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Real farmers market in San Antonio?

Well, I'll agree that there really isn't a good farmer's market here. I've gotten some good produce at the one on I-10 at Boerne Stage Road (in Leon Springs). Tomatoes, squash, strawberrries... Recently there was a whole grain artisan bakery with a booth there (they were from San Marcos?). The market is only open on Saturday mornings and is in the parking lot in front of the WashTub car wash. Last year Barkley's near Boerne also had a Saturday farmers market with local produce, but haven't heard if they've started it back up this year or not. Anyway, check out the Leon Springs market if you're up this way...

May 05, 2008
scrapcatb in Texas

Time for a DALLAS Board


I understand the reasoning behind not creating a whole bunch of individual city boards at one time, but wonder if it might be possible to add a suggestion to the FAQ (or posting etiquette) that for cities with large numbers of posts, such as DFW or HOU, posters preface their subject line with "DFW:" or "HOU:". This would make sorting out those posts that are (or are NOT) of interest to readers easier. For instance, living north of San Antonio and rarely traveling to either DFW or HOU, I truly appreciate those who post and DO use some sort of identification in their subject line to notate that they are posting about DFW or HOU so I can skip those posts. When, in a state as large as Texas, someone posts looking for "a party room for a batchelor party" but does not indicate a city, I have to open and read the thread to find out where they're looking. Hope this makes sense... Just a short "tag" in the subject line would go so far in helping with larger state boards like this one.

Mar 26, 2008
scrapcatb in Site Talk

"The Grille" in Leon Springs?

I'll update my comments here after reading Nina's. I'd completely forgotten I posted this over a year ago... Since that time, we've had two FABULOUS meals at the Grille... Yes, I think the first experience was a fluke, a combination of the newness of the restaurant, unfamiliarity of the staff, etc. We tried it again a few months ago when they were running a special dinner with appetizer, entree and dessert. I am not a big eater, so hubby got the dinner special and I got the tomato salad... The salad was fantastic! I honestly can't recall the appetizer other than remembering it was very good and the entree hubby chose was a seafood puff pastry affair that was very good as well. The dessert was something chocolate and yummy as well. Our more recent experience was for lunch following church service one Sunday and I got a pizza which was delicious. Can't recall what hubby got but I had more than enough with my pizza so didn't taste his. Anyway, we've definitely decided that we like the Grille and will continue to visit. Our first time was really just a fluke... And now I know to try the center cut...thanks Nina!

Feb 14, 2008
scrapcatb in Texas

Fredericksburg - Recomendations Needed

We just love Fredericksburg so here would be my suggestions, depending on type of food you like. Navajo Grill would be my first recommendation. It's kind of got a nouveau Tex-Mex vibe to it and the food has always been outstanding when we've been. Second recommendation would be the Cotton Gin restaurant. More "American" (but some "southwest") and still very good. I've not been impressed with most of the German food, and especially not for a "special" night out, but have heard good things about the new place that the original chef from Navajo opened, Bonterra. Haven't tried it yet, so can't guarantee that one. Then there's the one that everyone I talk to always recommends but we have yet to try: August E's. So my recommendations would be:

Navajo Grill
Cotton Gin
August E's*
(* noting we have not tried these, just been told they're good)

And if you really want to spoil her, pick up some of the wonderful chocolates from Chocolat! Try the peach schnapps filled one or the rum filled. YUMMY! (Their website: )

Feb 14, 2008
scrapcatb in Texas

Best Sushi in San Antonio?

I'll second the recommendation for Godai, definitely tops in SA in my book. Second I'd go for either Spice Asian Bistro (1604/Blanco) which is both Thai and sushi or Kona Grill, which is not just a sushi place but is a good "bar" atmosphere if you're in the mood and has good sushi as well. We've never had bad at either of those two, but Godai definitely rocks!

