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Hot Trend: Inventive Mole

In Náhuatl, Mole literally means "sauce." Not all Moles have 28+ ingredients, there are Moles of different ingredient variations, some as short as five ingredients (such as Mole Verde Zacatecano: Tomatillo, Cilantro, Jalapeño, Garlic, Onion) and some as long as Oaxacan ones. And contrary to popular belief, chocolate is not always an ingredient. Thank you very much for reading, provecho to all of you.

Apr 15, 2012
teenage glutster in Features

East L.A Drunk Punks on Real Chinese Food: Delicious Food Corner

Thus, Josh bringing me to this new place across the street from his swim teaching gig he got, Delicious Food Corner, where he sweared--had the "bomb'est" Sweet & Sour Pork ever, his favorite. A little befuddled at first due to the absence of that Americanized Chinese bright red sauce that's usual in most East L.A steam tray Chinese Food places, he was relieved when I told him...relax! This is how it is SUPPOSED to be.

No wonder he loved this place, the plate came out like a Hungry Man meal and had quite a friendly cost for someone who would rather buy more beer and eat chips rather than pay for a full meal. Generous with thick slices of balanced-sweet, tinged Pork loin, garlicky Ong Choy and two craftfully medium fried, runny eggs on top of chewy steamed wonder!

The place was quite sprawling with regulars with a line out the door. Inside, people munched on snow-white crustless, halved sandwiches stuffed with Macau-style Pork Chops and fried spicy-salted Chicken Wings; the place served Hong Kong Style snacks out of absolute nowhere!

Curry with Fried Fish Balls snapped at the bite and was drowned in that rich, broth based Chinese Curry sauce--intensive in the infamous Five Spice aromatics.

for full pictures:

Cemitas & Clayudas Pal Cabron way before J. Gold...

Seriously, it's actually the newest naughtiest food child of the same family who brought the L.A standard Guelaquetza restaurants. This place is perhaps the only restaurant positive of making even the most pizza/flaming hot cheetoes-esque of my old East L.A Garfield High School homies become even the most diligent of austere foodies.

It's a concept that Bricia Lopez and her father Fernando Lopez brought to life after a recent trek to Puebla and discovering the delicate beauty of their street staple, a Cemita Poblana, the omnipresent sandwich of Puebla. Freshly baked, dense, rustic roll dusted with Ajonjoli (Sesame Seeds) and made with the legit stuff, not Crisco...yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Seethed with Milanesa, Quesillo, Queso Panela, Avocado, Chipotle, and the ever acquired taste of Papalo, an herb that smells like if a really thirsty deer just walked on top of it....

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine

Delayed my highly anticipated, usual Dim Sum feast at Elite an extra hour to do some excruciating forward bends, I ended up haphazardly trying Lunasia Chinese Cuisine right across the street (decided to go with the whole 'new phase in life' theme, hence, try a new Dim Sum Place?).

This was probably my first Dim Sum experience back in the day when they were still 'Triumphal Palace'. They have a very similar menu to Triumphal Palace's, not too far from Elite's so, I stuck with some of my usuls, and of course...tried new things.

We were the first guests of day, the three of us (mom, pops & me) were the only ones there for a good hour, service was impeccable. Not even five minutes had passed since we submitted our little dim sum exam sheet (check off, no carts in sight) and our first plate had arrived.

It was simply translated to Boiled Chinese Green, definitely a close relative to Kai Lan (Chinese Broccoli). Lived up to its name as there was no resistance in the usually undercooked stalk of this plant, came along nicely with some added texture of the chewy bean curd pieces on top. The broth added depth.

Baked Turnip Cakes have been making its way to most of these modern check-off establishments. This glorious pastry encompasses that ubiquitous shrimp-pork-rice flour steamed turnip mixture and adds even more of a swoon affect with its luxurious flaky crust. Still, keeping that light touch; not as greasy and rich as in other places.

Next up was the Sauteed Eggplant

Eggplant is one tough veggie, literally. To get rid of that bitter, dry mealy raw texture requires a lot of patience, skill and heat. That said, these were good. Texture somewhere between a fried plantain but still a little bit of that raw eggplant stuff left in tact. The accompanying sauce was as expected, a lot lighter on flavors--not as sweet or salty--than most other chinese eggplant stuff.

The vegetable dumplings were standard.

A plethora of finely cut assorted veggies and bean noodles. Just have to wait a while to cool (which I couldn't), so they can be chopstick manageable. Since they are done in the Cantonese style of the south, fragile, translucent rice flour is used, not thick pliable wheat flour like in most dumpling/noodle only shops.

Almost done.

Pan Fried Turnip Cake in X.0 Sauce

X-O Sauce is a concoction derived from brewing the hell out of dried fish, scallops and shrimp then cooked with garlic, chili, onion and oil. Put this on anything and I will eat it. The turnip-mixture spears were satisfying, starchy and hitting the same comfort spot as a devious steak french fry. My dad was convinced it was a potato wedge.

