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Top Notch Italian in Montreal?

Lucca on Dante in little italy is by far the best italian in Montreal. They have a board menu but they have everything from filet mignon pasta, fish and grilled veal chop... They probably won't do a set menu but it should fit into your price range perfectly. Apps are around 8-15 and Dinner 21-38.
It has a nice atmosphere but its small and definitely not a party place.

Cabane a Sucre: Des Gallants or La Goudrelle??

Thanks! I think I will go to Des Gallant based on your help!

Cabane a Sucre: Des Gallants or La Goudrelle??

Which is better and why? Trying to decide between the two. Other recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!

Sake Bombing in downtown Montreal!?

Ginger.. great food and and great sake bombs in a fun atmosphere! It's on Pins corner St. Laurent.

STOWE at Christmas time

I decided to try the dinner here. I'll let you know how it is! Thanks!

STOWE at Christmas time

thanks! I booked here for dinner one night!

STOWE at Christmas time

I will be visiting Stowe during Christmas time. Can anyone recommend some good restaurants for Brunch and Dinner especially Christmas eve and a special Christmas brunch for a couple.


HELP! Katsura closed and my son is desperate!

Pierre's restaurant on Bishop isn't closed.. it is called Bishoku and it is delicious.. even better than Katsura.. the chicken/ beef terriyaki is identical and comes with the same fried onions! it has amazing appetizers.. the best being the tuna tempura, shrimp toast, and sushi pizza. I go there once a week.. its great!
Hope you and your son enjoy it!

sushi help

The best sushi in Montreal is at Bishoku on Bishop. The best dish is the tuna tempura which has a mound of these fried tiny potato strings in the middle.. too yummy. Also, the sushi pizza, lobster harumaki and of course the chicken teriyaki which is the same as the now closed Katsura.


right..sorry!!! i am staying at chateau bromont... but want to explore all the little towns like knowlton, north hatley, magog, or anywhere else anyone can recommend... : ).


I'll be going to the eastern townships next weekend and was wondering if anyone could recommend some cute restaurants. I'm looking for casual but good food. Especially a great spot for a cozy country breakfast, bakeries and things like that. Any recommendations for the area would be much appreciated.

Salmon Tartare

definitely taverne on monkland.


Does anyone know of any montreal restaurants that have gnudi on the menu? I've been wanting to try it but don't know of anywhere here that has it.


Vietnamese in Montreal?

My vote is for Pho Lien on Cote Des Neiges and Cote Ste. Catherine. It has the best Pho soup!! Also, there are these things called bot chiens.. that are fried in egg that are amazing. It's also really cheap.. about 6$ for a huge soup!