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HATCH CHILE ROASTING 2009 Please add dates

OMG! We're from New Mexico and had to beg Whole Foods to order frozen "Bueno"; but, they could only get little containers of "Mild".
Hatch is the best and roasted is the only way to go!
We're in the Bay Area and will definitely make a trip to get some!
You Southern Californians don't know how lucky you are!

Jul 22, 2009
artfxca in Los Angeles Area

Reliable fresh uni in the East Bay?

I have never had bad uni at Kamakura in Oakland or Sugata in Berkeley/Albany. Always served absolutely fresh!
Also, Kamajura has uni paste - delicious with ika or yama imo!

Taos / Santa Fe / Duke City - Weekend Edition

Yes! Yes! Just got back to the Bay Area, but Taos is my home.
Orlando's has some of the tastiest caribe chile in the southwest and everything is superbly and authentically prepared.
We Taosenas consider food at the Compound very nicely prepared "gringo grub" and perhaps that was the appeal versus Orlando's.
The chef at Antonio's has a similar menu to Rellenos and since you may still be in Taos, try the Chile Nogales - superior!
For the food the locals eat - go to El Taoseno ion Pueblo del Sur - have a fine bowl of green and some sopapillas with honey or more upscale, The Dragonfly next to the Post Office.
On your way out of New Mexico, hit Garcia's on 4th or Central for some red or green with beans - delish! And even better sopapillas!

May 22, 2009
artfxca in Southwest

Carnitas special at Otaez, Alameda

We also tried this restaurant under the same circumstances and were HUGELY disappointed since we, like another poster, had tried the International Blvd. place a few times and found the food authentic and service very good.
The waiters at the Webster Street place firstly, took ten minutes to get to us, even after informing the hostess, and then, brought the wrong dishes.
To add insult to injury, what we did order was god-awful - salty beyond belief and swimming in grease.
If you want great and authentic Mexican food head to International Blvd - Huarache is fabulous!

Minneapolis Cheap and Fun Foodie Food???

We want to get my sister and her family a gift certificate for the holidays for an inexpensive, but fabulous foodie food place in Minneapolis. They have two worldly eater children (9 yrs and 13yrs) and are adventurous. Ethnic is fine. Dim Sum? Breakfasts?
We're not familiar with Minneapolis and any input is gratefully appreciated.

Blue Diamond Almond Milk

We use it for everything!
We primarily use the self-stable "unsweetened" and I add a bit of flavoured stevia drops for "egg creams" with a shot of seltzer. The Vanilla is creamy and thick and the Chocolate better than chocolate milk!

Oct 24, 2008
artfxca in General Topics

Dim Sum, Vietnamese, Asian Markets in Santa Fe

We're moving to the Santa Fe/Taos area and need to know if there's any possibility of Dim Sum or Vietnamese food or, at the very least, Asian markets in the area.

Jun 02, 2008
artfxca in Southwest


RANG DONG in Oakland'd Chinatown has got to be the very best Vietnamese food I've tried in the Bay Area.
The pho is rich, dark, flavourful and authentic. The subtle spiciness of the glistening stock is an epicurian pleasure layered with sweet and savory undertones of star anise, cinnamon and garlic. The soup is chock full of lean meats or sparkling crisp seasonal veggies.
My favorite, the vegetable soup, is really a vegetarian delight - firm noodles, broccoli, snappy string beans, choy, slivers of taut carrots and fresh-never-soggy noodles swimming in a truly vegetarian broth (unlike many Vietnamese places that sub chicken stock).
The buns are carefully prepared; densely flavoured, yet cleanly distinguishable toppings aboard warm noodles.
But, it is the entrees here that truly shine: lemon-grass chicken or the most lusciuos and creamy tofu, tamaring prawns or salt and pepper calamari, absolutely authentic broken rice dishes or unusual in an American market - tomato and pork liver soup.
The fish is exquisitely prepared, baot fresh and never greasy. The barbequed meats are slightly crist and so tender.
Thang, the owner, and his wife make every effort to see that their customers are treated like royalty with excellent service and a flexibility in preparing foods to your liking unique nowadays in a dining experience.
Before a water or tea cup is empty, it is efficiently filled, quietly and without disruption. The service is impeccable!
One more thing - what a bargain! RANG DONG'S

Best Asian tea shops in Los Angeles?

We are relocating in the Spring to the Los Angeles area and when visiting, I often buy my tea at Wing Hop Fung. Since I am, for all intents and purposes, a good Asian tea addict, does anyone have suggestions for other cources of good quality teas? I'm not crazy about flavored (EU) type black teas and prefer good oolongs, pu-erhs, "red" and greens.
Thanks in advance!

Jan 03, 2007
artfxca in Los Angeles Area

Good butcher Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena?

Thank you!Thank you! We used Alexander's Meats in Howie's Ranch market and had a fabulous roast! Everyone enjoyed it and it made the holiday special. Whenever we are in LA again and I am cooking, we'll trust their meats. It was a great recommendation!

Dec 26, 2006
artfxca in Los Angeles Area

Good food gifts for clients in Napa?

Any of the bakeries have regional things. Actually, you'll get better wine selections at MUCH better prices in Trader Joe's. Mustards are a great choice. There are dozens of mustards made in the area. Vella's cheeses are just the best. As are Cowgirl Creamery. Black and Red French Brie from Petaluma just won a "gold" against European companies and there's alwaysd Laura Chenel's goat cheese. One thing you just can't get anywhere but in NAPA is PRAEGER PORTS. They have a tasting room inRutherford and just one bottle is such a treat that your friends and clients will remember you forever. IT IS THE VERY BEST! And, yes, they do have few types in that range. They do not distribute so it's very special. Good luck! Have fun and go to Sonoma County where you don't have to pay fees in the tasting rooms (at least in most).

Good Christmas Treats Restaurant For Little Children?

Hi, all,
We're going to be in LA over the holidays. In Chicago, the Drake Hotel has a "Dickens Luncheon" with Santa at your table. We have a three year old granddaughter. Is there any seasonally oriented place to take her for a treat in Los Angeles?

Dec 16, 2006
artfxca in Los Angeles Area

Vegetarian Dim Sum in Los Angeles?

We're visiting LA for the holidays and my husband is a vegetarian who loves dim sum............has anyone come across any veggie dim sum places? There was one in Santa Monica some years ago and I don't think it's still there, but unsure.
Thanks, all!

Dec 13, 2006
artfxca in Los Angeles Area

Authentic Japanese sushi et al in Los Angeles? No mayo.......

We're visiting LA for the holidays and looking for "real" Japanese food - particularly sushi. No "rock 'n' roll" mai or mayo, please.

Dec 13, 2006
artfxca in Los Angeles Area

Good butcher Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena?

Coming to LA to cook Christmas dinner for the family and need a big, butterflied pork roast. Any suggestions?

Dec 12, 2006
artfxca in Los Angeles Area