We also got these Purple Rice Wraps due to the exclusivity of it. But they didn't make the photo room floor (totally crossed my mind somehow). These were the only things that broke that signature lightness that was apparent through out all the dishes. The wrapper acted as a sponge for excess oil. Nonetheless, the obscure forbidden rice delivered its floral savory notes, it was well seasoned.

Durian Pastry

Absolute godfood. That same buttery, flakey crust but this time enveloping the king of fruits: Durian, in all its luscious, silky divinity. I will admit, it was a bit sissified though to maintain Lunasia's signature lightness.

Going again with the theme, I opted for Pu-er cha (tea), a fermented black tea associated with old chinese men for it's digestive benefits, ha. It went nicely with everything, tasting of earth. It kept me rooted and refreshed through out the meal with its fresh soil essence and fat-cutting properties.

Everything ranged from $1.88 (S) for the smaller vegetable items to 6.88 (Kit). for the meat item

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine
(626) 308-3222
500 W Main St
Alhambra, CA

(for pictures go to

the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

Sandwiches eyy?

I recently took an expedition to sample Juliennes In San Marino.

Roast Leg of Lamb Sandwich with caramalized Onions, Tomatoe and Avocado on their house-made Rosemary Bread.

Did I mention the walk was 30 minutes long? At about 1:00PM with the sun guiding my way, and it was in the shee-shee city of San Marino and all by my ghetto self?

No regrets though...

Bahn Cuon (or Mi's) anywhere else?


That would really hit the spot

Bahn Cuon (or Mi's) anywhere else?

I've recently discovered Bahn Cuon Tay Ho on Valley and have been there already several times. I love it but with my stupid conscience getting the best of me...I must venture out already and try other places around SGV, are there any other places that have these flesh-like delight's?(bonus, if they have some sort of fish or vegetarian roll)


Also, has anyone ever seen some sort of fish Bahn Mi's?

Let the Feasting Begin! Graduation Dinner at or near San Gabriel Valley

tell me about it!

anything else?

Let the Feasting Begin! Graduation Dinner at or near San Gabriel Valley

hmm...i haven't had me some yak in a long time.

so many choices!

thanks, keep 'em comin!

Let the Feasting Begin! Graduation Dinner at or near San Gabriel Valley

888 eyy?
Any recommended plates?

Let the Feasting Begin! Graduation Dinner at or near San Gabriel Valley

that's place right?
I've actually have been wanting to go there, do you know at what time they close?
Also, what else do you recommend apart from that steamed curried fish?

Let the Feasting Begin! Graduation Dinner at or near San Gabriel Valley

It's finally my graduation from these "best years of my life" known as High School, or should I say my graduation DINNER! I'm wondering where i should go though, any suggestions/places are welcome. The only catch is...the accomodation for 8-9 of us. For special occasions, we would usually do a $100+ Geoduck Clam or Lobster at Newport Seafood or have a Meze feast at Wahib's but in my attempt to "stray from my usuals"(read blog), I'll try anything else.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

still don't know about Taste Of Alhambra!

to go or not to go, that is the question.
can anyone give me their opinion?
is anyone else going?

Taste of Alhambra...worth it?

is anyone else going?

Taste of Alhambra...worth it?

you're right...i mean i always do that, if only i can always think like that!


Taste of Alhambra...worth it?

Has anyone been to this event before?
Would they recommend it?

New Concept Reopens As Elite Restaurant

this place was great. Especially the Baked Scallop and Turnip Cakes and Duran Pie!

Young palates, aged wines?

i do not find this true at all.
Food is a passion in my life, and i am barely 17.
I hope my blog will prove anyone who begs to differ wrong

Mar 21, 2007
teenage glutster in Features

is there any place better than Newport Seafood for Lobster?

awww...someone actually answered!

thank you, you have no idea how you've helped me out.

is it during Dim Sum or on the Dinner Menu?

is there any place better than Newport Seafood for Lobster?

It's my dear mothers birthday tomorrow and has a hankering for some lobster.
I know that Newport won't let me down but would like to try somewhere different for a change. Doesn't really matter how it's done or where it's from.

Any recs?

Something Different for Chinese New Year in SGV: Should I Even Try?

I love Jazz Cat on Valley and some Cocary place on Garvey and Atlantic.
Is there anywhere else?

Something Different for Chinese New Year in SGV: Should I Even Try?

All of a sudden i find myself wanting to do something different....special this Chinese New Year. I would like to do something else than my usual steamed vegetable dumplings at Noodle 101 Express, Mei Long Village, Mandarin Noodle, and Dumpling 10053. Can anyone help me out? Or should i settle for the "usual" yet again?

I'm very fond of chinese pastries, savory or sweet-particularly sweet bean and veggie ones, if that helps.


ISO- 'Mom & Pop' type Italian in S.G.V. area

Angelos in Alhambra.
On Valley about 4-5 blocks east of Atlantic.

scallop risotto?

Does anyone recommend any places that have it around Marina Del Rey or Venice?