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Grace on College - I guess I don't get the buzz

Updating a recent experience at Grace on College. Let me preface by saying that the general review from my 'Foodie' friends was at best inconsistent, but I was not expecting one of the most disappointing meals I have had in Toronto (or anywhere else for that matter) for some time. An already limited wine list was made even more useless with the first 3 wines we ordered being sold out. Settling in to wine by the glass, we decided to push on - in retrospect, the wine should have been our first indication that it was time to cut our losses. My wife ordered the chicken liver pate - a whipped-up mousse afair that lost all richness of flavour, while my berkshire pork chop was so overdone, I simply cannot understand how any chef could let it out of the kitchen. Previous posts mentioned the overly long wait for food - I can confirm this first hand. Toronto has so many wonderful restaurants - do not waste your time on Grace.

Chinatown - Let's seperate the winners from the losers

My first stop is usually Swatow at 309 Spadina. No decor but simply some of the best prepared Asian on the strip - also open late.