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Old school table manners... what were you taught?

Oooh! Many, many of these rules were in place at the table when I was growing up too. They're relaxed a little bit since all the 'kids' are now over 40, but I'm amazed at how much they've stuck with me. Once I had a colleague comment that I was the only person she knew who could eat soup without making a sound.

Keeping elbows off the table was reinforced with the following ditty:

Mary, Mary
Strong and able
Take your elbows
Off the table.

Oct 15, 2007
eddieandcleo in Not About Food

Robert Oliver Seafood

Anyone eaten at Robert Oliver Seafood across from the Meyerhoff recently?

My parents and I have series tickets to the BSO and like to have dinner afterwards. For years we were regular customers of Spike & Charlies, and then La Tesso Tano. Were never happy with the various places that succeeded Spike & Charlie's; and Abacrombie wasn't open late enough (i.e, after the concert).

So we're interested in trying Robert Oliver Seafood, but I would like to hear opinions first. Thanks very much.

Reykjavik Report: Summer 2007

I was in Iceland in late June/early July and took my hostess and friend out to dinner at Sjvarkjallarinn as a special treat. Whilst very expensive, we were quite pleased. The food was very creative in presentation and combination and delicious! My friend is an artist and absolutely loved the way the food was presented. The space is beautiful as well. Looking around at the crowd, it is obvious THE place for conduct high powered business deals.

Congratulations on the wedding and enjoy yourself.

Baltimore crab soup thread

First, I agree about Steve's Lunch at Cross Street. I get the crab soup every time I go to Cross Street.

Regarding the Obrycki's crab cake, I would never pay that much for a single crab cake. But then I'm a crab cake snob and rarely eat them out, because my mother's are better than anything I've ever purchased. She doesn't make them much anymore (picking through the crab has become difficult and tiresome for her), but buys good cakes at Annapolis Seafood and just cooks them at home.

I have also had good crab cakes at Gertrude's in the Baltimore Museum of Art. Closest approximation of my mother's that I have found.

Showing up empty-handed to dinner

I would not show up empty-handed. I actually keep a small stash of 'hostess gifts' on hand in case I can't get to the liquor store or flower shop. Examples of these gifts include small travel books that I buy on sale (e.g., Gardens of Portugal) or sometimes notecards purchased on a trip.

Just the way I was brought up, and yes, many of my friends laugh at me for this compulsion. Not the friends getting the gifts, of course...

Apr 12, 2007
eddieandcleo in Not About Food

Sour Cherries?

I usually see them at the Waverly Farmer's Market (Baltimore) in time to make sour cherry sauce for ice cream around 4th of July.

Apr 10, 2007
eddieandcleo in Home Cooking

Dinner ideas after graduation in Annapolis or Baltimore

How about The Rockfish in Annapolis? Just over the bridge in Eastport with parking behind the restaurant.

Searching for a Saturday breakfast spot in B'more?

Check out this recent thread about breakfast in Federal Hill/SoBo

I personally like Burke's at the corner of Light and Lombard, but it can seem a little dive-ish to some. Great bacon omelette.

Going shopping in outlet malls across the bridge..

I think we stopped there once on the way back from the beach, circa 1970. Sat at the counter, which was always a thrill as a kid. It is the kind of Eastern Shore place that raffles off guns, just so you know.

I personally like The Narrows, on Kent Island. They used to do a killer Oysters Benedict. While a little early for local crabs, it is prime oyster season.

The cultural origins of the foods we love

Here in Maryland we refer to those as 'slippery dumplings'. Incredibly easy to make, they are just flour, salt and water. Roll them out and drop them on top of whatever is in the pot. They are 'slippery' because of the fat that sits on top of the broth in which they cook. However, I have absolutely no idea of their origin.

Apr 02, 2007
eddieandcleo in Not About Food

What to do when dragged to a bad restaurant...

