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Dishes to Build an Empire On

oh c'mon, at least use the proper term for a "french fry and mayonnaise sandwich": a chip butty!

Apr 27, 2007
inciquay in Features

Samosa King - holy cow!

Where is this place?

Anyone been to Tomi Kro

Logically that makes sense, but the snobbery was so palpable that there was no mistaking the true motive behind our seating placement.

Anyone been to Tomi Kro

I just went for dinner there a couple of nights ago and while the food was quite nice I was a little dismayed by the service. We had reservations for a late 9pm dinner and although the restaurant was not in the least full, our table was in the back by the kitchen door. This bothered me. I couldn't tell if they decided to put us back there upon our arrival or if they had sized us up on the phone before hand and decided we weren't worthy. Our server was pretty blasé about the whole affair at first but the more items we ordered and the more wine...our reception got a lot warmer. Suddenly we were inundated with anecdotes and suggestions galore. By the time we left it felt like we walked a gauntlet of staff who actually shook our hands after our $500 meal! I couldn’t and can't get it out of my head. It would be nice to have had a little less glad-handing at the end and a little more at the beginning. It just smacked of elitist disingenuous pomposity!

Thirsty Business

I work at an LCBO (casual part-time) and it's amazing the amount of people that come in during the day to buy alcohol and don't want a bag or a receipt. The minis are our most popular selling items. I've even had to stop people from opening up their purchases in the store and emptying them into McDonald's cups, thermos's etc. These are well-dressed people in the financial district too!

Feb 08, 2007
inciquay in Features

Malted Milk Powder

wow! a plethora of answers! thanks for all the great info. I'm gonna track down this Horlick's stuff come hell or high water, but I'm loving the link to CTL Foods (thanx pescatarian). I just might have to make trek to T&T but I live next to Chinatown so wish me luck that I can find it down here. I never knew it was an Asian staple.
ooh and thanx dearborn barkis GFS is totally doable for me!

Malted Milk Powder

Has anyone seen this product in T.O.?
I'm baking for the holidays and found several recipes that call for it and look intriguing. I've checked Pusateri's and William Sonoma, where should I be trying?

Sushi place next door to Japango

I have and it's aiight. I'd wait a week or two more to let them get the kinks out of it first. The sushi-grade fish was nicely fresh but the tempura was overly greasy, and the service left something to be desired in a restaurant that small with only a small amount of patrons.

Winterlicious Menus are Up!

Huzzah! I love the heads up, thank you!

Tortilla Press

Sorry! SusanB is right they own HomeOutfitters--that's where I bought mine :-)

Jamaican Food

Island Foods @ King & Dufferin St. or in the Village by the Grange (across from OCAD) does nice Trini roti, jerk, blood pudding etc.

Tortilla Press

I bought mine at HomeSense in Yorkdale mall but I'm sure it's available at the Bay too since they own HomeSense.