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San Jose area food trucks?

thanks so much!!

San Jose area food trucks?

I come down to San Jose from Seattle three times a year for work, usually staying in Sunnyvale and working in San Jose, Los Altos, San Carlos, Menlo Park, and sometimes Santa Cruz and Capitola too. I'm in my car for much of the day and don't have a lot of time between appointments for a sit down lunch but I LOVE food trucks. I've looked and can't find a list anywhere of the food trucks in the area and wondered if anyone had some they loved that they could tell me about. I love everything except sushi, and will go pretty much anywhere in the south bay area for some good eats! Thanks in advance!!

I know it sounds crazy, but looking for non seafood places in PEI

I know this sounds like a crazy request, but I'm taking my mom on a trip to PEI next month and am looking for great non-seafood only places to eat. I'm allergic to all seafood and my mom, who has lived in New England her entire life, doesn't like lobster for some reason. A shame, a crying shame I know, but I live in Seattle now (which also has amazing seafood) and I don't get to have any of it here either! It doesn't have to be non seafood, as my mom loves everything but lobster, but I've been on the board a bit and read some great reviews of those restaurants nd was hoping for some other great ideas. We'll be there for four days, staying in Charlottetown but planning on driving all over, so any area is fine, and anything from your favorite breakfast spot to great local pub to fine dining would be great to hear. Thanks so much!

Aug 07, 2010
tantakringle in Atlantic Canada

places to eat on drive through Maine (with overnight in Brunswick)?


Next month my mom and I will be driving to PEI from New Hampshire, so of course we'll be spending a lot of that drive in Maine. I'm looking for fun places to stop and eat in both directions, as well as a spot for her birthday, which we'll be spending in Brunswick on our way home. We're driving on 1-95 most of the way, so maybe places in Portland, Bangor, Augusta? I'd love to hear about places that aren't that far off the path of our drive that people love and recommend. Nothing too fancy- and I'm sad to say but I'm allergic to seafood though my mom eats it and loves it. As long as there is something else on the menu I'm fine but can't eat a bit of it so some of those great small lobster places are lost on me. I grew up in New Hampshire and used to go to Maine often, but after 20+ years in the Pacific Northwest I'm afraid I don't remember much and would love some local expertise!

thanks so much-

Marshmallow Fluff?

bless you gmm!!! I'll look there. :)

May 29, 2010
tantakringle in Greater Seattle

Marshmallow Fluff?

I actually looked for Fluff today at both the Safeway at 75th and 35th as well as the Sandpoint Met Market and they don't have it at either place anymore. If anyone sees it anywhere else I'd love to know as well- otherwise I'm going to have to get my mom to mail me some from New Hampshire!

May 22, 2010
tantakringle in Greater Seattle

Tom Douglas restaurant decision help needed!

I'd go with Dahlia Lounge as well. I love all of Tom Douglas' restaurants, but for a work dinner I would pick Dahlia because of the atmosphere, food choices, atmosphere and all important noise level. I've had work dinners at Palace Kitchen before and while I love it that one is definitely louder!! And I agree with hollymayb- get those reservations in early!

Dec 29, 2009
tantakringle in Greater Seattle

Sat lunch in Woodinville or Snohomish...

I'm kind of surprised I'm saying this but I really like the small Purple Wine Cafe in Woodinville for lunch. It doesn't feel as much like a chain restaurant there and has some delicious small bites

Best Chinese Food in Seattle for Christmas Eve?

Hi everyone,

My friend and I are both from the east coast and won't be going home for the holidays. We want to do something fun here in Seattle, and thought we'd go to a late matinee downtown and then have some great Chinese food on Christmas Eve. Does anyone have suggestions on places they would recommend (or really wouldn't recommend!)? I can't eat seafood but she does, and we're open to any place in town as long as it's good.

thanks so much!

Fun birthday dinner in Seattle?

great ideas so far, thanks!

Fun birthday dinner in Seattle?


I'm looking for a fun place to take a good friend for her birthday next weekend. She lives on Capitol Hill so I was thinking there or downtown, but really any part of town is fine. She's not picky on food- but not a seafood lover- and said she'd love to go somewhere with great food and drinks. We have our usual places, and tend to go to very casual places, but I'm looking for something new, something fun that won't break the bank but would provide a great birthday experience. Anyone have an idea of a place that is great to take a friend to for a fun night out? I know this is rather vague, but I'm open to all ideas!

Thanks so much-

Spanish restaurant at 55th and 35th in Seattle?

I haven't been there yet (but am dying to) but it's called Gaudi and everyone I have talked to who has been there has loved it.

Good Italian in NE Portland?

I don't live in Portland anymore (boy do I miss it!) but my favorite Italian place was always il piato, on 28th and stark. Yummy food, small and cozy space and friendly staff. I've never had a bad meal there- and I started going in 1995 or 1996 and was last there in September of this year!

Looking for V-day suggestions???? - SEA

I would also suggest that because you are getting so close to the day that you should check out You can put in a price range or neighborhood and time and # in party and it will give you participating restaurants that have openings and it books for you right online! I just tried it for V-day and found a bunch of places that can take you, including Etta's, Restaurant Zoe, Brasa, etc. It may limit you depending on your price range, but it can certainly guarantee you have a table that night!

Chinese take out in Seattle??

thank you all so much for your suggestions!!!

Chinese take out in Seattle??

I've seen some of the other listings for Chinese food in Seattle but I've got a specific question: Does anyone have a GREAT recommendation for Chinese takeout? My old roommate is coming to visit for New year's Eve and it was always our tradition to get Chinese take out and watch old b&w movies that night. I'd love to do it again, but haven't found any great place in my neighborhood. If it helps, I live in Ravenna/Wedgwood. Oh, and my friend is allergic to seafood so sadly won't be getting anything with seafood in it!

Thanks so much, and Happy New Year a few days early!