Jan 06, 2008
scrapcatb in Texas

San Antonio Sushi

I'm with Alyssa on Godai. We've only been once, but it was an experience we both throughly enjoyed! We did the "chef's special" sashimi for two and it was excellent. Cost wise, probably about $50 for a large platter of pieces that probably could feed three or four depending on how hungry you are :) I've also had good luck with sushi at Kona Grill in the La Cantera shopping center, although we usually do sashimi, so ymmv with actual sushi rolls, etc. And last week we tried sushi at Spice Asian Bistro out on Blanco @ 1604. We only had a little bit since we were there for the thai food, but the sashimi appetizer was very good with 9 pieces of 3 fish (salmon, tuna and sea bass). Very fresh and tasty. I would NOT recommend personally Sushi Zushi, although I know others who enjoy their menu items. I personally find them overpriced and not all that fresh. But as others have said, San Antonio is NOT a sushi mecca of any sort, so don't expect otherwise :)

Aug 20, 2007
scrapcatb in Texas


The serranos in there sound good, but I'm with pepperminta on the red onions and garlic. Not so much the cumin though! And I never add tomatoes to my guac... If you want tomatoes, add them yourself! :) I love the lime in it though. And no, I wouldn't freeze the guac myself, although the stores around here sell premade (local store brand) guac in freezer packs, so maybe it would be ok, I just wouldn't do it myself. Now you CAN freeze whole avocados (not cut, just whole off the tree) and they work fine, as do other fruits on the pit, but that's another posting :)

As for the all depends. If the avocados are good and creamy, no way! But if they're out of season or just not so hot, I occasionally throw some in there, or if I'm trying to stretch it out :)

Mar 15, 2007
scrapcatb in Recipes

Dodging Duck in Boerne

Ok, so I've not posted a review on this place because the first trip we made here was not-so-hot, but the last one was so wonderful! So I'm posting my review and look forward to seeing if anyone else has comments on the place :)

First, let me start by saying that it's a Brewhaus, so food would naturally be second to the brew. And since I'm not a drinker, and honestly HATE beer (except for cooking), you need to know that to understand where this review comes from...

The first trip hubby and I made to DD was at lunchtime on a Friday. I got the fish and chips and he got the Axis burger. This was not a good experience. The fish fell right out of the coating and was greasy. The malt vinegar had an off taste (could just be the brand, which I can't recall the name of) and hubby's axis burger was dry and overcooked. But, I'm someone who believes that everyone can have an off day, so we decided to try it again.

Our second visit more than redeemed the food for us! We went on a Thursday night and sat out on the patio (a little chilly that night, but very serene and pretty!). We ordered their new "two dip" thing as an appetizer. It was good, but seemed to be lacking something we couldn't quite put our finger on. Then dh ordered the Philly cheese steak and I ordered the tapas portion of their tenderloin medallions. OH MY! The flavor on those medallions was AWESOME! I'm guessing they were marinaded or at least basted with some of the brew from the place, but the result was a sweet/spicy/almost vinegary flavor that blew me away! It's served with "avocado butter" (basically unseasoned guac) and a chimichuri sauce that was fantastic. And the tapas portion was HUGE! I was expecting maybe a few small pieces of meat, but there were 4 pieces about 4" diameter each and done exactly to my request (medium rare). I ended up taking some home because I couldn't finish and it was delicious the next day as well! Dh said his Philly was one of the best he's found in Texas (having relatives in Philly and had the "real thing") and the bite I had was definitely tasty. All in all it was a great visit and we'll definitely go back!

One thing that made us laugh is the door handles on the doors in from the patio... There are handles at the bottom of the door, which the waitresses open using their feet, which makes total sense when you think about it! How else would they open a door with hands full of brew and food! And the only other comment I have is that I wish they'd list their menu on their website! They've got a ton of photos, but no menu! Of course I'm of the mind that many restaurants need to get themselves on the web, so that's just my own pet peeve :) At least they've got a site! :)

Hope to hear from others who have tried this place!

Mar 13, 2007
scrapcatb in Texas

Australian snacks for kids

This topic was split from a discussion of Aussie food sources in Austin. That's located here: -The Chowhound Team
* * * * *
So, what would YOU serve a bunch of kids for an "australian" snack? I'm trying to do one savory and one sweet and had thought about doing mini-meat pies and anzac biscuits? What do you think? Sound good? I also found a great recipe for chocolate dipped honeycomb candy which I've been told is very much like "violet crumble".

Mar 13, 2007
scrapcatb in Home Cooking

San Antonio -- LeReve, La Fogata, Paesanos & Scenic Loop Cafe

Suggestion to you River Rat, if you're ever back for Scenic Loop... We tried them out at lunch a few Saturdays ago...try the Poblano side dish! Boy, it was YUMMY!! Now, I didn't like the shrimp appetizer we got (shrimp was WAY overcooked) nor did I care for the spinach Madeline (I prefer my spinach fresh and sauteed), but that poblano dish was terrific!

