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MSP: Updated Dinner Recommendations for Minneapolis?

If you're looking for "art" (visual, not edible) most of the suggestions above will work. However, if you care primarily about food, then 112 eatery is the real answer. Either Isaac Becker (Chef Owner) or Denny (Sous Chef) will prepare your meal whenever you are there - not some talented but non-invested line cook. Whenever someone who cares sends the plate your way, it's a good sign. Zen food without leaving hungry. Their stringozzi (their spelling, not mine) elevates water, flour & salt (no egg) to new heights as a means to sop up the lamb sugo's succulent juices. Their "cold cut" appetizer will surprise you, down to their home made pickles. Go ahead and dress up, but your food will be no better than what's being served to the party in jeans & t-shirts at 112.