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New Years In Buenos Aires Agentina

I just wanted to send a thank you to everyone who was able to share some ideas for the trip. They are much appreciated! I will get some feedback upon the return.

Have a great holiday.

Bariloche Argentina Restaurants/Buenos Aires Restaurant Recommendation

Mikey, could you recomend some better places in BA as far as High End? We are looking for a memorable meal for New Years Eve. Thanks for the help.

New Years In Buenos Aires Agentina

My wife and I are taking our honeymoon to Argentina and will be in BA for New Years. We were looking for a four star type place for a memorable meal. I have heard about Dora and Patagonia Sur but was wondering if anyone could recomend any other places as well. We will also be in Mendoza for a few days and I am interested in any places there. Thanks.