Regarding LeReve... I'm hoping someone can tell me some way to do this... I have a very small stomach capacity, but I'd love to visit LeReve some time. I know that I wouldn't be able to even come close to consuming a full meal, but could probably manage a bite of each of the offered courses. So, I'm wondering (and I know that at many fine dining restaurants and other places this is frowned on, if not forbidden), what is their policy on sharing? If, for example, dh got the tasting menu, would they permit me to just have a bite of each of his dishes rather than ordering one for me as well? I know that often there's a "plate sharing charge" and I'm ok with that, but is it even permitted? I really really want to try this place after hearing so many raves about it, but can't figure out how I could physically do it! Anyone know?

Mar 13, 2007
scrapcatb in Texas

Any Good Restaurants in San Angelo?

LOL! I'll reply to my own reply just to let you know... The Chinese place is called "China Garden". The Dixie Diner is no more :( and the Mexican joint downtown that ChristieP mentioned, Fuentes, is the one I was thinking of. We also liked Mejor Que Nada! ( There was good "casual" food (kind of franchise-ish, chili's-like) at the mall, a place called "Cotton Patch Cafe" or something like that. And hubby remembered someplace on the river we went, but neither of us can remember it's name! Again, nothing stellar, but not terrible either. It was somewhere that was always busy and it was in the area that is/was being renovated near the old "Celebration Junction" mini-themepark... Maybe someone else will remember what I"m talking about :) I thought it might be Jabberwocky's, but really just can't remember, although it is in that same area...

Of course you can always take a 3.5 hour drive south to San Antonio...or a shorter drive to Fredericksburg (but not much! 2.5 hours!) for good eats :)

As far as Thai, not that I remember. There was a good Korean place though, BoBo's or something like that... But at least back then, no Thai, because I am a Thai fanatic, so I'd remember that :


Just out of curiosity...are you being stationed there or ? My dh's dad was stationed at Goodfellow at the time, which is why we decided to go to school there just after we were married. Honestly, I really don't have fond memories of the city, but perhaps we'll visit again someday and see if we can't make some better ones now :)

Mar 13, 2007
scrapcatb in Texas

Meet a Chowhound moderator

Thanks for the transcription rworange and for the interview itself Jim and Pat! It definitely helps clear up some things about why some posts disappear, etc. There was one the other day that showed up under a topic I had started that hit me as suspicious, and low and behold the next day it was gone...and I thought, huh? I know I didn't imagine that post! But I think I now understand why it might have disappeared (and rightly so!). I mod for another site (mailing lists) that also "went corporate", so seeing Pat's explanation for why mods remain, even after that, is so great! I'll have to refer some of my members to this post so they can see it! :) Thanks again for a great interview and a great site!

Mar 13, 2007
scrapcatb in Site Talk

Any Good Restaurants in San Angelo?

Well...I've not lived there for a little over 10 years now (we were there for a short while when in college in 95-96) so things may have changed, but...

Zetner's Daughter - steakhouse - was the best one in town when we were there. Good steaks and steak tips (my preference since I couldn't afford filet then...)

Dixie Diner :) This one is a personal fave. In fact, dh has threatened on more than one occasion to drive to SA just to get some of their fried mushrooms... They're different. Marinated first then fried I think. But good, basic, diner food and casual atmosphere.

China Bowl (I think that was the name???) kind of a buffet type Chinese place that had great kimchee :) That was one of dh's favorite places.

And there is/was a great relatively authentic mexican joint downtown SA that had good, inexpensive eats as well.

Overall, not a culinary mecca by any means, but if you're stuck there, then that's my recollections (again, remembering I've not been in many years...) Let us know what you find :)

Mar 11, 2007
scrapcatb in Texas

Aussie Foods

The Aussie shop in San Antonio ships... I know they'll ship their meat pies and some of their other foods if you want to heat them up at home. Just a thought :) I'm headed there myself in a few days to pick up some things for our kids Sunday School. They're doing this "trading places" thing where they go, virtually, to other countries. I'm the "snack maker". This week it's Brazil...

Mar 09, 2007
scrapcatb in Texas

Corpus report

Hi all,

We just got back from our weekend in Corpus. Had a wonderful room at the Omni Bayfront on the 18th floor and while the weather could have been more cooperative, we enjoyed visiting the museum and the aquarium and just spending time there. Now on to the chow...

