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Chia seeds?

Anyone know where I can buy chia seeds in LA?

Lot 1 -- Post Centeno

Has anyone been since the August or so when Josef Centeno left?

This was one of my favorite local haunts last spring and summer, but I haven't ventured back because of the chef change...

I Want Fries, the Sweet Potato Kind

I'm a little surprised the sweet potato fries at the 101 Diner on Franklin haven't come up in this thread. They don't come with any special sauces (though I like to dip them in the mayo based sauce that comes with the grilled chicken sandwich) but they are excellent.

Unfortunately you have to go half sweet potato fries, half regular fries if you do it as a side with your entree, but if you get them as a side order separate, you can get a full basket of sweet potato fries. They're generally perfectly crispy, and nice and thin...

Dinner at Jitlada Thai Last Night...

Having lived near thai town for several years, I can say with certainty that this is the best, and most well-spiced, thai food in the area.

I'm one who enjoys a nice sweat on the brow with my meal, and Jazz (the owner) is happy to make food as spicy as you like it. Also, she won't hesitate to make sure its spicy enough by bringing different homeade sauces out from the back. Try the reddish spicy sauce with the steamed mussels for a real kick. They usually bring out a more greenish sauce with this dish, but if you ask, they'll bring out the special stuff.

With that said, those who I eat with do not always like to end up a sweaty mess at the dinner table, and I've gone here on multiple occaisions with people who enjoy flavor, but not the spiciest flavor. I have to say, this restaurant has not let my dining companions down in the slightest.

And that is exactly why Jitalda is the most well-spiced place in town: the range of mild to spicy is incredible, but flavor always comes first.

Jitalda is fast becoming an institution, and its reputation is extremely well deserved.

Sandwiches in Hollywood

Been there--and that is an excellent sandwich.

That's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for around here...

Sandwiches in Hollywood

I've been working in Hollywood for over a year now, on a constant search for a solid deli/sandwhich option that is not one of the chains or a counter at a supermarket.

As a transplant from NY, I'm craving a big delicous sandwich--in the vain of a Jewish or Italian deli. That said, I love variety, so any reccomendations for great take out sandwhich shops from roast beef to banh mi would be appreciated.