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Fish Monger in NoVA...

I find american seafood in arlington just so-so. sometimes feels not so fresh. the clarendon whole foods is nice -- but pricey. Any other places in Arlington?

Restaurant Eve Tonight

eat whatever they have that's pork!

Acadiana, Ceiba, or Poste for Restaurant Week Dinner?

I think Acadiana is the more special food. Poste is really not all that -- decent bistro food filled with boisterous people with fake tans. Good fries tho.

indigo landing -- help, i need another place to eat outside

we went to indigo landing last night. the atmosphere was lovely, our server was attentive and friendly, our appetizers were fine but my god....the entrees are horrible! like airplane food, but with larger portions. although i've had airplane food that was hotter (both our entrees arrived cold). Quite confident that neither the salmon nor shrimp were fresh, which not even the massive amounts of glutinous "glaze" on top could hide. and the vegetable medley reminded me of the school lunch plan.

Such a disappointment, because it's such a pleasant place to sit. I hope the chef or owner can wise up and realize that the food is not going to make anyone come back. Anyone have other favorites for al fresco? Prefer some place that's not a mob scene.

new bistro on Lee Highway in Arlington - Anyone know anything?

dying for a decent local place to get a glass of wine and dinner that we could walk to, restaurant vero is consistently disappointing.

Dinner in Old Town Alexandria

the greek restaurant on king street is also lovely -- very simple but flavorful food, cute but not kitschy, and you can get out of there for a reasonable amount. also, their house wines are good -- and a good price.

Fried chicken in Arlington?

I have a craving and can't think where to go. Would love to avoid KFC...

Dinner suggestion in Cambridge?

there's no doubt that places like blue room are a lot of fun. if you want great, sophisticated but unpretentious food -- things you wont be served elsewhere, with attention to detail, a quiet energy that makes it possible to have a conversation, and a terrific wine list, you are better off at Craigie Street Bistrot.

Sounds like Sky Pilot is looking for a date, not looking for a great meal.

May 21, 2007
561723 in Greater Boston Area

Taberna de Alabardero -- anything better?

I was so excited about this place -- then we had a COMPLETELY mediocre meal there friday night. Nice apetizers at the bar, but a dry, flavorless paella that was 98% rice...barely enough for a main course. Uninspired starters; passable dessert. Was not cheap, either, and i was expecting better. Anyone have a better spanish restaurant they can recommend?

Talulla in Arlington--any good?

any more great neighborhood places in arlington to recommend?

Talulla in Arlington--any good?

I just moved here and am looking for the kind of great food, good wine, relaxed neighborhood places i relied on in Tallula any good, or, any suggestions?

Restaurant Vero on Lee Highway in Arlington -- a Major Disappointment

We'd been watching them expand with curiosity, and every night they were full to the brim with diners -- and then there was a rave review in the Post -- and finally friday night we went there -- just horrible, one of the worst meals we've had at a restaurant. boring caesar salad -- pretentiously presented as "roasted lettuce" --- and then literally tasteless entrees -- a lamb shank and a pork chop that were beyond disapppointing. Seemed like they'd been cooking all day and yet they weren't even hot. The dominant flavor was.....old celery. The sweet potato side was horribly bitter. It was so yucky we couldn't really bring ourselves to finish. What a disappointment; we were hoping for a great neighborhood restaurant that would be special and welcoming.

Casual, fun, good food (Greek?)

Taverna Cretekou on King Street in alexandria is great. lovely, fresh, elegant but not fussy food, nice atmosphere, good service. even the olive oil and bread are delicious, and the greek house white wine is a good buy. in warmer months, a lovely courtyard.