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Visiting NYC this weekend

Hi - reservations are pretty much done right now and like I said, I could do EmpOnly for drinks if necessary. I was given some of these names from people who'd been and I think more of the food is along the comfort/contemporary. I don't mind Italian, but am not necessarily looking for asian/fusion.

Travelling from Toronto... and 2 of us

Apr 23, 2013
bluesbreaker1969 in Manhattan

Visiting NYC this weekend

And would love some recommendations - I've got Friday afternoon arrival and leaving Sunday night.

Here's what I've been toying with.

The Lion - possible dinner friday
Employees Only - drinks or dinner Saturday?
Mercer Kitchen - Lunch Sat? Sund?
11Madison - dinner Fri or Sat?

two other names that popped up were Abe & Arthur and The Harrison.

I'll take any recommendations or maybe an iteration of the above places. Its a quick trip and I haven't done a ton of recon so any help is appreciated.


Apr 23, 2013
bluesbreaker1969 in Manhattan

Lee Restaurant for Thursday night...any recent experiences to share before I go?

ya. be expected for lots of the following flavours - lemongrass, coriander and wet.

oh and cumin on the lambchops. overpriced and boring. but trendy!

Lindemans Framboise Lambic Beer in Toronto/GTA?

I used to enjoy the Mort Subite Framboise. I noticed that you can't get it pretty much anywhere and that it was delisted, from what I heard from the LCBO personnel. What makes me laugh is that as the largest purchaser of alcohol in the world and monopoly overpaid for by us, you'd think they'd be able to give you a better reason thatn 'it was delisted'. Say something like glass or $hit in the bottle, so I feel like they were looking out for me as opposed to some other reason.

Meanwhile, they're blowing out cases of coors, molson's, blue, bud...coors iced tea. Like do we need the LCBO to replicate the Beer Store? Or to provide a different outlet of choice for us subservient sheep?

Very Strange Experience at Yours Truly...And We Didn't Even Get to Dinner

Chef has to remember that customers are very finicky as well and may opt to tell Yours Truly to shove their tasting menu and keep their hard earned dollars for some other welcoming establishment(s).

I would have just gotten up and left as soon as she started with the "chef" stuff.

ISO Swedish Candy - Ahlgrens Bilar

You know, I had two bags of them when I came back from Sweden in August and my niece and nephew loved them.

There's a Scandinavian store up in Richmond Hill that might have them. I have to get the name for you...wait.

Susur Lee

The place is a joke. Was there Saturday...bathrooms got the old $.99 pump Softsoap dispenser, paper hand towels in a high-school style towel holder...for $250 bucks before tip for 6 drinks and a few plates shared between 3 people, I'd expect way more than just the flavours of cilantro, lemongrass and cumin. As with most name places in this town, a joke. And I'll get run down because I obviously missed the point, but give me a break. There are no nuances, no hints, no 'play on Chinese'. it was $hit and a rip off.

He was there though - seems pleasant.


Benna's on Ronces is where I used to get them. Starsky's is where I get them now. Period.

2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

Family Friendly Restaurant near Delta Hotel in Toronto...

Hi - great suggestion but I think its the Delta at the airport...what about that Mr Greek on Carlingview (yucky street)

Family Friendly Restaurant near Delta Hotel in Toronto...

Hi - sorry for the short notice, but can anyone recommend a decent family restaurant near the Toronto Airport Delta hotel for this evening, Jan 27, 2011?

Couple of little kids so nothing extremely exotic or too spicy


Centre for Performing Arts Restaurants

Hi all - I'll be up at the Centre for Performing Arts (Yonge/Sheppard) for the Jersey Boys show next week. I'm wondering if there are any recommendations for a good meal pre-show. I'm totally unfamilar with that area.

Please advise!


Bodega on Baldwin - anyone been?

BOdega is great - you'll have a wonderful time. They're very cool there.

Holder vs Garder Manger Saturday Night

How about this. I have one dinner in Montreal Saturday night. I'm in the old city and these two are nearby.

Or should I bail and go somewhere else....

Holder vs Garder Manger Saturday Night

Hi All - I'm wondering in terms of price points (Garder Manger no menu I could find) and Holder. Saturday night dinner.

Assuming I can even get a reservation...

Places to eat in Montreal

Bonjour/Hello - ok I'll be visiting MOntreal this weekend and will be staying in the Old City at Rue St Pierre and Rue St Jacques.

