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Mid-Priced Dinners in Napa

We're treating our sons and girlfriends to a few days in Napa in March and dread dinners approaching $1000 (there will be 7 of us). We'd love to go to Meadowood, Redd, or Bottega, but fear that $1000 tab. What might some locals recommend for casual eating for people who would love high end dining? We've been to Bistro Don Giovanni and that was perfect for this need. What else might be in this price range? We're open to just about any cuisine, but one son will definitely be asking about food sources, as he prefers food straight from an organic farm. Are we on the right track by thinking about Grace's Table, The Carneros Inn, Zuzu's or Redd Wood?

Jan 29, 2013
xnyer in San Francisco Bay Area

one night on my own in downtown Austin

Coming to town for a wedding and the whole weekend is booked. We have Thursday to ourselves and we'd like to have a mid-priced meal ($50-$75 for 2 without drinks) in downtown and a bar for music (rock) and dancing. Suggestions?

Oct 17, 2010
xnyer in Austin

dinner before Beach Blanket Babylon

walking distance, not too pricy, not too carb heavy,

Jul 22, 2008
xnyer in San Francisco Bay Area