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Recent Finds in NJ: Trinity, 27 Mix, and Tula

In the past two weeks, my wife and I have enjoyed three special eating spots in New Jersey.

1. Trinity in Keyport. Yes, Keyport! That dingy north shore town. Trinity is a dining and dance club in an old church on Broad Street. We went there for a birthday party. And the place knows how to swing! The Gas House Gorillas band was playing that night and everybody was dancing.

2. 27 Mix in downtown Newark. Yes, Newark! Specifically, that desolate area around the NJ PAC, a few blocks from Rutgers Newark. We went there for dinner with friends before the NJ Symphony. 27 Mix is an excellent Cuban Fusion restaurant. The Cuban sandwich was delicious. We hope to go back again.

3. Tula on Easton Ave in New Brunswick. Though we had been there once before some months ago, we stopped in again to see how it was progressing...and it was terrific. We were there early (just after 4:00 pm) and the owner, chef, and bartender all gathered around to visit with us. Chef Sam made a new (off the menu) shrimp dish for us that was delicious.

Jan 12, 2010
thseamon in New Jersey

Where to eat cheap in St John USVI?

Perhaps the cheapest route of all? Bring your food with you from the US. We just did that last week. We brought ribs, steaks and chicken. Enough for three dinners for two families. To surround them, we stopped at local markets and bought what we needed.

As for good, we had several terrific dinners including Skinny Legs, Shipwreck, and Sweet Plantains.

St. John USVI Trip Report

Greetings all. Just returned from my first vacation to St John in the US Virgin islands. What a beautiful place. Sun, sand, snorkeling, sailing, and swimming. Perfect weather. And mostly unspoiled island beauty.

I am happy to say we had a lot of good chow while there. Some we brought with us from New Jersey and prepared our own grilled meals three nights of our weeklong stay.

But we also sampled the island's restaurants, including the funky Skinny Legs, a waterside bar with great burgers, and Shipwreck Landing. The standout, however, was Sweet Plantains ( which celebrates the food of the Caribbean. And what a celebration.

The place, sitting next to a harbor on the east side of the island, has open doors and windows to let in the sea breezes and the glorious views of sloops at anchor. On Friday night, Prince and Chef Rose Adams, the husband and wife team that owns and operates Sweet Plantains, served up Indo-Caribbean fare, East Indian influenced West Indian cuisine.

For starters, I had West Indian Saltfish Cakes. For main course, I had the pork loin with yuca root fries with cilantro mojo sauce. For dessert, coconut flan. Lastly, the owner treated us to a chilled mango rum.

If I ever return to St John, I will be sure to dine at Sweet Plantains.


we went last night. excellent experience. the socca, a crispy chickpea pancake, was a nice starter. for appetizers we had the bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, and calamari. all good. for dinner, two of us had the Pansoti, a fresh pasta filled with greens, herbs & ricotta with parmesan and walnut pesto. delicious. another had the linguini with jalapeno. we were too filled for dessert but Chef Peter sent us a treat, so we ordered espressos. yes a bit noisy but we will go back.

Aug 15, 2009
thseamon in Manhattan

boulevard five72 in kenilworth nj

I'll be going to boulevard five72 in kenilworth nj soon for my brother's birthday. has anyone been there? what's the story?

Near St.Peters Hospital, New Brunswick......

Sadly Patty's is long gone. Yes the building is there, and still houses a bar/restaurant of some kind. But the place you recall is history. I also used to go there a lot in the good old days.

Sep 19, 2008
thseamon in Mid-Atlantic

Near St.Peters Hospital, New Brunswick......

I live by the hospital and know the neighborhood well. You are in luck! Lots of places to eat within walking distance. The answers so far are great. What you'll be happy to know is that Easton Ave has places to eat all the way down the street to the train station. Then once you are in downtown, you can choose to eat at Marita's, Doll's Place, and Tumulty's Pub.

Sep 15, 2008
thseamon in Mid-Atlantic

Down East Maine recs needed (Machias/Jonesport/Milbridge)

In Summer, we visit friends in Jonesport who relocated from New Jersey. On our visits, we rarely go out to eat. Instead we make dinner at home. The lobster feast is a special occasion. We order the lobsters directly from the loberstermen who go out each morning.