I will of course score some bagels at Fairmount Bagels, will hit Schwarzs for old times sake and perhaps Dunn's for some cheesecake.
I'm trying to remember the great places to drink, listen to live blues/jazz and this will be for Friday night and Saturday night.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

merci! Thanks....


Fresh grape leaves?

I got some growing in my backyard if you want to pick them. I use them for dolmades. Or go round a park that has wild vines and pick your own, not too big, not too small. they should be green and flat, no bumps or critters.


what is turkish food? kebabs? gus? tikka? riza? dolmades? hommous? tahina? Start with Assyrian food, move to Greek and Iranian, you got your "turkish food."

Terroni- disappointing experience

Ignorance is ignorance. Terroni like a lot of places in TO get the benefit of those who sit in wonder at regular run of the mill stuff like bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, the miniscule shavings of pingue salamis, mozzarella on tomato sauce on pizza crust so thin it cracks in the middle.

When TO eaters have an expectation, then these guys will choose to step up their game. Until then its mediocrity for all. At relatively big $$.

Cool place for drinks Friday night

Hi all - I'll likely in the vicinity of Le Paradis for dinner Friday night. I'm looking for a place that may have a live band, or some good background music (not a club) for drinks.

Been down to N'Awlins which was great and could be a backup.

Please advise and thank you.

Where to find "amba" in Toronto?

oh but the drizzle factor is there as this thing is like a soup of chunky stuff. imagine the middle east pickle in a sauce. you want to drizzle, you drizzle - just hold back the chunks.

I'm certain this is what you guys Sodium, I didn't find it salty like the Ship brand mango pickle...that stuff will peel your tongue.

Where to find "amba" in Toronto?

no no - its a sauce, with whole pieces or chunks in there...for instance, the cucumber may be whole or sliced in half, the caulfilower into florets and cabbage in pieces. I just wanted to make sure that its not green mango or anything like the Ship Brand Mango Amba up there for Tatai.

Where to find "amba" in Toronto?

just to clarify - I'm not sure how much mango is in this amba, but its got the caulflower, sliced carrots, middle eastern gherkins, cabbage in it.

Where to find "amba" in Toronto?

That's the one kids! I was eating it last night me. Plus you'll be able to score all kinds of middle easter stuff that you're hankering for, including good Tahini, good halawa, excellent dates, etc. etc...

Where to find "amba" in Toronto?

You're right about the Indian and Iraqi ones being different. That said, there is a store at Islington and Albion called Semiramis that has both. The "Ship Brand' Amba Mango Pickle in the bottle (with the green top) AND IRaqi amba on the counter in a vat that he sells in three sizes. I just bought some yesterday and its excellent.

Drinks...apps...but cool

hey all thanks for your suggestions. I'd like to try that Rooftop patio. And also, thanks for putting your favourites out there as well...I know we like to keep them tight!

Drinks...apps...but cool

Hi everyone - was wondering if any of you could provide some recommendations for some cool places to grab some drinks.

I seem to remember the Metropolitan Hotel for some reason.

I remember going to Chicago Blues Diner in my Uni days, finagling two covers for the price of 1 at the door, then spending the rest upstairs listening to some pretty good blues and loving that it felt that I was in my bedroom with my favourite gang of opening onto Queen.

Gebhardt's Chili Powder

Ok thanks for the lead embee I'm going to give them a ring. For some reason I was thinking Sobey's on Danforth...

but if something jog's your memory, I'll be awatin'

Gebhardt's Chili Powder

Hi everyone - does anyone have a clue where I can find this chili powder?

here's alink to a photo:


Gebhardt's Chili Powder

Hi everyone - does anyone have a clue where I can find this chili powder?

here's alink to a photo:


Your Opinion on Sassafraz

as with everything, its a matter of relative experiences. for me, Cafe Nervosa is just perfect. Sassafraz is/was a place 'to be seen' as was the Belair Cafe once up on a time. I wouldn't bother personally.

One thing that I will enjoy with a slight slowdown in this town and this may sound quite cold is that these restaurants will have to come back down to reality with their prices and service. No more of the attitude and a return to service which is, surprisingly, what kept a lot of these old-time restaurants still in business after the 'recession' of the 90's.

We pay good $ for our meals - these days it seems like they're giving us the meal for free.