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One of my staples is que buena taqueria on whittier blvd just east of the 605... try the seafood burrito (huge!) or the asada nachos (weird... with ranch dressing). The albondigas are good but way too spicy for me (and I can usually handle it). Also, chema's tacos (on whittier west of hadley) does just tacos but they're good. Both places have screwy hours, so call first. I've encountered meat issues at Tacos Yadira and Tacos El Atacor, but I eat there anyway because they're open late.

Yeah, veggie bistro is good but has screwy hours.

There's an italian place (north of Datillo's) on Greenleaf south of Hadley that my wife likes... they've got a good antipasto salad. I usually don't go to Ni's Buffet without a coupon. My wife likes the sushi place next to Ni's Buffet.

Jack's is bland and boring, and so are Lascari's and California Grill for that matter. Gotta cater to the Whittier retirees I guess...

Dec 09, 2006
brettkelf in Los Angeles Area