We had lunch Friday on the way down in Robstown at Joe Cotten's. Dh got the three meat plate and loved it, especially the sausage. I got an open-faced brisket sandwich and while it was good, I can't say it was the best bbq I've had... Of course I've yet to make it to Lockhart to check out some of that :)

Dinner was at Pier 99 on CC Beach. Heaven! We split an app and entree and loved almost every bite. Peel and eat shrimp was the app with some great boil seasoning on it. Served hot (we were out on the deck and it was a bit cold, so we went with hot rather than cold) with butter and cocktail sauce on the side. Absolutely wonderful! Entree was their "seafood platter" which had fish, shrimp, oysters and "stuffed crab". All fried of course. The fish was good but not great, the shrimp and oysters were very good and the crab was pretty typical for such an item. All in all a very good meal and a very good deal! All told, we spent less than $40 including tip for that meal.

Lunch the next day was at Snoopy's Pier. Heaven again! We both got the 1/2 sampler platter (2 portions each of fish, shrimp and oysters with fries) and loved every bite. Their fried fish is just heavenly and it must be because it's made with Mahi. The oysters here were absolutely buttery inside the fried exterior which was just wonderful! Again, a
"cheap" meal at under $20 for two of us with drinks. A bit chilly though and everyone was huddled around the fireplace :)

Dinner was at Nico's Steakhouse...Owned by the man who also owns Longhorn Steak and Ale, they were totally packed! We called ahead (no reservations accepted) at 6:30, got lost, arrived around 7:30 before our name was even up and STILL ended up waiting an additional 45 minutes to be seated! It's that popular! So if you're going to go (and it was very very good!) call ahead or go at off times. They're in the shopping center that the new "HEB Plus" is in... We got their stuffed mushrooms for an app. Good flavor, but too much stuffing for the mushroom and the stuffing didn't stay in the mushroom at all. Salad and bread reminds one of Outback but the blue cheese dressing on my salad had dice-sized pieces of good blue in it, so that was a big winner. Dh got the Caesar and really liked it as it wasn't overly dressed as so many are. The bread looked like the Bushman's bread at Outback and was similar in taste, but not as sweet. I ordered filet as an entree with sauteed spinach and green beans. Usually you get one veg and one starch, but I can't eat the starches, so they were happy to sub the extra veg instead. Dh got the "black and blue" ribeye with walnut butter sauce. He loved his and unfortunately I couldn't eat mine until later (tiny stomach, filled with mushrooms and salad) but when I did, it was definitely worth the wait. Very good meat and for a steak dinner, not a bad total at $56 including tip.

Breakfast on Sunday was at City Diner. Now, take this with a grain of salt...I'm not a diner fanatic, and don't care much for breakfast foods in general, so YMMV, but this was probably my least favorite meal of the trip. Eggs (scrambled) and bacon with hashbrowns for me (didn't eat the hashbrowns though they looked good). The egg was overcooked as most scrambled in restaurants seem to be and the bacon was very greasy and not as crisp as I like. Dh got the mushroom omelet and liked it, but again, overcooked. Plus, there was a very strong musty/moldy smell in the restaurant which was unpleasant. The decor was intriguing with lots of historical CC photos, etc. but I don't know that I'd pick that again for a meal...

Lunch (our last meal in CC) was at Water Street...We were out of time and looking for something seafoody for our last meal. While it was good, I'd not say it was one of my favorite meals. We had oysters rockafeller for app, which were very tasty and then split one of the blackboard specials, a "seared ahi tuna with wasabi sauce". Tuna was WAY overcooked, wasabi was undetectable. But the veg was good :)

Next time we're down there (and we plan to go back in the fall for sure!), we're going to try Jezebelle's at the Art Museum of CC for brunch. Timing was off for this trip, but their menu sounds wonderful. I'd also like to try Katz 21 and perhaps Vietnam, but budget constraints didn't allow it this time... Hope these reviews help someone else looking for Corpus tips :)

Feb 13, 2007
scrapcatb in Texas

Fresh Seafood in Corpus

We just returned from Corpus and really, there isn't anywhere :( According to the locals and the restaurants we visited, the closest you can come is HEB :( During the warmer months you can buy off the shrimp boats but most of them are put up for the winter right now... So we came home empty handed on that aspect.

Feb 13, 2007
scrapcatb in Texas

Recent Corpus visit rec?

