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Green Leaf Kimchi recipe?

Thanks hannaone! Both recipes sound really great, can't wait to try it.

Oct 22, 2011
digkv in Home Cooking

Green Leaf Kimchi recipe?

Hey guys ,

So there's this restaurant that's a japanese/korean bbq place by me that has just one of the most delicious kimchi i've ever had. It's so different than any other kimchi and I've really only seen it served there. They call it green leaf kimchi (they called it light kimchi once too) and it looks like it's made from sanchu the Korean lettuce, but it might not be. It doesn't really taste too fermented and is more sweet than it is spicy/tangy. It might be a long shot but I was wondering if anyone had a recipe that was like this? any help would be really appreciated as I love making kimchi and have the typically ingredients needed for it at home. I have a link to their menu too which has I believe the original Korean language of it? hopefully it will help, it's the first menu item translated as green leaf kimchi:

Thanks guys!

Oct 20, 2011
digkv in Home Cooking

Palmier from scratch recipe?

thanks! it's been a while since i've read this post and your comment made me look back at it, and it reminded me of how easy making these truly was! I've tried making some full out puff pastry and croissants too recently but the epicurious recipe above actually tastes just as good as the puff pastry and is much much much easier,

Feb 01, 2011
digkv in Home Cooking

Apple Pie

I actually prefer making gallettes, just a free form pie really. For the crust, definitely use an all butter crust. Deb from smittenkitchen has a really wonderful galette dough recipe, which also works with pies:

Your round pyrex pan should be great for a pie. I think Cook's illustrated did a test and liked the pyrex glass pie pan the best. I love pies and have a made a few, but all my double crust pies always turn out really messed up so I'm probably not the best person for advise, but I do make great hand pies and galettes, which I find to be so much easier! I recommend any of those unless you are super set on making a standard double crust. Good luck!

Nov 03, 2010
digkv in Home Cooking

do an obsessive video on beer!

thank you for the reply Meredith!

Well, I may be biased but my favorite brewer is a local one. Here in Orange County, we have what I consider the best Belgian style brewer, Patrick Rue of the Bruery. Their beers have actually been getting a lot of wins lately, like their wonderful Flemish Red, Oude Tart just won gold at the Great American Beer Festival. I really do just love their beers so much, they are extremely playful with their use of yeast and innovative ingredients.

I guess up in NorCal more there are many fine brewers too. Lagunitas is quite delicious and located in Petaluma, you've already featured Russian River, who has some of the best beers in the world and that's all I can think of right now haha.

I really do hope you guys do a video soon. I just love seeing obsessives, it's so great to see someone who has such a passion for their craft, show it on camera.

Oct 28, 2010
digkv in Site Talk

Can Manchurian sauce be made with mostly ketchup?

This recipe is delicious

there's ketchup but lots of other ingredients, mark bittman's stuff was always been so eh.

Oct 27, 2010
digkv in Home Cooking

Yuengling Expanding to Memphis

gee thanks MGZ, that's a beautiful description and now I really do look forward to try some! Yeunglin sounds amazing, it's a shame that's it's so difficult to get it here in CA.

Oct 18, 2010
digkv in Beer

do an obsessive video on beer!

Obsessives is one of my favorite video series from chow and you guys have done it on everything from wine, sake, absinthe to tea but no beer :(. Beer is such a beautiful, gorgeous thing and there are so many talented microbrewers. I really wish you could do a feature on one of them! There's so many in the Napa valley too! lagunitas and russian river (i did see the Perfect video and loved it). you guys should do it!

Oct 17, 2010
digkv in Site Talk

Yuengling Expanding to Memphis

Never had yuengling being from the west coast. It sounds like a large scale "macrobrewer" though. is it any good for one of those large brewers? Better than Sam? or would you consider most micros to be better?

Oct 17, 2010
digkv in Beer

Making homemade spaghetti with the Kitchen Aid pasta cutter- help!

Sorry can't offer any help, I have a hand crank pasta machine that's separate and i get some sticking of pasta too. I always thought it was just normal so I always just peeled it. Sometimes I find it easier to just roll up the pasta sheet and cut my own noodles...sometimes...

Oct 12, 2010
digkv in Home Cooking

Chicken Skin Candy ... get it now, all the kids are doing it!

this was an amazing post, I laughed and salivated and just, gah now i totally want some of this.

Oct 09, 2010
digkv in Home Cooking

Chicken Skin Candy ... get it now, all the kids are doing it!

i think it was actually Hung in the season after that. He was making a healthy fried chicken and decided that if he scraped off the fat and just baked the skin up it would be crispy and you'd have the "good" part of fried chicken and not the bad unhealthy part. I don't think Ilan would have thought if that unless it was served at his Spanish restaurant.

Oct 09, 2010
digkv in Home Cooking

Best fried chicken in OC?