If these are really close friends, then be honest with them. They should understand, and if the party will be lacking without you, they should cover your meal. I tend to be pretty generous with my friends and if I invite someone along to an outing who is strapped for cash (e.g., people paying college tuition for their children, etc.), I cover their tab or ask them to contribute a small, very reasonable amount.

Friends should understand your situation.

Apr 02, 2007
eddieandcleo in Not About Food

Breakfast between BWI & Baltimore

I like it better for breakfast than for lunch, though the onion rings are good. It's a good place to get what I refer to as a my mom's classic lunch, which is a club sandwich with chips and iced tea (in summer; coffee in winter). Or a Hot Turkey Commercial, which is actually better at Werner's.

Breakfast between BWI & Baltimore

What about Burke's Restaurant on the northwest corner of Light Street and Lombard? You can walk there from wherever you would park for the Aquarium. Good bacon omelette, plus they have the super-good, large breakfast sausage that I associate with Maryland's Eastern Shore. Kind of scary looking, but it's not.

Fun Dinner in Baltimore - Tuesday

Thought you all might want to hear a report. We ended up walking over to One-Eyed Mike's and having dinner. Excellent choice. The atmosphere was very casual and the food was really good. We ate primarily off the extensive specials list. Two of us enjoyed the Thai grilled shrimp (with a drizzle of chili oil) as a starter, while the third had the chorizo-white bean soup. For mains, I had the Surf and Turf special of petit filet topped with gorgonzola and a mushroom-red wine reduction sauce, crab cake (too much filler but the lumps of meat were huge so I could eat around the filler), asparagus and potato 'cakes'. R had the single crab cake, and S had the New Zealand lamb chops with mashed potatoes. We split the chocolate lava cake and creme brulee.

I think the desserts disappointed the most, as they were okay but we all said our homemade versions were better. The service was casual but attentive. No hassles about hanging out at the table for four hours.

Once again, thanks for all your suggestions.

Weight Watchers Recipes - the good, the bad and the...

Given the new 'core' plan option, you might have better luck looking at more recent publications. The core plan emphasizes cooking from scratch and doesn't include many 'fake foods'. Their Turnaround Cookbook is pretty good and has some basic recipes for sauces, salad dressings, etc. that are quite good.

I have a bunch of the cookbooks, but also cook from scratch without recipes often, just using a lot of whole grains, lean meats, lots of vegetables and minimal oil/butter. Yes, I still cook with oil and butter. And I refuse to use fat-free cheese. I use high quality ingredients, but just control the amount and focus on portion control.

Mar 13, 2007
eddieandcleo in Home Cooking

Tragic losses in Be-More

I love Punjab Halal! Bought a random packet of fish spice mix last time. It's in my neighborhood, and a perfect Saturday morning is a walk to the Farmer's Market, followed by a stop at Punjab Halal to see what's happening. They also have good samosas for sale and very cheap.

Asparagus Time

Leftovers? There would never be any leftovers in my house. Can't wait for local asparagus (Maryland).

Mar 12, 2007
eddieandcleo in Home Cooking

Fun Dinner in Baltimore - Tuesday

Thanks for all the great ideas. We've already done Pazo multiple times for work-related events, as well as Charleston and Petit Louis. I'm not a big fan of Helmand...I know it's great but just doesn't float my boat. I'm inclined towards some of the places in Fells, especially since if we don't like the looks of one place, we can move on.

BTW, I took another colleague, this one from Denmark, to Mama's on the Half Shell. While waiting for a table, we got seats at the bar. Ending up staying there. Had beers and good dinners and great service from the bartender. She still talks about that place.

Fun Dinner in Baltimore - Tuesday

Both are British, one currently residing in Luxembourg and the other in London (but raised in southern Africa).

Fun Dinner in Baltimore - Tuesday

Looking for a fun place to have dinner and hang out with two colleagues from Europe on Tuesday. Both have been to Baltimore several times and have done all the high end places (and the ESPN Zone I might add). I'm having a hard time thinking of places with decent food that would also be fun.

