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How to Read Tabelog Restaurant Listings- Simple English Guide

This is helpful, Silverjay! Thank you!

Mar 15, 2013
shirleychow in Japan

Great Sichuan - excellent sichuan food in murray hill (maybe better than Szechuan Gourmet?)

Great thread. I love this place and have been about 8 times including a banquet meal catered for 18 people - they hit it out of the park. They even customized the menu so that it ended up being about $50/pp.

I also think they have some of the best soup dumplings in the city.

Dec 02, 2012
shirleychow in Manhattan

Where to get a whole crispy fish served to my table? (bonus if spicy!)

I really enjoy the spicy & pepper fish with bean curd at Great Sichuan - the one in Murray Hill on 3rd and 26th. There's a chowhound thread on this restaurant here:

Dec 02, 2012
shirleychow in Manhattan

Hong Kong-style Borsch

Hey Frenetica, I haven't tried the borsch here, but I saw it on the menu, it's a hong kong style cafe, M Star in china town.

I had their shrimp and ham spaghetti - very mediocre, but maybe the soup is worthwhile, good luck!

Sep 08, 2010
shirleychow in Outer Boroughs

Best Manhattan Pho

Hi all!

There's two new Pho restaurants in C-Town, both near Mott and Pell.

One of them is called Pho So 1 -
I've been twice and I think the Pho is excellent there as far as New York Pho goes - I have a photo I can upload later (-:

I can't remember the name of the other new one which opened just a couple feet away, but want to try

Has anyone tried them?

Mar 17, 2009
shirleychow in Manhattan

Vietnamese Pho

Sounds like Cong Ly is it, I'll be trying it soon. thanks so much for the suggestions.

Sep 30, 2007
shirleychow in Manhattan

Vietnamese Pho

Anyone have suggestions for authentic Vietnamese Pho? I've been going to Nam Song in Chinatown and its pretty good, but I'm still looking for something closer to the Vietnamese restaurants you find in the los angeles.

Sep 29, 2007
shirleychow in Manhattan


I enjoyed the fried chicken, except it was too salty at times. They wouldn't let me charge less than $10 on my credit card, so I added on a slice of peach cobbler -- oh man. I heated it up in the oven as he suggested and it was the best cobbler i've ever had. Anyone else had the cobbler?

Aug 27, 2007
shirleychow in Manhattan