Chicken Box in La Habra is quite good. They make "broasted" chicken which probably isn't technically fried but it's still quite delicious and is a legendary OC fried chicken staple. Get their Monday night special which is like 10 pieces of chicken with fries for around $12 i think.

Mrs. Knott's, of course, is probably Orange County's most famous fried chicken place. I happen to love it but I know most people actually don't. The chicken is brined prior to frying making it deliciously well-seasoned and moist. Don't forget to get their boysenberry pie either.

Other than that I really can't think of much, there's a couple of "asian-style" fried chicken places that use rice flour. An asian-style one is BBQ chicken in Diamond Jamboree in Irvine, they do have some rice-flour fried chicken but their famous one is just the plain which is fried in olive oil to be healthier. It's good, something a bit different than the previous 2 i mentioned which are a bit more traditional but BBQ chicken uses these tiny chicken pieces and it does get expensive, much like everything in Irvine.

Good luck on finding some more places! Hope you try some of these out though.

Chicken Box-Broasted Chicken
330 E Whittier Blvd, La Habra, CA 90631

Mrs Knott's Restaurant
8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA

Bbq Chicken
2750 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606

May 30, 2010
digkv in Los Angeles Area

Racist Typo in Cookbook a Costly Mistake

Actually, it is racist. Ground black people is racist because back in the Jim Crow era, when African Americans were refused suffrage rights through certain tests. One of the tests was to be able to grind a jackrabbit into a fine powder then make crack cocaine out of it. It was of course, nearly impossible to do and the one successful black man, Homer Plessy was still denied his right. Plessy v. Ferguson of course made it so that the tests became separate but equal, thus, both whites and blacks would have both been required to grind up jackrabbits but it was removed after the case was enforced. After that, every time a black person would try to do something that the whites disapproved of, they called them "groundies".

or that typo was not racist at all and just a mere description of someone not white is suddenly considered racist.

Apr 27, 2010
digkv in Features

The Sweet Taste of Denial

skinny cow tastes good but texturally, you can definitely tell it's low fat. It has the texture of frozen whipped cream, it's so light on the tongue it's almost non-existant and if you like that sort of thing I recommend it but if not, then I wouldn't get it. It certainly tastes a lot better than most low-fat ice cream and it doesn't have that gross sticky gummy xantham gum texture that other low fat ice creams have but its airiness lets you know that it isn't real ice cream either. Stick with the haagen dazs, just eat it in small quantities.

Apr 25, 2010
digkv in Features

FRV100 gamay in OC?

Hey guys,

so I've been looking for this sparkling wine FRV100 for a while. It's supposedly a relatively cheap wine but I have not found it anywhere and I really want to try it. Does anyone know where I can find it?


Mar 07, 2010
digkv in Los Angeles Area

Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

I agree with fmed, the recipe needs water since those flavors are all so intense and strong and need to be dilluted a bit to be a sauce you can dip in without being too sour/salty . Also, adding some fresh garlic is very important as it adds so much flavor and I prefer fresh Thai bird's eye chilis rather than sambal as it tastes a lot fresher and cleaner.

Jun 12, 2009
digkv in Recipes

Macarons from Cafe Blanc in Costa Mesa

A recent board here on chow brought my cravings for macarons back and the truth is, I really didn't know where to go to get good ones. My usual place would have been Paris in a Cup when their baker was some guy named Guy and he made just the loveliest teeth-sinking flavorful macarons; however, in the past year, they changed it to some San Diego purveyor who produces, tinier, more expensive, inferior tasting macarons. After that, all that was left was Pacal's and I settled for these inconsistent broken macarons that never had the right texture: they were either meringue like hard or cake soft. No cookie ever sated me until a read on obscure mentioning of Cafe Blanc's macarons on here

Cafe Blanc is a very tiny, Asian owned bakery-dessert place that produces not too sweet desserts. While Asian owned, they make classic French desserts, Italian gelato and many of their desserts do feature asian-inspired flavors (I saw yuzu gelato, plum gelee).

The thing I came here for were the macarons though, at $1.25 they were roughly twice the price of Pascal's and about the same size (1.5 in in diameter?). They had many flavors: chocolate, raspberry, apricot, lavender, earl grey. I got one of each except the chocolate and found that each was individually wrapped in a sealed plastic. I wondered for a second if they made these on site as it was packaged like it wasn't, but forgot to ask.

Now, this texture was unbelievable: the way a macaron should be. When you bite into it, your teeth just sink in past the slight crisp top shell into the chewy center. Your eyes will roll back, your heart will skip a beat, and you'll realize why macarons are so wonderful. Ih ave to say though, the flavors were very, very subtle. It was quite difficult to distinguish some flavors but the main reason was that they stored them in a cool slightly refrigerated case. Macarons should be enjoyed at room temperature where the buttercream softens and the flavor isn't subdued by the cold. I discovered this after I let some apricot macarons that I bought afterwards, sit out at for a couple of hours on the counter. I ate one, and it was even more heavenly, the slightly tangy flavor of the apricot exploded on my palate. Get them here, so far, they are the best macarons I have had here in Orange County (though Paris in a Cup was better).

