whole head of garlic cut in half. There is a strong garlic smell to the brine, would this ultimately over garlic-ize the turkey?

So now i am left with three options... take a chance with the above brine; create a new simple brine with only water, salt + sugar (my brine above has a base of vegetable stock); or three, forget the brine altogether.

Any and all answers are appreciated.

Nov 21, 2007
jmeitus in Home Cooking

Charlie Beinlich's VS Brandt's Little Cafe

i would HIGHLY recommend charlie beinlich's. i grew up right by there and to this day i still swear on their burgers as the 'world's best'. nothing, and i mean nothing has changed in the 35 years i have been going there, with the exception of the clientelle, as you will see more families and strollers than ever.

Oct 10, 2007
jmeitus in Chicago Area

Looking for Barrata Cheese

on at least 4-5 times i have been able to find it at fox + obel. its seemingly random when they have it in, but i always ask when i am there. good luck and if they have it in, i recommend grabbing some great heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, great olive oil and make the most wicked salad known to mankind.

Sep 21, 2007
jmeitus in Chicago Area