Wine in the Movies

Sounds great. I was in Bar Harbor for a day in August while visiting some friends who live in Jonesport.

Sep 10, 2008
thseamon in Wine

Wine in the Movies

Do you ever learn about wine by watching a movie?

I learned about Corvo many years ago while watching a movie (I forget which one).

More recently there was Sideways which got me drinking Pinot Noir.

Last night, my wife and I saw Bottle Shock, which we enjoyed. So now I want to try more Napa wines.

How about you?

Sep 09, 2008
thseamon in Wine

Somerset NJ

Sorry to say, csh, but there is not much you can walk to in that area. However, a short drive away, down Easton Ave toward New Brunswick, is Chao Phaya, a really good little Thai place.

It's not much further into New Brunswick, where there are a number of good places to eat.

Aug 28, 2008
thseamon in Mid-Atlantic

Bistro Soleil in Hightstown, NJ

Glad to hear it, Tom. Jim (who once did a stint as pastry chef at the late-great Ryland Inn) just opened the place last week, I believe. So try em out. I hope you enjoy it!

Jul 29, 2008
thseamon in New Jersey

Bistro Soleil in Hightstown, NJ

Owner and chef Jim Hayes has just opened his new place, Bistro Soleil, at 173 Mercer Street in Hightstown, NJ, off of Rt 130. And it is indeed a ray of sunshine in this little burg in central NJ, not far from Trenton, Princeton, and New Brunswick.

A group of us trekked from New Brunswick on Saturday night and enjoyed the food and friendly service.

In particular, I enjoyed:
- the calamari
- the fish chowder
- the pork loin entree
- and the delicious chocolate desserts

My wife had the risotto and raved about it.

It's a "bring your own" place. There is seating outside, so plan to you go on a pleasant Summer evening.

Jul 29, 2008
thseamon in New Jersey

Rocky Toto, Tottenville, Staten Island

A group of us from New Jersey went to a wake on Staten Island last night. After, we wanted dinner. Earlier in the day, an internet search suggested Rocky Toto, on Amboy Rd in the Tottenville section of Staten Island. Turned out that the funeral home and Toto were only a couple blocks apart. So we gave it a try.

It was terrific.

To start we ordered broccoli rabe and spinach in garlic. For dinner, I ordered the special stuffed pork chops with sweet and hot peppers. The chops were huge!

Others had: eggplant parm; shrimp scampi; half roasted chicken. All good!

The "house red" was a good Italian cab.

Friendly staff, great waitress, attentive but leisurely pace, pleasant atmosphere.

The place filled up as time went by. Seems like a neighborhood type of place. The karaoke was fun.

A good reason to trek over the Outerbridge Crossing.

Jan 05, 2008
thseamon in Outer Boroughs

Madame S in Somerville (Somerset Cty NJ)?

We had dinner there last night. It's on Division St in Somerville, just a short ways down from Origin.

It's a BYOW place. Great staff and service. Great food: I had grilled salmon.

The appetizers we had -tuna strips, scallops and a crab cake- were terrific.

We sat in the bank vault, a private room that will hold a party of six.

Feb 11, 2007
thseamon in Mid-Atlantic

Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant in New Brunswick

Let us know how they do with lunch!

Dec 12, 2006
thseamon in New Jersey

Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant in New Brunswick

Yes, I'd say so, though most of my party of eight had beef or chicken. Two of us had a tofu entree and they seemed very happy.

Dec 10, 2006
thseamon in New Jersey

Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant in New Brunswick

Only two months old, Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant on George St in downtown New Brunswick is a find.

Friendly staff, fast service, well priced (low), and good food. BYOB.

The tea was terrific. We had several appetizers, soup (huge bowls!), and various entrees. The dessert --flan and fried banana drizzled with honey-- was great.

Thumbs up!

Dec 10, 2006
thseamon in New Jersey

Excellent Thai in New Brunswick

I have eaten at Chao Phaya twice and I totally endorse it. Great food and friendly staff.

Dec 09, 2006
thseamon in Mid-Atlantic

Mekong Vietnamese, New Brunswick NJ

Glad I found chowhound and this post because I am going to Mekong tonite!

By the way, it is next to Piquant Grill, an excellent new wave Indian restaurant.

Both places are a few doors down from Tumulty's Pub, still the best beer and burger joint in New Brunswick.