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Wedding Cake, Lawrence Area

A question for the community!

My dearest friend is getting married in August, in a ceremony near Kansas City.

Do any in the community have recommendations about bakers in the Lawrence, KS area who do exceptional cakes? Kansas City and Topeka are both fine; the bride lives in Springfield, MO, so bakers in that area are also a possibility.

The bride plans to have a small cake for tradition, and then larger layer cakes for feeding the guests (~150 people). This was a decision to minimize cost, so money is an object.

Nota Bene: She does not like fondant or chocolate cake; the former restriction has made it more difficult to find cakes, since fondant is very in at the moment.

I thought of Munchers, but wondered if others had suggestions.

Jan 22, 2010
Arantzain in Great Plains

Marzipan, Prosciutto in St. Louis?

Gah! I traveled to Sicily over the summer and developed a terrible fondness for marzipan and prosciutto. (Not simultaneously, I promise.)

I haven't seen any of either since July, however, and I'm starting to get a bit wild eyed.

Does anyone happen to know of confectioneries or food-import stores that might carry either of these products?

Thank you!