Hubby and I are heading down for the weekend next weekend and would love some new recommendations to try out while we're there. We love Snoopy's and so will definitely hit that, but otherwise haven't had much recent news from down that-a-way... So has anyone been down lately that can give some good recs? I'd like one "fancy" meal (not super expensive, but more "dressy" than the norm) and of course seafood is always a top choice. But we're also looking for breakfast places, etc. to try. So what say you? Any MUSTS on the CC list? Any DONTS?

Feb 04, 2007
scrapcatb in Texas

"Top Chef" Cliff: Not Enough Fluff

Ok, so I'm going to get slammed, but not being much past the "frat" stage in life myself, I have to say I agree with Joyce's comments on her take of what was going on with the Marcel situation. Being female, that kind of physical thing didn't happen in our sorority, but the frat that I was a little sister of had plenty of those kind of things going on. It was all part of the comradery and practical joking. And I don't for second think that the media presentation didn't have a ton to do with how it "appeared" to us in tvland... That said, yes, Cliff deserved to be taken off. Yes, it was uncalled for in the "harsh light of day", but please people! We've all done stupid, juvenile things in our lives, so to trash Joyce for saying that's how she viewed it is ridiculous. To be honest, I think that everyone thus far has been far too nice to Marcel than he deserves and that this is the worst that happens to him is a miracle! I mean, the guy is a jerk!

Jan 23, 2007
scrapcatb in Features

What is the one spice in your cupboard you seldom use but if you threw it away you think you may need it?

Dried bay leaves... Bought a POUND (any idea how many that is???!!!) when I was making potpourri and still have a huge bag left...

Jan 10, 2007
scrapcatb in General Topics

What is the one spice in your cupboard you seldom use but if you threw it away you think you may need it?

Well, I'm not him of course, but I use arrowroot in place of cornstarch and/or flour because the carbohydrate count tends to be lower... It's a suggested thickener for many on low carb and/or diabetic diets so I'm told...

Jan 10, 2007
scrapcatb in General Topics

favorite potato chips

Oh yeah! They are SO good! My newest addiction!

Jan 10, 2007
scrapcatb in General Topics

potato salad with egg, onion, celery, and vinegar?

I make a similar salad only I call it "Baked Potato Salad" because I find that baking the potatoes makes them a lot less watery than boiling (and a bit healthier). Just pierce and bake like normal but remove when they're tender but not "baked potato soft". Cut them up while hot and then dress. Tip here...when baking potatoes, use a muffin tin! You can stand them on end in the cups and they don't roll or need any sort of wrapping etc. We used to do this when cooking for a crowd (25-80 at weekly church dinners) and it works great!

Jan 10, 2007
scrapcatb in Home Cooking

Do you remember the first dish you ever cooked?

8 years old, "pour-a-quiche", made special for mom who was working and going to school (single mom). She went to take it out of the oven (beautifully golden brown) and dropped it on the floor! We had pizza :( But it sure hasn't discouraged me! I've had a few flops over the years since then, but love cooking more than just about anything, even now when I can't eat half of what I cook! :)

Jan 10, 2007
scrapcatb in Home Cooking

any secrets to a great tuna fish sandwich?

Tuna, mayo, a little yellow or djion mustard, diced celery, a little onion powder and a touch of soy sauce. Or even better...tuna, mayo, wasabi powder (or paste) to taste and some crushed pineapple...

Jan 10, 2007
scrapcatb in Home Cooking

what to do with marmalade?

I make a fresh cranberry relish with marmalade instead of using orange and sugar... Pretty much grind the fresh cranberries in the food processor or grinder then mix in some marmalade to taste . At Christmas I used 12 oz of cranberries to 1/2 cup marmalade and 1/2 cup sugar. Makes a fantastic cranberry relish. Or, I also use it to make a glaze for salmon. Mix marmalade in a saucepan with some soy sauce, freshly grated ginger and a touch of sesame oil. Use to glaze salmon or scallops. I sometimes use it as a first coat glaze for the fish, then roll in sesame seeds (mixed black and white) and then baste with it again as it's broiling or grilling.

Jan 10, 2007
scrapcatb in Home Cooking

Cookbooks from the Good Cook

I used to belong, but found that most of their books are also carried by Zooba ( and since at Zooba all books are 9.99 including shipping, well, they come out cheaper in the long and short run. I'll keep my membership there and not join any more of the clubs...