No limits on food type (i.e., burgers, Thai, fish, etc. are all fine). Low brow but good food and fun atmosphere is perfectly fine. There is an expense account involved, but we can't go over the top. I will be driving, but since our office is in the Inner Harbor, would prefer 'downtown' or nearby (15-20 minute drive or so).

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

Turkey Sandwiches

Ummm....could you send me one of those sandwiches right now? I would be eternally grateful...

Mar 09, 2007
eddieandcleo in Home Cooking

Ideas for late night dinner..

I love a late night omelette and toast. Breakfast at night is always yummy.

Mar 08, 2007
eddieandcleo in Home Cooking

What do you eat when sick?

When I am sick (which is very rare), I want either Chicken with Stars soup (love feeling those little stars sliding down my sore throat) or Beefaroni with butter and cheese. Normally, I don't eat these things, but when I'm sick, I like to revert to my childhood. Good thing it only happens once every couple of years.

Mar 08, 2007
eddieandcleo in General Topics

Owl Bar

And don't forget the housemade potato chips with the melted blue cheese! They're fabulous. Ask for extra blue cheese and get it on the side.

Zen West

I like the place for its atmosphere and location (equidistant for my group of friends), but the food overall is just okay. Some things they do friends love the pork medallions and the fish tacos are excellent but the rice and beans are bland and mediocre. Burgers are decent. Staff are friendly and it's non smoking. So it works for us.

Baltimore, trapped in Inner Harbor, HELP!?

Just wanted to add that Windows is currently closed for renovation. My office is on the 5th floor directly across Calvert Street and I've been watching the demolition and rebuilding for a couple of weeks now.

I concur on all the choices mentioned above, but have been wondering how the local chowhounds feel about Little Havana's brunch. Not expensive, but bottomless bloodies/mimosas, fun atmosphere and good food, in my opinion.

Toaster Oven Recs Needed

I really love my Oster toaster oven that I bought on clearance at Target for $26 well over five years ago. It is relatively small and sits on a rolling 'cart' from IKEA that I use for extra storage in the kitchen. I have baked casseroles (in a standard Pyrex covered casserole), baked muffins, use it to toast whatever almost daily, have made nachos, cooked fish in a foil packet, made toasted cheese, heated up cold pizza, etc. Since I am usually cooking for one, it just the right size. However, every year in June I host a brunch for 25+ people. I use the toaster over as a second oven to make a vegetarian version of the main dish (usually an egg strata). I highly recommend it.

Feb 07, 2007
eddieandcleo in Cookware

Baltimore greek and vietnamese food

I like Ikaros and Samos; haven't eaten at Acropolis.

Regarding Vietnamese, I love Saigon Remembered on York Road, across from the Senator Theater in the northern part of the city. Very fresh rolls, pho and other dishes.

What Santa Brought the Chowhounds for Christmas...

75th Anniversary edition of Joy of Cooking
Cocktail glasses
Cocktail picks
Swizzle sticks
Appetizer plates with vintage cocktail recipes on them (hmm, is my family trying to tell me something?)
Chocolove chocolate bar with crystallized ginger in dark chocolate (65% cocoa)
Mini bundt plans and other baking forms (so that I can bake things for a friend (and her husband) who cooks but does not bake)
Homemade coffee cake
Mrs Roberts chocolates

Dec 27, 2006
eddieandcleo in Not About Food

Ixia - Girls Night Out


I had some of the best mussels ever at the bar at Ixia a while back. Not a big mussels fan, so I was truly wowed. I like Ixia better for apps and cocktails, rather than a full on dinner. A couple of years ago a friend and I did a 'progressive meal' that I'm still talking about.

We started at Ixia for drinks and apps at the bar; then crossed the street (literally) to Sascha's 527 for dinner (another beautiful space, with a wide variety of menu items from small plates to pizzas to full on main courses) and a good selection of wine; then we headed a couple blocks down Charles Street to Sotta Sopra for dessert and a nightcap.

Hope you have a good time.