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Auckland and Queenstown recommendations

We will be in Auckland for a few days in February, with a couple of days in between in Queenstown. Being from France, we are looking for ideally non-French restos. Being wine store owners in Champagne, we are also looking for wine bars (and wineries) that would allow us to best understand New Zealand. Ideally we would prefer non commercial and hidden gems.

Otherwise, we have rented an apartment in Auckland, so we can and would like to cook. On what days are the markets, and which ones are worth it?

As for Queenstown, good eats in restos are also needed. We have a car here, we are willing to drive.

In both cases, we are open to all types of suggestions - our palates desire adventure!

Many thanks in advance.

Restaurant Openings - 2008

I believe those who are behind this location the fine folks from Reservoir. This may explain the high quality and great taste.

Wine bars: which is the best for a group?

Vino on Monkland?


It is readily available at the Fromagerie Atwater at Atwater Market.

Outremont Organic Market?

Does anyone know if this is taking place this year? Last year it was during the month of August, but I don't recall seeing any news about a 2008 edition taking place.

Ice Cream!

went today and found their gelato far too sweet - there is no way it's just fruit. I had the pear and raspberry which tasted like Jolly Ranchers except for the dried real raspberry bit I got and paired that with pistachio that had bits of what seemed like raw cookie dough. I don't know if it was sugar-coated pistachios but I've never had such a vile rendition - there was absolutely nothing nutty about it. Only two bites was all it took to convince me - straight in the trash. I'd rather pay a buck more for quality at Meu-Meu.

Plumcots - Yummmm

Having made numerous desserts with BVA, I can attest to their worthiness. I find them exceptional with gooseberries in crumbles made with hazelnuts.

Sour Red Cherries

I bought some last weekend at JTM at Chez Nino. As mentioned, the season is short so they might be there next weekend if you are lucky. Good luck! Oh, and they were delicious... worth the wait.


They have them at the Atwater market - since last week.

New at Atwater Market

Ok folks - Atwater has the bellota. It's $35.00/100grs or $350 the kilo but it is an experience. Three slices cost me $13 and I don't regret it. It's nutty, salty, sweet, rich, light, amazing, phenomenal; I don't know how to qualify it other than whoa. Get thee some - it's a holiday weekend, you deserve it!

Pear Cider in Montreal?

Indeed, I sampled it at the opening of the place last night. Glad to see you were resourceful Carswell and uncovered my source!!!

Pear Cider in Montreal?

I just had some and it was delicious! Eric Bordelet's Poiré Granit was so divine, I even posted about it - picture and all

New Wine Bar

Just came back from the opening of the new bar in town: La Buvette Chez Simone. It was opened by five partners, all from different food paths of life, but notable for us wine lovers is Michel Bergeron from Bergerons les Vins. Hot and cold bites are served as well as a rotating list of wines by the glass. We sampled these really great marinated green olives and cod fritters. I also understood that the kitchen would stay open until midnight but the bar until 3am. Nice terrace too, especially since the sun hits in the afternoon.

Buvette Chez Simone
4869 Avenue du Parc

For those that love Pintxo...

In the way that it was one of the first modern wine bars in Montreal.

And layout and decor are always secondary for me. First is service and then food/wine. And I kind of like the chandelier made of wine glasses, and the cellphone encased in the wall near the

For those that love Pintxo...

It is pronounced Pint-cho

I would also add to the list of wine bars Pullman - a seminal establishment in Montreal They recently changed the chef (Eric used to work at Les Chevres and Decca77) and wines are always good.

Monday dinner.

You could also go to Decca77 - they have excellent fish and prix fixe three course dinner for $35.

Columbia, MO suggestions?

Any place near U of Mizzou to buy quality spice and bbq rubs?

Something like Brunoise ...

I think before any other place, if you wish to have an expertly executed spring menu in a resto that becomes a funky setting, then head to Laloux. You'll eat very well, at much more reasonable prices that other spots like Joe Beef and when done, you can head right next door for wines at Pop - they have some of the best organic wines in the city. And please don't skip on desserts at Laloux - Patrice's desserts almost make me weep every time.

Columbia, MO suggestions?

Any decent bbq to be had in Columbia?

Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

My reports are trickling in, they just won't be on this board... check my profile

Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

I just wanted to thank all of you who made suggestions and guided me through your beautiful city. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting reviews of my experiences, in addition to the ones I already have. I am in total Artigiano withdrawal and still hankering for mussels at Chambar. Boneta was wonderful and Okada enlightening. I had many more experiences and can't wait to divulge them all. Hopefully, I can enable such an exprience one day in Montreal. Cheers!

Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

Any specific names of Indian and Sushi for dinner takeout tonight or alternative options in the area?

Will look up 49th although we get the coffee out in Montreal - I've been lucky to get a bag.

Is there a capers nearby?

Best blog host/software?

I realize that no one has mentioned it, but I love my blog with Squarespace. It's inexpensive and really easy to use. There is a lot of flexibility in terms of options and the stats are great. Looking forward to reading your rants carswell...

May 29, 2008
swissfoodie in Not About Food

Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

What about on Thurlow, apparently there are some good Indian spots there? And other than Okada, any places for takeout sushi or seafood that is a must around the Fairmount? BTW, I have developed a mild addiction to Artigiano's coffee and fruit/nut scone

Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

FYI, Richard Bastien is better known for Lemeac - the quintessential French bistro in Outremont - the posh French area of town.

Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

And Neil worked with Daren Bergeron at Lumiere and Feenie's. Daren came back to Montreal to open Decca77 - a personal favourite

Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

Funny that Boneta has so many connections with Montreal.

Best smoked salmon - or trout

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Oven Head smoked salmon from the Atwater fish shop. Contrary to other generic products which have 20% salt, this one has 8% and it is double smoked. It is also artisanally made in NB. I like to get the tail pieces because the flavour is more intense. It's I think about $8.50/100grs.


Alati on Dante street sells macarons and they are really, really good. Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. The lemon, raspberry and pistachio are wonderful but the hazelnut one is divine.

Near the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver

Can I walk there? I don't mind, I would just have to plan ahead in terms of timing