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Is Cafe Pushkin (Moscow) really that expensive?

Sounds excellent but pricey based on posts on this site, and others...but I've also read that it can be around the equivilant of $25 a person for dinner.

Anyone know what a realistic price is for a meal there? ie. Worth going to on a small to moderate budget?

May 03, 2007
camdep in Europe

Any fresh ideas for dining & drinking in Moscow?

I'm travelling to Moscow on business but no, the company is not paying for my meals so I probably can't eat at Cafe Pushkin or other fancy places...but I still would like to find some good food!

Not looking for romantic eateries but places that might be great to chill out at after a long day in the boardroom where we can have some drinks and eat some good food - preferably local specialties, of course.

I'll have a weekend off while I'm there, too, so please let me know if there's anywhere worth going out of the way for.

Is there anywhere reasonably priced that is a must-eat?


May 03, 2007
camdep in Europe

Chinatown - Let's seperate the winners from the losers

Why on earth do other people like Swatow? I tried it once and was sorely disappointed; gave it a second chance - strictly trying the noodle soups I heard were good - and was disappointed again.

Rol San is decent, though. I really enjoy Lee Garden - less heavy sauces, more fresh flavours - more expensive too, but good value.

There are better Vietnamese places in the city but Pho Hung is still a safe bet for pho and bun.

One of my favourite spots in the city is Yung Sing on Baldwin St. It's just East of Spadina - off the main strip - and is not a sit down place, more of a lunch spot. But their amazing greasy spring rolls, baked pork buns, tofu buns, and other goodies have a special place in my heart (albiet an artery-clogging place, but whatever.)

Chinese Traditional Bun is also a pretty good place for steamed buns and dumplings. Atmosphere's a bit sketchy but great for a snack. (Just West of Dundas, very close to Spadina.)

Dec 14, 2006
camdep in Ontario (inc. Toronto)