Jan 10, 2007
scrapcatb in Home Cooking

slow cooker recipes

Three of my favorite slow cooker recipes are listed below. All three are basics which can be added to or subtracted from and form the base of a meal, not a meal in themselves. I do have other recipes that I use in the slow cooker frequently, but these three are my favs...

Drunken Pot Roast:

1 eye of round roast, your choice of size
1 can of beer or substitute 1 can of beef broth (NOT boullion!)
1 heaping teaspoon of garlic, minced
1 packet of Lipton onion soup mix

Put the roast in the crockpot, sprinkle the soup mix and garlic over top and then pour beer or broth over all. Cook on low heat for at least 6 hours, up to 12 hours. Shred meat if desired or remove and slice. At the end of this cooking time you can turn it on high, add uncooked egg noodles and a little cornstarch slurry, stir and cook for another 15-20 minutes and you've got beef and noodles. Mushrooms also make a great addition.

Taco chicken

This is really, really simple... Take frozen boneless skinless chicken breast from the freezer (I usually do 4-6 at a time) and place in the bottom of the crockpot. Top with one packet of taco seasoning, prepared (ie. with added water) and then cook on low for 4-6 hours. Shred in the pot and let cook a little longer for chicken to absorb all liquid. Then serve with fresh hot tortillas and all the fixings.

Last but not least:
Crockpot Pulled Pork BBQ

1 large boneless boston butt roast
1/4 cup water
1 tsp garlic
salt and pepper
1 bottle your choice of bbq sauce

Season the pork with salt and pepper liberally. Place in crockpot followed by garlic and then pour water over all. Let cook 10-12 hours on low heat (can go as long as 18) and then shred well, removing excess fat if desired. Add in the bbq sauce and cook until absorbed (about 30 more minutes). Serve on buns with sliced onions, pickles, jalepenos, extra sauce, etc. We take this one to a lot of church potlucks because it's such a hit.

Hope these help some... If you want more recipes for the crockpot I'll be happy to share :)

Jan 10, 2007
scrapcatb in Home Cooking

Burst in Your Mouth

There was an episode of the show "Chef At Large" in which the chef visited a couple who were doing an 8 course chocolate dinner... As one of the courses (opener I think) they did a "ravioli" using these two chemicals that looked really interesting. I think it had mango and something else in it. Anyway, looked like a giant yellow rubbery jelly bean. Might be fun to play with at any rate :)

Jan 09, 2007
scrapcatb in Features

Essentials for the Home Baker

I've got a Kitchen Aid mixer and food processor and love them both. I think though, that most people don't realize there is some adjustment on the mixer to make it reach into the bottom of the bowl properly. My husband adjusted mine after hearing me complain about it not getting ingredients in the bottom and it has been wonderful ever since. These mixers are not for the weak however! Lifting it does take a bit of muscle! But because of their heavy weight, they don't dance across the counter top when making bread dough and the like which makes it worth it. I personally prefer the tilt-head version to the one with the bowl raise/lower. I gave that one to my sister (who doesn't really cook) and bought one with the tilt head which I love. It makes it much easier to put ingredients in as you're working than the non-tilt does. However, never being satisfied with what I have, I'm now jonesing for the 6 qt. model with the flared bowl...

As for the non-stick mats, best to stick with a SilPat... I've got a couple of Rubbermaid ones and they're awful! They actually melt at normal baking temps, so now I use them just for rolling things out on to keep them from sticking to the counter, etc. but not for baking...

Don't know that I agree with the pastry bag being essential... After all, for most home cooks/bakers, a zip-top bag with the corner snipped off will suffice. But if you're going to go for a pastry bag, look for a canvas one. They wash well, hold up better than plastic and are overall a better investment. You may have to look to a restaurant or bakery supply store to purchase though...

Kitchen timer is totally on track for essential... I love mine which has the remote meat probe as well. But I'd add an instant read thermometer to the "must haves" as well. Not so much for baking I guess, but just in general. I've got two, one for meats and another for "anything else" I want to test the temp on.

The one thing missing from this list?... TOOTHPICKS! In a pinch a stick of spaghetti will do, but you definitely need toothpicks for doneness checking when baking IMHO...

Jan 09, 2007
scrapcatb in Features

Time Machine Steakhouse and Killer Szechuan

Gosh Jim! I'm SO envious of your Szechuan find! If only there were some authentic Asian places near here! I'm telling you though, your podcast made me almost (so close and yet so far!) taste it... Thanks, I think :)

Jan 08, 2007
scrapcatb in Features