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Diabetic, Low Potassium Diet suggestions

Try this site if you are trying to control intake of a particular nutrient such as potassium.

I printed the lists out for potassium, phosphorus, protein, and sodium and kept them handy when creating recipes.

Remember that patients on peritoneal dialysis have fewer limits because the fluid is often in the body 24 hrs a day so the cleaning process is more thorough.

Apr 22, 2013
MaHubs in Special Diets

Diabetic, Low Potassium Diet suggestions

People on peritoneal dialysis have entirely different requirements and restrictions. They need LARGE amounts of protein. In general the dialysis usually removes potassium and phosphorus. My husband has to have at least 100 gr of protein a day, and to achieve this he takes a special liquid protein, plus some protein bars, and all the protein he can eat in our meals. We do now try to keep a rough calculation of his potassium intake.

The kidney org web site cited above only discusses the needs of those on hemodialysis. They seem not to be aware that such a thing as peritoneal dialysis exists...

Jul 15, 2011
MaHubs in Special Diets

Ziplock's vacuum pump storage bags. Tried 'em?

These are superb. I have successfully sealed liquids by sealing the bag and then putting the top couple of inches against a vertical surface to use the pump. HOWEVER it is now Nov 2009 and I can't find the large bags anywhere, only the small. I think Ziploc has perhaps discontinued them? I have used them on cheese (great because it prevents mold), berries, pasta sauce, chickens, etc. I now rinse out the used bags and then put them over the dishwasher spokes and wash them so I can reuse them. I fault Ziploc for not advertising these very well. No one seems to know about them. I'm sick about the lack of availability of them now.

Nov 06, 2009
MaHubs in Cookware

Bamboo Restaurant, Hawi, Big Island

We were there last week and I had read in the NYTimes about the change of (lack of) chef. They said that yes there was no main chef and the owner is the boss of the kitchen. They said she wants to expand into areas such as risotto (??!) I didn't notice any change in quality. The servings seemed smaller but I could be wrong. We shared the potsticker appetizer and the noodles with veggies with coconut sauce and we had just enough room for ice cream from across the street. The service was fine. I'll post a photo later. I bought the cookbook which looks easy and accurate.

Nov 05, 2008
MaHubs in Hawaii

Chile Rellanos without cheese?!

For years when we lived in the Bay Area, La Azteca in Redwood City was one of our favorite, dependable Mexican restaurants. So when I was staying very near them recently, I made a point of going for dinner. I looked forward to it all day.

So can you remember ever getting chile rellanos without any cheese? Just a pepper that's battered and fried? I'm not sure what caused the change in quality, but believe me it's just not the same.

I did find a great taqueria to take its place. Sancho's Taqueria. As I had read earlier, their fish tacos are amazing. You can hardly eat more than one and it's only $4. You can get grilled rather than crispy.

Aug 10, 2007
MaHubs in San Francisco Bay Area

Buying Le Creuset

This thread started in June, so perhaps no one will see my reply! I must correct the statements about the Le Creuset outlet prices and update you on the 11.75" skillet prices. I just bought it at our nearest outlet. First, all outlet prices are less than retail for first quality. The covered 2.25-qt baker has list price of $65 but it was $53 and I got 30% off that! The skillet was first quality (no seconds available) with list price of $88. I got 30% off. To get 30% off during December, join theiri preferred customer list while you are shopping. Otherwise you get 20% off. Shipping is 15% of the cost. The slip says has the list. I got a lovely 9-qt round covered oven which was a second listed for $197 with 30% off that. The list price for first quality is nearly $300. Mine is nearly flawless. The clerk said one of the important things to check is how well the lids fit on the seconds.

Dec 13, 2006
MaHubs in Cookware