Oct 18, 2008
digkv in Los Angeles Area

Help, ethnic lunch in Fullerton, Anaheim, Placentia?

Oh I've seen that place many times on my way to Sonic but never really looked into it. How is it Das?

Also I recommend El Farolito for Mexican in the Placentia area. It's not ground breaking or even particularly authentic, more like Mexican-American homecooking I guess . There are some nice places for Middle Eastern food in Anaheim near the Disneyland area called Little Gaza, I believe, and there's Zankou's Chicken and Sahara Falafel which I enjoyed.

Oct 11, 2008
digkv in Los Angeles Area

I don't 'get' macarons

I couldn't agree with you more. The macarons at Bouchon are disgusting and overpriced. The best macaron should just have the cathartic teeth-sinking-ness to them that is just so amazing.

Oct 09, 2008
digkv in Home Cooking

Heading for Knott's SCARY farm this Friday

Not sure if they still have it but after the park closes for the halloween haunt mrs. Knott's opens up for a late night buffet of fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, etc for a decent price of $6.99 I believe but that was 2 years ago. I must say it's a great price for Mrs. Knott's wonderful fried chicken.

Oct 09, 2008
digkv in Los Angeles Area

Help! Disneyland For a Day ...

Friday Night is a good night to go to Disneyland, it's usually only season pass holders that day meaning the line shouldn't be too bad. I do recommend the famous Little Red Wagon corn dog on Main Street which is amazing when hot and fresh (I recommend going when there's a long line which sounds crazy but that's the only time they start frying it fresh otherwise you get like one that's been under the heat lamp for an hour).

Sonic is a pretty awesome place to eat at while the food isn't the best I enjoy eating there nonetheless. Let's see though, Sonic is in fullerton but i don't think there's much I can think of around there.

You can hit up the Little Gaza area around Anaheim and get some great Schwarma or falafel (Zankou Chicken is a good chain around there which I haven't had the chance to go).
Oh and here's a post of a fellow chowhounder whose blog I follow religiously, he went to Catal here which is in Downtown Disney

Oct 09, 2008
digkv in Los Angeles Area

What's your "secret ingredient?"

Chiles de arbol add a little heat to any dish if you add it to the oil while it is heating up, letting it sizzle. Of course, also anchovies which improves many boring dishes. My favorite way to prepare green beans is to blanch them and cool them off then stir fry them in evoo which has a chile de arbol cooking in it, add a couple cloves of chopped garlic and a couple filets of anchovies smashed and let it brown and dissolve. Add the green beans and cook until heated through. I like to top it off with some fresh bread crumbs that have been toasted in olive oil. Those 2 ingredients work well with any vegetable really.

Sep 24, 2008
digkv in Home Cooking

Food Fight Results

Oh I know! I agree with you, I want to see some of the previous food fights and i cannot find them at all it was throught the miracle of google that i found the macaroni and cheese one but I don't remember the other ones so I can't google those. Please chow! create a direct page with all the results so that I can actually use your site's search engine to find something on your site!

Sep 07, 2008
digkv in Site Talk

"Doing bacon is illegal" in LA - Drew Carey and black market bacon dogs

I actually made a board on this topic before expressing my great disdain for the city law. I find it preposterous and of course, who eats here thinking that they are going to be that safe? I mean, my cousin calls the hepatitus dogs but that doesn't stop her, or me from eating it, nor have any of use ever gotten sick. Most of the time, I've gotten sick from sit-down restaurants! gasp! Bacon hot dogs are so incredibly LA, I mean they are this cool cultural thing indicative of the city; to take that away is a shame.

Also a side note, LA law is also no making it that so taco trucks can no longer be parked in the same place for an hour. Probably the most unreasonable and understandable law ever. LA officials once again destroys their city's beautiful food culture.

May 08, 2008
digkv in Food Media & News

Oven-Fried Buttermilk Chicken

This tasted ok but I don't think I marinaded long enough. I did what you said and placed a rack on a baking sheet but the bottom of the chicken still ended up being soggy and not fully crisped. Did I do something wrong? The top came out to be nice and crispy though which was lovely.

May 07, 2008
digkv in Recipes

Crow Bar or Marche Moderne or ? (in OC)

Thanks everyone for your help. We did end up going to Marche Moderne tonight and it was absolutely wonderful here it is:

We were given a complimentary amuse which was absolutely delicious: it was some roasted beet, goat cheese, mandarin orange, olive oil and perhaps something else. It was really simple, clean forward flavors with just and absolutely silky smooth texture: all going doing nicely as it was served in a spoon. Truly a one-bite.

