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Where to visit and eat in Canada

"Little urban charm there, though."

I disagree. Many tourists don't venture past Front Street. There are regions of Toronto with plenty of charm, including the bustling Italian cool on College Street, King West (where you'll find Susur Lee's restaurant nestled amid Victorian warehouses), and yes, even some charm in the financial district. Canoe comes to mind, overlooking Lake Ontario 54 floors up. Or you could get a dosa as large as your arm in Little India on Gerrard street and then go for a walk in the huge park nearby. It's really about research, and writing off Toronto as a foodie destination in Canada is not warranted.

Dec 12, 2006
tuquegrrl in Atlantic Canada

Best of the Trappist Beers

I would hardly compare fin du monde with a true trappist ale, though it is a fine drink. If you're in Canada you can try special orders through the LCBO for the rarer Belgian ones.

Dec 12, 2006
tuquegrrl in Beer

Barberian's Steakhouse--anyone been there recently?

Your steak will be amazing, the veggies and the rest will be adequate, and the apple beignets for dessert will be a hit.
But there's more sizzling here than just the steak. The owner has one of the best wine cellars in the city, if not the best.

P.E.I. - Charlottetown recommendations?

I'd recommend Off Broadway as well, and after that you can wander across the way to the historic brew pub, for something hoppier.

Dec 12, 2006
tuquegrrl in Atlantic Canada

most romantic place (below 34th street) with entrees under $25

Le Gigot is a good bet. I second that. There's that romantic seating by the window... somehow I always come back there when I'm in NYC.

Dec 12, 2006
tuquegrrl in Manhattan

Looking for a New Years' foodie getaway, anywhere in Canada

NOT bad at all. Though I think he's likely to have the best time in the mountains. Any other suggestions? Please hurry cuz I gotta book soon!

Looking for a New Years' foodie getaway, anywhere in Canada

I want to whisk my husband away for a romantic foodie getaway for New Years, but stay for a few nights. Budget is not an issue - we are so glad to have the grandparents take the kids and we can fly or drive somewhere, relax at a good inn or hotel, and most importantly, EAT WELL. You know, like we did before we had kids.
Can anyone recommend somewhere please? We were thinking of Domain of Killien in Ontario, but I kind of like the idea of flying him somewhere.. maybe Quebec, or the Rockies, or Vancouver Island.. or somewhere down east. FOOD IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CRITERIA!!
Please help!