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Bayona or Herbsaint

The thing about Herbsaint is that it's consistently very good; it never disappoints but it also never reaches that pinnacle of "wow, this is amazing." Bayona, on the other hand, is excellent, though I've read reports that it sometimes wavered. I personally have enjoyed everything. The goat cheese crouton and the duck breast are both amazing.

The Herbsaint wine list is not as massive as Bayona's and shifts its focus away from French, which is Bayona's bulk, but is mainly typical

When I lived in New Orleans Herbsaint and Bayona were my two mainstays. I would say that I've heard loud crowds at both restaurants. If you are so loud either restaurant has different rooms they can put you in if you inform them beforehand about the age range/size of group, but ultimately I would say that if you'd like your girlfriend to really experience an excellent and classic New Orleans meal I'd go for Bayona. Herbsaint is however younger and I've been gone from the city for a year, perhaps it is on fire.

I will say that if you go to Herbsaint, skip dessert. I've never had a good dessert there.

Dec 05, 2007
pipharper in New Orleans

California Cuisine or Cal-Med-Ital in NYC?

He came up with the term originally to describe the Tasting Room. I was fortunate enough to go there for their one year anniversary--they decorated the place with hay bails in response to the review.

Dec 05, 2007
pipharper in Manhattan

Best iced coffee?

Definitely Verb in Williamsburg.

Jul 17, 2007
pipharper in Manhattan

Christmas Eve Dinner

I'm looking for a place to have Christmas Eve dinner. I've been searching online for a bit and I've been thinking about Fifth Floor, but their menu seems a little expensive, and not that I'm on a budget but they're clearly overcharging for their wine (I work in the service industry, I don't want spend 500 bucks on a Beaucastel...), so are there any suggestions for Christmas Eve?