First courses:
Artichoke soup, ok this was just lousy like it was really bad. Underseasoned and overwhelmed by the cream, so much so that it barely had any taste of asparagus. Huge disappointment, luckily the only one.

Hot fois gras- ok this was the best dish of the night. My first time having hot fois gras and it was seared well so that it was slightly molten but retained a nice firm texture in the center. It was served with this amazingly light foamy mango emulsion that had a nice acidity to combat the richness of the fois gras. I love that, he uses wonderful Asian ingredients like mango, combining it with French ingredients. It's far from safe i don't know why i ever said that.

Cold cuts. I don't know what it is in French but it's their housemade chorizo, salame, prosciutto, and duck terrine. All were really ok, prosciutto and duck terrine were good but I don't think I'd order this again.

Main Courses:
Sweetbreads: This was my first time having sweet breads and they were really good. Nice smooth texture throughout, delightfully crispy exterior. served with onions confit i believe and an orange based sauce, sort of like a gastrique. It was also served with something they called Nemtes carrots or something like that but they tasted like regular carrots, and I really don't know why they were there. Great dish nonetheless, my favorite of the night.

Braise of Shortribs and beef: This was quite good as well served with a pommes puree. Yea that's all I'll say about, really simple and direct one could wish that they would have made it a bit more interesting but that's being picky.

Lamb Ribeye: A great dish. The lamb was cooked perfectly and served with a horseradish emulsion that was just absolutely amazing. It took the dish over the edge, the emulsion was great and well just great.

Skate wing: This was the fish of the day, it was supposedly brown butter roasted but I really didn't detect any brown butter. It could have used some acid and could have used less salt but overall it was cooked very well and was just great.

Tazmanian Trout: Ok so is tazmanian trout supposed to be orange like salmon? Is it supposed to have the texture of salmon? Is it supposed to taste like salmon? If so then I guess tazmanian trout is very similar to salmon. This dish was served with a saffron sauce, truffled haricot verts and topped with a fried quail egg. This dish was sort of boring really mostly because salmon, or a fish very similar to salmon is boring.

Strawberry Muilfuille: This was just great served with strawberry and vanilla gelato, a vanilla sabayon, it was just great. It was refreshing and surprisingly not at all heavy. I really loved this dessert.

Macaron: An almond macaron filled with gran marnier ice cream and served with like this pistachio puree. The macaron was done well, nice and chewy hard to tell its true texture since it was filled with ice cream and could not be bitten into; thus, no teeth-sinking test. The gran marnier was a bit heavy handed so that there was a slight sharp alcohol taste but that's a minor quibble. The pistachio emulsion thing though, that was amazing. I scraped that stuff off the plate: it was sooo good.

So Marche Moderne was absolutely great. Despite some minor flaws I really like this restaurant. Total with 2 glasses of wine and tip came to $320 so it really is a special occasion sort of place unless you're like nouveaus-riche or something. I highly reccommend this place: I absolutely loved it moreso than my lunch at Bouchon. Great place. Thanks for the recs guys!!

May 02, 2008
digkv in Los Angeles Area

That Depends on What You Mean by "McCain Family"

My point is that he posted a comment attacking John McCain as an elitist which was absolutely unnecessary. It's not funny at all and that comment was extremely un-foody. Maybe they do eat ahi tuna slaw why would that be elitist? Am I elitist because I like to eat puff pastry? should I only eat pillsbury cookie dough and emancipate myself from my parents and earn scholarships so I won't be elitist and so Chow can love me? This article could have been written objectively but James Norton choose to find quotes that made the article extremely biased. Also, trust me, I'm not an extremely sensitive conservative. Living in a society where conservatism is attacked on tv, movies, music, and now the internet; I've grown a thick skin but it's unnecessary things like this that irks me. Also watch as this comment will probably get mysteriously deleted...

Apr 20, 2008
digkv in Features

That Depends on What You Mean by "McCain Family"

Wow thanks James Norton! I love how you post the comments of some random liberal to give us your opinion. John McCain is elitist! well I never. Thanks chow and James Norton to show your distaste for the Republican candidate in this. That quote about elitism did nothing for the article but show your opinion on it james norton. If this was a political website it would be fine and I respect your opinion but please keep it out of chow.

Apr 15, 2008
digkv in Features

CORNDOGS!!! Who makes the best?!

Actually the Little Red Wagon at Disneyland is vastly superior to Corn Dog Castle at DCA. Perhaps it's the fact that the frying turnover rate is a lot faster so you get a fresher product because at DCA the cheese dogs were still solid and the batter on the dogs weren't as good.

Apr 07, 2008
digkv in Los Angeles Area