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Good Artisan Bread Bakeries?

Are there any good artisan bakeries that aren't chain stores (like Panera or La Madelaine) in the DC Metro area? Baltimore would be good, too, although I'm not as familiar with that location. Meanwhile, I gotta hold on till Landover or Crofton Wegmans open for business . . .

Annapolis Favorites and Updates

Where is G&M?

Current Status of Wegmans in Landover and Crofton?

Yeah, I've been to that site. The information at that website is a bit stale, with news dating back to February 2007 at the latest. I'm looking for more current information. Where did you get the information about the 2009 date?

Current Status of Wegmans in Landover and Crofton?

Current Status of Wegmans in Landover and Crofton?

Does anyone know what are the current status of Wegmans construction in Landover and Crofton? I don't often drive by these locations so I don't know what's going on there. Last time (which was about a few weeks ago) I drove by Waugh Chapel in Crofton, I saw bulldozers and a large water retention pond had been dug, but other than that, no obvious sign of constructions. And Wegman website still has the date set as "TBD". I've been googling for news every once in a while, but the latest news date to around middle of 2007.

Yes, I'm really anxious to have either Wegmans open yesterday, especially as Virginia and Hunt Valley are too far for me to drive with gas being what it costs now!